Monday, December 3, 2018

Scottsdale golf club Tennis News

Scottsdale golf club

We are excited to introduce several new additions to our Scottsdale golf club junior tennis program here at the club, beginning with our new Head Tennis Professional Ryan Shomo. Ryan will be working with each of our Scottsdale golf club groups to build a high energy and involved program for our players. Our first step in doing so will be to add four new junior class times each week! As seen on the Scottsdale golf club schedule, Junior academy now has FOUR classes offered each week, as well as a second orange ball class on Saturday’s and a pre-rally red ball class on Wednesday’s for those four and five year old children to get started!

We had a great time at the Scottsdale golf club Kickoff Pickle-ball Social with 26 players coming out to play on six courts! The new schedule is here and we are looking forward to building a great pickle-ball program at Scottsdale private golf clubs.

Please sign up in advance for all of the Scottsdale golf club pickle-ball events as we need to have a minimum of four players to hold each event and there is limited space due to the number of courts and lights in the evenings at Scottsdale private golf clubs

We will take more Scottsdale private golf clubs players than courts and rotate in and out but we do not want too many sitting out at a time.

For holiday gifts remember Tennis Merchandise is on the Scottsdale private golf clubs APP.

If you have downloaded the Scottsdale private golf clubs app, you can go to the tennis area and find our online tennis merchandise shop. Once you are there, you can order merchandise, have it embroidered with our logo and shipped to the shop. You will not be charged until it arrives at the Scottsdale private golf clubs Please go to the app and check out all that we have to offer online!

Scottsdale golf club in Full Swing

scottsdale golf club

This Fall was the rainiest of all time Scottsdale golf club with measurable rains totaling 6” or more. Just this week we saw flooding like never before in this area with Pinnacle Peak recording over 3”. Scottsdale golf club also re-contoured the mow lines of many fairways to create some more angles for your tee shots. We mowed the fairways at ½ inch, added an intermediate cut of rough at 1’, and the primary rough at 1 ¾”, which was not over seeded for the first time ever. Please use sand and seed in over seeded areas only. These include fairways, approaches, and intermediate rough. We do not want to spread rye seed in the non over seeded rough. The Scottsdale golf club course made it through all of this over seeding process in great shape. The goal is to continue to provide the playing surfaces, including the once again non-over seeded greens, similar to last year. We fully expect they will once again be great putting surfaces the entire year with greens speeds in the 11’s on the Stimpmeter.

Junior and Ladies clinics have begun for the Fall season at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale. Please join us on Mondays from 1PM-2PM for Ladies’ Beginner Clinics and Wednesdays at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale are from 2:30PM-3:30PM for Ladies’ Advanced Clinics. While all skill levels are welcome at each clinic, please keep in mind that the Advanced Ladies’ clinics at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale will go into more in-depth instruction.Junior clinics at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale are held Sundays from 10:30 a.m. - 11:30AM and Wednesdays from 4PM-5PM. The LPGA & PGA instructors will cover topics such as full swing, chipping, and putting techniques as well as providing juniors with knowledge of USGA Rules and Regulations.

If juniors do not have their own clubs, please let the Golf Shop know and we can provide rental clubs for them to use. Please register for all clinics on ForeTees!
NEW 9-HOLE COUPLES GOLF at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale on designated Sundays at 3PM we will host 9 and Dine Couples Golf before the typical Italian Night dinner at Scottsdale golf club. It will be a scramble format, no stress, all fun, and mainly social afternoon. Please sign up on Private golf clubs in Scottsdale ForeTees booking program as the field will be limited to the first 28 two player teams that register. Since the goal is social with some fun golf, you sign up as two, and the golf shop makes pairings with the intent you play with different players each event. The format for this first event will be a four-person team scramble. Golf newbies are welcome and are encouraged to play.
There will be a Titleist Golf Ball Fitting on December 7th for the new ProV1 and ProV1x golf ball. Please contact the golf shop to make your appointments. All fitting appointments will be given a dozen of the new ProV1 or ProV1x that you are fit into! Fittings are 30 minutes long starting at 9:00 am and will be held until 2:30 pm

