Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Did you know everything we offered at Golf course in Scottsdale?

The best golf course in Scottsdale offer grab and go snacks at the turn window. Some of the current selections include cherry almond protein bites, chicken and tuna salad, hot dogs, hard boiled eggs, chopped chicken breast, along with a rotating assortment of salads and wraps. Next time you find yourself hungry on Scottsdale golf courses stop by the window and see everything we have available! 

best golf course in Scottsdale

The Ranch House at  the best golf course in Scottsdale is offering a grouper fish and chips special on Wednesday nights that includes steak fries, Mexican coleslaw, and lime aioli. Stop in for dinner or take it to-go by ordering on the DC Ranch app. 

Golf course in Scottsdale

Valet parking is now available at Golf course in Scottsdale. Our team is working hard to keep you safe and bring amenities back on line. Our valet team will be changing their gloves every time they get into a new car and will roll down the windows as they bring your car back to you. Don’t forget you can request your car from the DC Ranch app! 

Scottsdale golf club
Be on the look-out for some upcoming “pop-up events” at the Golf course in Scottsdale that will include grab and go breakfast, shake Saturday, and more. These events will take place in the Scottsdale Golf Club pool parking area or the valet circle. 

The best golf course in Scottsdale offers fresh pressed juices and protein shakes. We have three signature smoothies which include strawberry almond, greens, and peanut butter chocolate and banana or you can create your own! All of our smoothies use BiPro Protein powder or if you prefer, we also offer a vegan option. Order on the app or by calling 480.342.7277. 

The fitness center offers a variety of grab and go offerings including Wild Tonic Kombucha, Protein shakes, energy drinks, coconut water, DC Ranch made protein bites and more. Stop by and see the great selection! 

Scottsdale golf courses

Monday, March 15, 2021

Best golf course in Scottsdale offers plenty of Ladies Golf Events for all levels


best golf course in Scottsdale

Scottsdale golf courses are all looking forward to the Spring Series of Ladies' Fundamentals Golf Clinics! The clinic schedule is posted on Foretees and is open for registration.

Looking forward to getting you all ready for Scottsdale golf courses Spring golf and for any tournaments/events you plan on playing in! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the golf professional staff: (480) 342-7210.

Plus to make you feel great and look great on the Best golf course in Scottsdale we will be hosting our first spring trunk show with a fun line, Golftini. It will be held in the Courtyard.

Feel and powerful on Best golf course in Scottsdale with a fantastic new outfit. Women’s golf attire has come a long way. Now it is easy to look your best on Scottsdale golf courses.

High fashion meets functional appeal with premium ladies golf apparel from Golftini. Treat yourself to some new golf attire and see you on the Best golf course in Scottsdale.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Best golf course in Scottsdale see plenty of activity this Spring

As we move into the months of February and March we look forward to increased activity at the Best golf course in Scottsdale as we see more familiar faces join us after being away for the holidays.  We know that the amount of business has caused some strain on reservations at Scottsdale golf courses in many of our operations, most apparent in accessibility to golf tee times but we want you to know that we are continuing to look for ways to maximize the member traffic each and every day.  You may have recently heard about some of the change to guest play here at Scottsdale golf courses and adding morning and afternoon tee-times and we will continue to look for ways to help everyone enjoy your Club.  As you have heard from Dick and I on a consistent basis our goal is to keep the Club up and running each and every day and we will need your help and adherence to our protocols to make that happen.  While we feel like we are getting closer to the finish line we still are a few months out.  As we move into our traditional spring Scottsdale golf club events we aim to conduct most all of them albeit with a bit of a change from our traditional offerings.  Please stay tuned for further information on our events such as Easter, Taste of the Ranch, the Desert Diamond Classic, Roundup and Stampede just to name a few.  

