Monday, July 2, 2018

Summer Golf at Scottsdale Golf Club

scottsdale golf club

Please be reminded that starting in the Scottsdale Golf Club will be closed during the summer. If you need your golf clubs on Monday, there will not be any Scottsdale Golf Club staff at the club  to access the bag room or locker room for your shoes. Please be sure to make arrangements for your golf clubs on the  Sunday evening beforehand.


Scottsdale Golf Club will continue with the reciprocal program we have had in the past. We will have a $50 rate for members and $80 rate for guests to play at DC Ranch, which is in line with the other clubs in the area. Reservations can be made 3 days in advance through our Scottsdale Golf Club Shop. You must contact one of the Golf Shop staff members in order to make a tee time. Please do not call other clubs as they will refer you to our Scottsdale Golf Club Golf Shop to make the tee time request. Members may make tee times at other clubs from 9AM - 1PM, barring other club events happening throughout the Summer. The clubs we have a relationship with this summer from June 1st until September 15th are the following:

Desert Highlands
Phoenix Country Club
Pinnacle Peak Country Club
Tonto Verde
Troon Country Club