Private golf clubs in Scottsdale start their Season

private golf clubs in scottsdale

We are off and running at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale. If our Season Kick Off weekend is any indication what is to come, we are going to be in for a busy and exciting time at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale We started the festivities with 180 on the golf course enjoying the freshly over-seeded course and finished the day with over 450 members and guests enjoying great food, service and entertainment with the 20th Anniversary Opening Party at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale We followed that with a full day of golf on Saturday along with Food Trucks and a Trunk Show on the driving range. Closing out the weekend we had the Family Fun Day with the Family par 3 tournament and pickle-ball on the tennis courts! All of the offerings for the weekend created a buzz of excitement that showed this is poised to be our busiest winter season at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale as we celebrate 20 years as a full service Club! It is always so great to see the support of our members and the positive feedback that we received throughout the weekend was very much appreciated by our hard working Scottsdale private golf clubs team. In Phase II construction news, we continue to make great progress at the Pool and Fitness Facility site. The masonry for the new fitness building is nearing completion with the building slab being poured soon. As many of you have seen, the event lawn site has been landscaped and much of the work has been completed. The expectation is by late next week the gas meter that is located at the new entrance to the pool will be relocated to a place that is out of the way on the west side of the Ranch House building. Please note that this will not affect services at the Scottsdale private golf clubs as gas will not need to be turned off to make the transition. The framing for the second floor is in progress. Lastly we will begin digging the pool during the first week of the year which should take 3 months to complete. This all leads to a continued anticipated completion date of mid-April 2019 on time and on pace with the expected project budget. During the months you will see updates on Phase II enhancements as well as information regarding the Scottsdale private golf clubs Employee Holiday Fund contributions and requests for interest in serving your Board here at the Club for the terms available. Please note that Regular Golf Members are eligible to serve on the Board and the terms for Board service are three (3) year commitments. In December we will be sending out requests for interest for committee service for the coming year, which is open to all membership categories. Lastly, I wanted to share that the new Private golf clubs in Scottsdale Scholarship Foundation has been incorporated and you will begin seeing information about it in the coming months as the Foundation Board begins its planning efforts for fundraising. As a reminder, the Foundation, which came about because of an overwhelming about of Scottsdale private golf clubs Member support, is focused on furthering education of the staff of the Club as well as the children and grandchildren of staff. Please stay tuned for more information on this front.

Once again thank you for your support of Scottsdale private golf clubs and I look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks!

We are off to a great start on the golf course since opening weekend with two full shotgun starts each day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Overseeding at Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs

scottsdale golf club

Every year at this time I hear the same comments from golfers everywhere, regarding the overseeding program at Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs. “Just when the weather starts to get cooler and the course seems to be in great condition, we close down for overseeding.”

This is absolutely true and we don’t welcome it any more than the golfers do, but it is necessary to go through this program at  Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs. This time frame gives us the best chance of success to get a good stand of cool season Ryegrass, which is the grass we play on from October through April.  In April when the temperatures rise, the Bermuda wakes up and the Rye goes away.

For those who are here, we ask that you take your belongings from your locker with you while we are closed for the overseeding.  We will be cleaning all of the lockers at this time.

With the above being said, we should remind you of where we were last year and what we will be doing this fall to enhance our playing surfaces.  Many Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs players, including our course re-designer Tom Lehman, have commented that overall the course conditions continue to get better year after year, especially the greens.  Part of the reason for this is that we decided NOT to overseed the Tif Eagle greens last fall. Not having cool season grasses such as Bentgrass and Poa Trivialis interfering with the Bermuda space and growth enabled the greens to get healthier, denser and stronger throughout the year.  On many days they were double cut, and rolled to get the speeds we all enjoy.  As a result of that decision we have received a tremendous positive response from Scottsdale golf club golfers as to the quality and playability of our putting surfaces; therefore, we will not be overseeding the greens this year.   

In addition, in our quest to continue to provide the best possible Scottsdale golf club playing surfaces throughout the entire year, we will also NOT be overseeding the primary cut of rough (those areas outside the boundaries of the intermediate rough cuts). The primary rough is the only area of the course which will go off color, which we believe will be only 60-75 days when we have our coldest temperatures.

This practice will enhance the quality of the Bermuda turf and reduce the issues in transition of the course back to Bermuda grass in the spring, not to mention the opportunity to reduce the water on this part of the course. If you have been reading about the drought conditions the city and state are facing in the future, it is the responsible way for the Scottsdale golf club to be prudent with our water allocation.

Tom Lehman also mentioned that reducing water at the Scottsdale golf club will allow the course to play firmer and faster.   In addition, the bunkers will be drier and more consistent.  When I mentioned this to Tom, he was very supportive of this practical approach and it will enable the Scottsdale golf club  course to be played differently in the summer than the winter, which is also part of his design plan.  We will be able to narrow the fairways in the fall by changing the mow patterns of the cool season grasses.  The contrast between the vibrant green Rye and the beige primary rough really frames the holes nicely as Tom Lehman pointed out to me.  Many of you will recognize this new look as it is similar to the way the PGA Tour sets up courses in Palm Springs at the beginning of the Scottsdale golf club tournament year.