It was wonderful to see many of you at the Scottsdale golf club annual meeting last month via Zoom.  This year we had record attendance through this venue and we look forward to having that be a part of our future presentations as we welcome all of the attendance and feedback.  Our interaction with the Scottsdale golf Club membership is vital to our future success and the Board and I recommend that if you have any questions, comments or concerns to reach out.   For those of you who couldn’t be at the Annual Meeting, I’d like to share the results of our recent election and to welcome this year’s Board of Directors. We have three new directors joining the board this year: David Wigler and Rich Baccaro who will be serving three and one year terms respectively.  In addition, Bob Kline was elected to an additional three years on the Board.  For the coming year, your Club President will be John Roussel who will be entering his first year in this role.    As John reviewed at the annual meeting, some of our main goals for 2021 are as follows:

Restore all the Club experiences at Best golf course in Scottsdale that we love; at the highest level of service possible so that the Country Club at DC Ranch continues to be the finest Club in the Valley including a reputation for service, outstanding facilities and member satisfaction.

Follow through with the needs as provided in the Master Plan for Improvement of Club Facilities – this summer will include a renovation to our Men’s Locker Room and Grille which are in need of updates. 

Keep an ongoing line of communication with our Club members and fully utilize our Advisory Committees to ensure that our members are engaged at all times so that we can continue to improve in all that we do.

As I stated at the Annual Meeting, I truly believe that we are in a solid position with an experienced leadership team, a strong financial position and an engaged and supportive membership which will continue to generate a buzz in the market as we aim to achieve even higher levels in 2021 and beyond.

From a COVID protocol standpoint, I want to once again remind everyone of the need to continue to wear their masks at the Club, when walking through the Clubhouse and grounds as well as in the gym.  We all know that people are tired of wearing them but it is imperative that everyone play their part in respect to your fellow members and importantly our Club team.  In addition the Club will be requiring all members, guests and staff that has traveled internationally that they will need to get tested 3-5 days after travel and are required to stay home and self-quarantine for seven (7) days after travel.  If you don’t get tested, you must stay home and away from the Club for ten (10) days after travel.  Please keep in mind that these guidelines are provided by the CDC and we are simply following them as a Club.  Thank you very much for your cooperation in this as it is important that all rules at the Club apply to all members.  

With all this being said, we look forward to a busy next few months at Best golf course in Scottsdale and know that you will enjoy all that our team has planned during this time.  The calendar is packed with a number of golf, tennis and social events for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

How about this for your mental game tip for Private golf clubs in Scottsdale

best golf course in Scottsdale

Even after you’ve secured your mind in the present at the
best golf course in Scottsdale, you still have to direct it toward the task at hand, or “process.” Most players think in terms of results, outcomes, or consequences (i.e. thinking about making a birdie putt instead of focusing on the execution of the stroke required). While you’re in action on the course, thoughts of winning and succeeding can actually inhibit performance.

This type of thinking is extremely typical at all levels. And sometimes, despite poor thinking, the putt is holed. However, if you recognize this type of thinking while it’s happening and put yourself back in the process (“focus on rolling this putt toward the right edge”), you will discover that executes more consistently in competition overtime at the Golf course in Scottsdale.

Staying in the process is extremely challenging for players at every level at Scottsdale golf club because the tendency to think and speak in terms of results is part of the paradigm of the game. You, for example, may say to yourself before a match, “if I win this match, I move on to the semi-finals of the club championship.” And after the match, everyone you see will ask “How’d you do?” or “Did you win?”

The emphasis placed on the outcome by others is very difficult to overcome, however, if you listen to top players talk after a round at Scottsdale golf courses, they routinely say they stayed in the process of hitting each shot as well as possible, and that they didn’t worry about other people, how others were playing, or what number they’d have to shoot.

While playing at the Golf course in Scottsdale, Trust what you’ve trained (and prepared) to do and let the shot outcome be what it is, without judgment. 

Here is a closing tip from Jack Nicklaus: “your worst putt is always going to be better than your best chip.” Don’t be afraid to practice your off-green putting. 

Hope you enjoy your game at the best golf course in Scottsdale.


