Monday, March 25, 2019

Scottsdale golf club Spring Season

scottsdale golf club

As we get into our busy spring season here at Scottsdale golf club, I hope that the inclement weather that we experienced through the month of February is firmly behind us!  The next few months will be very exciting at Scottsdale golf club as we have a number of social events, tennis and golf tournaments and completion the fitness center and pool areas which are expected to open Easter weekend.  A few of the upcoming Scottsdale golf club events planned during the month include the second annual Blues, Brews & BBQ Social on the 2nd, the Taste of the Ranch on the 22nd, Ladies and Men’s Golf Club Championships, and then ending the month with the Premier Ladies Golf Event, The Desert Diamond Classic the 25th through the 28th.  These are only a few of the many exciting events during the month so please be sure to review the Club Calendar that is sent out with this newsletter.

Thank you to the many Scottsdale golf club members that voiced interest in serving your Club on the Finance, House, Tennis, Membership, Golf & Grounds and the newly formed Fitness & Wellness Committee.  We were once again able to put together a diverse group of Private golf clubs in Scottsdale  members, some serving the Club for the first time as well as many that have served over the years.  This year we again implemented a mandatory orientation for the new committee members so that we were could set forth the expectations for each committee member and outline the 2019 goals and objectives for each committee.  As many of you know, this is an important way for us to identify potential future Private golf clubs in Scottsdale  Board members.  The partnership that these committees have formed with the management team over the years is one of the main reasons for the success of the Club over the years. 

As we lead up to the Private golf clubs in Scottsdale  phase II enhancements you will be seeing a number of announcements through email, newsletter and Ranch Roundup regarding the new hours of operation for the new facilities and well as the rules and regulations regarding the same.  As a reminder, when we finish the Private golf clubs in Scottsdale  construction on the pool and fitness facilities, we will then move into the expansion of the lady’s locker room and the addition of a meeting room on the second floor, which will take the place of the current fitness center.  That portion of the project will take place through June, which will then take us to the south driving range enhancements this summer and finally the re-paving of our driveway and parking lot which was scheduled through our regular capital asset plan.  Please know that we appreciate your support through the home stretch and for those inconvenienced by a very busy parking lot during this winter season, we also appreciate your patience.

As you can see, there continue to be many great things happening here at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale.  The Club remains vibrant, with an engaged membership, a growing waitlist of those prospective members looking to join the Club and a team of staff members looking to continue moving the needle to ensure that Scottsdale Private Golf Courses continues to be seen as the preeminent Club in the Valley.  Please note that in the coming months as we work towards an update of our Scottsdale golf club Strategic Plan, you will be asked to complete an operational survey so that we can continue improving as a Club and tailoring our membership offerings to the needs of the membership. We are always looking to hear from our members and their experiences so that we can continue enhancing the level of member experience at your Club!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Scottsdale private golf course to open new Fitness and Performance Center

How excited are YOU for the grand opening of the  Scottsdale private golf course new fitness and performance center? Me too! As we forge forward with planning operations, we have a continuous goal to host fitness programming that offers something for everyone at Scottsdale private golf course
. Below, you will find a few, not all, with class description to come. The full-service menu and their descriptions will be posted to our website in early April, along with our first quarter fitness class schedule for Scottsdale private golf course.

Complimentary classes at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale  

  • Daily Wellbeats® Fitness classes on demand via a 70-inch TV screen (Spin, Zumba, Barre, and many more)
  • Guided Meditations (M-Sat.)
  • Wellness Seminars
  • Weekly outdoor cycling rides during optimal months.
  • Weekly Facility Orientation.

Group Fitness at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale  

  • Yoga (i.e. yoga basics, golf yoga, yoga flow, family yoga-all ages) 
  • Golf Stretch Improve your strength and flexibility of the muscles used most during golf. Done regularly, these specific exercises will improve your overall general fitness and significantly enhance your golf game. 
  • TRX Using webbing called a "suspension trainer" allows users to work against their own body weight. The field of suspension training is a form of resistance training that includes bodyweight exercises in which a variety of multi-planar, compound exercise movements can be performed for a total body sculpt!
  • Aqua Fitness A FUN water workout in the new Scottsdale private golf course pool, that offers less impact on your back, shoulders and knees. This session will incorporate stretching, core and strength training in the pool, using water for resistance and comfort.
*24-hour enrollment is rewarded. $5 per class with 24-hour pre-enrollment, with a $20 no show charge. $15 walk in rate available if space is available.

Specialized Performance Training at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale  

SMPT (Stability & Mobility Performance Training) 
Affordable personal training for sports specific outcomes. These group classes offered at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale   are designed to help increase golf and tennis performance. Strength, flexibility, balance, rotary power, core stability, mobility, speed, posture and endurance is consistent with specific training, to maximize lifestyle health, game consistency and decrease risk of injury. SMPT is a customized, small group workout, led by a performance coach, Monday through Saturday. These classes will strategically utilize the fitness & performance facility, including outdoor space, weather permitting. You may attend as many weekly sessions offered with your monthly enrollment!  We ensure varying levels of fitness will be accommodated! Whether you want to train for golf performance, tennis performance, or lifestyle health and fitness, this specialized training class offers specific results, flexibility, affordability, accountability, and connection. 60 minutes.

  • Enrollment includes a comprehensive baseline, group physical screen
  • New program routines are designed around participants every 4-5 weeks for muscle adaptations
  • 1:8 (trainer: client)
  • Month to month enrollment 
  • Clients enroll for desired class dates, 7 days in advance of each week’s consistent schedule.

*$199/month (unlimited classes per month)

Junior’s SMPT certification—ages 12-15.
If your children under the age of 16, desires to use the new facility at Scottsdale Golf Club,  this program is a regulated solution. Junior Stability & Mobility Performance Training offers our youth the opportunity to learn how to strength and use cardio equipment respectfully, in a performance facility. Students will learn foundational movement patterns that prepare and enhance their youthful bodies for lifestyle or sports specific fitness & performance training. Students will learn how to load properly, execute perfect form, and cultivate body awareness. Principle movements will include but are not limited to squatting, deadlifting, pushing, pressing, pulling, and dragging. Additionally, they will learn proper gym etiquette. After they have completed the certification process, they are signed off to be able to work out in the Club fitness and performance facility without a private trainer during staffed hours, before the regulated minimum age of 16.