Speaking of the water issues, we and the other  Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs that are supplied with irrigation water by the City of Scottsdale recently went to a meeting with City officials regarding this issue. The City indicated that we are approaching drought conditions and we might see water reductions at Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs as soon as 2020, and very possibly 2019.  The CAP (Central Arizona Project) water from the Colorado River we utilize has been depleted over the years and many of our lakes in the state are below 50% capacity.

In the future, the Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs throughout the Southwest may have reduced water allocations on exponentially more expensive water available.  Our goal is to begin making provisions by not overseeding some areas, or by turf removal throughout the course.  We will keep you informed as we receive more updates from the City.  Should you have any questions please contact either me or the agronomy team for further clarification.

It will be a great season at Scottsdale Golf Club on a beautiful course!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Q and A with GM Kyle Draper about Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs

scottsdale golf club

As we Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs progresses through our construction for the Phase II enhancements, we thought it would be good to provide the membership of Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs with a brief FAQ outline for what to expect through the process and beyond. What follows are some of the questions that have been posed to staff and management over the past few weeks. As always, if you would like to keep up to date with the progress on this exciting Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs project, you can simply log in to the club website home page which provides a great vantage point to view where we are. Many members check with this option regularly as we average around 100 hits to the link on a daily basis! I hope this helps and if you should have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask!

FAQ’s on Phase II Is there an option to swim at the Community Center while the Pool is closed even if I am not a DC Ranch Resident?

Yes, please contact Cheri or Carter at 480- 342-7200 and you will be given a FOB to access the community center pool for lap swimming. Please note that FOB access will not be granted for any purpose other than for lap swimming.

Will the Scottsdale Golf Club current fitness room be open until the new facility is completed?

Yes, current fitness room will remain open until completion of the new facility after which point the ladies locker room expansion and new board room will begin construction. It is expected that this portion of the project will likely begin in May and be completed in 60 days.

What kind of activities will there be for my family while the pool is closed?

During the fall and early spring seasons, we will host movies on the back lawn, entertainment for kids during dinner service, Taco Tuesday in the Scottsdale Golf Club Clubhouse, games on the patio and putting green.

What is the name of this Scottsdale Golf Club Phase II building?

There will not be one specific name for the new facility. Instead, there is the new Fitness and Performance Center on the top floor of the new building. On the bottom floor of the building which includes the lockers, restrooms, and showers along with the Kids area which will continue to be known as the Corral with the space for the Tweens being known as the Hideout. Lastly, there is the new casual dining restaurant which will be known as The Ranch House which is a new indoor 60 seat offering poolside. The Ranch House will also feature a Poolside Bar unlike any other  Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs.

Will the Scottsdale golf club pool have lanes for swimming? 

There will be lap swimming available during certain times of the day with 4 lanes that are 75 feet in length which is regulation for short-course swimming pools. What are the depths of the pool and will a diving board or slide be added? There will be a beach entry section at the northwest corner of the pool leading to a max of 36” in kids area to 60” at deepest point of the main pool. Given the fact that the pool is much shallower than the previous pool, there will be no diving allowed, nor will there be a slide. We will however continue to offer the large play slide during certain club events.

Will there be a separate kid’s pool at  Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs? 

With the new design, we will offer one large pool with a beach entry area for the kids which is attached to the main portion of the pool. As was expected with the previous pool, parents are responsible to watch their kids when using the pool.

Will there be a lifeguard on duty? 

At specified times there will be a lifeguard (weekends, themed dinners and events) but we will not have a guard on duty all the time.

What type of golf fitness programs will be offered at  Scottsdale golf club?

As we finalize the equipment selection we will work at offering both private programming as well as group programming as determined by both our fitness team and golf professional staff. These details will be shared with the general Scottsdale golf club membership as we get closer to the launch of our new facility.

Will there be a mirror on the wall for golf swing checks?

There are mirrors on specific walls however Golf Clubs will not be used in the fitness center. There is a plan for Phase III improvements which would call for significant updates to our practice center which would also include a teaching center that would have golf simulator training. Currently the Club also has Trackman technology available with the professional staff to assist in game development.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the new Scottsdale golf club  Facility in the Spring!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Scottsdale private golf courses Agronomy Update

scottsdale golf club

I want to keep you updated first and foremost on the monsoon activity that Scottsdale private golf courses  has experienced over the last month at the club.