Monday, January 11, 2021

Scottsdale Golf Courses Understand The Busy Tee Sheets

best golf course in scottsdale

The best golf course in Scottsdale understand how tee times are literally sold out in seemingly moments as each player in a group secures a time, and after they have checked with each other in their group, they pick the best one and release the less preferred ones back to Foretees for others to use. This usually takes about ten minutes for more times to be available. As it is right now, this is within the process at Scottsdale golf club and we are working with Foretees to see what additional solutions might be available for those trying to book a time and are unable to do so. Everyone wants the same times, and we are doing our best to manage the process of seven days of booking times in advance starting at 7:00 am daily for the following week. You might be reminded that an X to reserve a position goes back to the system within 24 hours of the starting time reserved, which leaves the vacant times available to other players. The Club also reserves the right to pair players to make full groups at the best golf course in Scottsdale, to make more starting times available.

Additionally, as a reminder, you should also know that no show / no call will be charged for unused starting times at Scottsdale golf courses. The club also will permit the same member to only secure one starting time per day. If you would like to play more holes, please talk with the professional staff and check if a time is available. This practice is to make certain everyone has a chance to play one round before a select group can play twice in the same day. We ask that you please review the enclosed information and let us know if we can answer any questions. Thanks for your understanding and we hope that you have found this information helpful.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Scottsdale Golf Courses Wishes Everyone A Happy New Year!

best golf course in scottsdale

Happy New Year!  As we move past the Holiday Season I am truly excited for what the New Year has to bring to Scottsdale golf courses as we thankfully put 2020 in our rearview mirror.  While 2020 was obviously a very difficult year to navigate through, we have done it; and now we should all be excited to turn the page to 2021 and all that it will bring to the Club, its members, and staff.  I am so proud of the team at Scottsdale golf club as they have adapted throughout and provided the membership with a Club experience that has kept our membership engaged, despite some of our limitations in offerings.  Thank you to the many members who have taken the time to acknowledge the extreme efforts of the team throughout the year, as it is very much appreciated.  Despite all of the craziness of 2020, The Club continues to truly be the talk of the town as evidenced by our significant waiting lists in all membership categories and strong member satisfaction levels.  The Scottsdale golf courses team is continually looking at ways to enhance the member experience and I look forward to what is to come next as we continue to evolve. 

The Winter season at the Best golf course in Scottsdale is in full swing as we see the Golf Course, Clubhouse, and Tennis courts rocking with business, especially golf and tennis, which both have seen record numbers of participation.  In Club business, we will be having our Annual Meeting for Golf Members on January 22nd at 5 p.m. and as of this time we expect this meeting to take place in the courtyard.  By now, each equity Golf member should have received a ballot to vote for the open positions for the Board.  These ballots are due back to the Club or sent via mail on or before January 20th. The results of the vote for the open positions will be announced at the Annual Meeting along with the annual reports from the Finance, House, Golf and Grounds and Tennis Committees.  

As we continue through what will be a busy few months, I want to once again remind everyone of the need to make a reservation in our Dining Room, especially during our dinner service as we continue to be operating at 50% occupancy.  As you have read previously, doing so greatly enhances the level of service that we are able to provide which we believe is paramount to a successful Club experience, but it also helps us manage the social distancing factor at the Best golf course in Scottsdale.   For those who have helped us in this, I would like to thank you immensely.  There are a number of ways that you can make reservations, from Open Table on your smartphones and computers to calling the Concierge or Dining Hosts to make reservations.  Please also note that as we see more guests through the coming months, they also must adhere to our Club policies with regards to COVID which we fully expect to be with us through the rest of our busy winter season. 

Lastly, on behalf of Best golf course in Scottsdale, please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for your generous contributions to the annual Employee Appreciation Fund.  As a result, your total contribution to the fund was over $203,000, with 99% of Club Members participating!  As you likely already know, every employee of the Club (with the exception of myself) receives a portion of this fund – calculated by dividing the total amount of funds available, after taxes, by the total number of months collectively served by the Club’s employees. Please trust me when I say that your giving made a huge difference to many of our employees during this holiday season.  The Club continues to have so many great things going for it and it truly serves as the home of fun, family and friendliness in the Valley and beyond!