In summary, we have had a little over 3” of rain during the time which is a blessing and a curse.
Scottsdale private golf courses had a great deal of repair work to do as the washes were running as fast as I have seen in a long time, but this complimentary water is always welcome.  This has contributed to the Bermuda grass growing to the extent we had to increase our mowing schedule to keep it closely mown at a height that is appropriately playable on Scottsdale private golf courses.

The greens at  Scottsdale golf club are the best they have been at this time of years and will only get stronger and healthier in the next few months.  We will not be overseeding the Scottsdale golf club greens again this fall and expect they will be very good as we move through the fall and winter months.
Staying with Agronomy for a minute,

As some have seen we expanded the 1st and 17th Scottsdale golf club greens to their original specs as designed by Tom Lehman in 2002.  What appears to be a 419 Bermuda grass collar is actually the same green putting green turf, Tif Eagle, as the other greens on the Scottsdale private golf courses
They are to be played as your ball is on the putting surface and can be marked, cleaned and replaced.
Next summer we anticipate enlarging the balance of the Scottsdale golf club greens to their original design specs as this will give us more hole locations on each green.


Monsoons also have high winds which break many branches off all types of trees and in some cases uproot them or break them in half on Scottsdale private golf courses.
We lost three fully grown trees at Scottsdale golf club, one on the North practice tee, another to the left of the Blue tee on #2 and a third to the right of the Black tee on #10.
They could not be saved, but fortunately they are not what we consider “strategy trees” which affect your play of the hole. They have been removed along with other debris and hopefully we can keep up with the monsoon activity.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Scottsdale golf club ,The Country Club at DC Ranch Celebrates 20 years

Melanie Halpert, Director of Membership and Marketing at Scottsdale golf club, The Country Club at DC Ranch, will have been with Scottsdale golf club 18 years this fall.  In this role, Halpert is responsible for  engaging new members and marketing the Club locally and nationally.

In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of DC Ranch, The Scottsdale golf club will also hit its 20th milestone this October. During that time, Halpert has watched the prominent north Scottsdale private golf courses and the community grow to what it is today. In fact, it was recently recognized as the Best Golf Community 2018 by AZ Foothills magazine.

The New Orleans native moved to Arizona shortly after college and hasn’t looked back. Although she’s thousands of miles away from her hometown, Scottsdale golf club ambiance is reminiscent of the Southern hospitality she’s accustomed to.

Scottsdale private golf courses feel like home.  Making people feel welcome is just part of what I enjoying doing most. The people are what makes  The Club stand out; the members and my coworkers are my second family,” said Halpert.

Initially, she represented both Scottsdale golf club, The Country Club and Silverleaf Golf Club before two separate teams were developed. She clearly remembers working from  the trailers down the road near Desert Camp.

“We all worked out of trailers. It’s hilarious to look back on. There wasn’t a lot around but there was darkness and a lot of javelina,” laughed Halpert.

When asked why she’s chosen to stay at Scottsdale golf club, The Country Club after all these years, she emphasizes that the people are irreplaceable.

“I’ve seen a lot of the member’s children grow up here, go off into the world and come back with families of their own,” said Halpert.

She also truly enjoys what she does. Technology has played a huge role in how her career  has evolved over the years at Scottsdale private golf courses due to social media, video, and digital marketing. According to Halpert, all of the technological advancements have helped deliver on the DC Ranch promise.

The Country Club is currently undergoing a  8.5 million renovation to be completed in the spring 2019 that will include,  a new fitness center, a group exercise room, a resort-style pool, a casual indoor dining room, a poolside bar, a tween room,  an expanded kid’s playroom, an expanded ladies’ lounge and a larger clubhouse kitchen.

“I’m excited about this renovation because it will have something for everyone. It’s going to be family-friendly which helps build traditions and memories. It’s also great for the community as a whole,” said Halpert. “A successful Scottsdale private golf courses helps keep real estate values solid.”

Although approximately 70 percent of Club members are residents of DC Ranch, members no longer have to own property in the community to be a member and come from near and far.

“DMB has never strayed from their vision. The Club continues to deliver its original promise of bringing people together through exceptional hospitality. It’s still the same as it was when I started 18 years ago. Scottsdale private golf courses have a modern, forward-thinking approach and will continue to expand its facilities and offer more to its members over the next 20 years.  ,” she said.

For more information on The Country Club’s 20th anniversary events, visit