Monday, July 2, 2018

Summer Golf at Scottsdale Golf Club

scottsdale golf club

Please be reminded that starting in the Scottsdale Golf Club will be closed during the summer. If you need your golf clubs on Monday, there will not be any Scottsdale Golf Club staff at the club  to access the bag room or locker room for your shoes. Please be sure to make arrangements for your golf clubs on the  Sunday evening beforehand.


Scottsdale Golf Club will continue with the reciprocal program we have had in the past. We will have a $50 rate for members and $80 rate for guests to play at DC Ranch, which is in line with the other clubs in the area. Reservations can be made 3 days in advance through our Scottsdale Golf Club Shop. You must contact one of the Golf Shop staff members in order to make a tee time. Please do not call other clubs as they will refer you to our Scottsdale Golf Club Golf Shop to make the tee time request. Members may make tee times at other clubs from 9AM - 1PM, barring other club events happening throughout the Summer. The clubs we have a relationship with this summer from June 1st until September 15th are the following:

Desert Highlands
Phoenix Country Club
Pinnacle Peak Country Club
Tonto Verde
Troon Country Club

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Fun Never Ends at Scottsdale Golf Club

Here we are at the end of what I would call a very successful winter season here at Scottsdale Golf Club Scottsdale Golf Club is excited kick off the construction portion of our Phase II enhancements. While some of you may be leaving for the summer season, I can assure you that we will have plenty going on here at the Scottsdale Golf Club. For those of you staying with us with us here at Scottsdale Golf Club look for so excellent programming. For those thaScottsdale Golf Club dialed in.
The program, coined last year as “The Fun Never Ends” will be full of fun and new offerings despite the warm temperatures at Scottsdale Arizona Country Club and the beginning of construction. For instance, our ever popular Taco Tuesday at Scottsdale Arizona Country Club will be moving to the Clubhouse in early June and will remain there through construction. You will be hearing more about these exciting events at Scottsdale Arizona Country Club during the coming weeks, but please know today that we are maintaining our hours of operation throughout May with the exception of closing on Mondays in order for the Scottsdale Arizona Country Club Maintenance team to work on the course aer a busy winter of play. The extension of our operations is poised to provide a tremendous amount of fun, family and friendliness at Scottsdale Arizona Country Club so please make sure to see the coming communications from Cheri Farias.

t will be heading out of the desert for the Summer, we will be sure to keep you updated as the project progresses of the Scottsdale Golf Club in the coming months, via email. As we enter the Summer Season, you will see continued full hours of operation at the Club as we aim to keep those who will remain at the

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Scholarship Fund at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses

During the past few years, Scottsdale Private Golf Courses has had a number of members suggest that the Scottsdale Golf Club develop a scholarship fund for the staff and their families at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses as a way to support their ongoing education. I am happy to announce that after a number of years of discussion, the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses Board has voted to create a Scottsdale Golf Club Foundation aimed at providing scholarships to this group. Scottsdale Private Golf Courses are currently in the process of submitting paperwork for the creation of a 501(c)3 organization that will be known as The Country Club at DC Ranch Scholarship Foundation, which will likely launch in the fall at Scottsdale Golf Club. This Scottsdale Golf Club Foundation will have a separate Board and supporting committees than those currently in place today, as is required for the creation of foundation for Scottsdale Private Golf Courses. While we have a number of people who have already voiced interest in participating, if anyone is interested in participating with the Scottsdale Golf Club Foundation please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Scottsdale Arizona Country Club Golf Update

scottsdale golf club 
Following are a few reminders, updates and guidance for all Scottsdale Arizona Country Club golfers from the Pro Shop: 

Handicaps: As we all know, playing by USGA rules and following proper golf etiquette is a must for all Scottsdale Private Golf Courses for not only daily play, but in club tournaments as well, which we abide by. The biggest stride to date has been the establishment of rules and regulations regarding the proper posting of all Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  scores which are postable, be they 9 or 18 holes. The handicap committee has been extremely diligent to enforce these rules which are in the best interest of you maintaining a current, accurate handicap, knowing that should these rules not be adhered to, then disciplines will be invoked. We are pleased with your compliance to these handicap Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  procedures and hope you clearly understand they are in place to make the game fair for all members, every round. Over the past year I have had a number of Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  ask for our rules so they might also be able to clean up their handicap infractions by their membership. Pace of Play: Scottsdale Arizona Country Club strives to set the standard of compliance with our pace of play AT NO MORE THAN FOUR HOURS from the time the first tee shot goes in the air until  the flagstick is put back in the hole when you finish the round. We will be randomly doing pace checks from start to finish to accurately determine the total time of your round and address it on a case by case basis with your group. No Scottsdale Arizona Country Club golfer I know of has EVER admired or acknowledged to being a slow player, yet our pace of play is not in compliance with our 4 hour pace policy. Everyone would like to play faster and; and a pace of play will help. This is to be accomplished by all Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  players whether you are walking/ carrying, using a push cart or riding in an electric cart. We certainly encourage players  exercising while playing, but pushers and walkers alike must keep up the same pace as electric carts. This is a choice you make to stay within the 4 hour or less.  The   Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  has full authority to assist you in every way to get your group back in position, or let faster playing groups through when it is appropriate. We will be monitoring the results for repeat offenders and proceed accordingly. Scottsdale Arizona Country Club introduced a way to let you know whether your group is on pace, by showing you a green paddle, a yellow one if you are 10 minutes behind or a red one indicating 20 minutes slower than the allowable pace in which case you will be asked to get in posion within one hole or skip forward and get back in position. Recently, this type of pace system has been adopted by numerous clubs. Fast play will be the statement used when describing our pace of play at the club. You will also be expected to have your family and guests maintain this pace for the enjoyment of ALL Scottsdale Arizona Country Club players. A case in point I mentioned to the group was that for every ten minutes a group is behind this 4 hour pace requirement ,those groups at the end of the day would not be able to finish their rounds, which would not be fair to your fellow members. LET’S SET THE EXAMPLE FOR FASTER PLAY! Pride of Membership and Push Carts: We are uncompromising about are our PRIDE OF MEMBERSHIP at Scottsdale Arizona Country Club program which was established years ago.

Friday, April 13, 2018

 After a record breaking month around the Scottsdale AZ Country Club,  due to unusually warm weather, we slowed a bit but still were able to post another month of better than budget rounds of golf and revenues.  We fully expect this trend to continue at Scottsdale AZ Country Club as there are many important events planned at the  Scottsdale Private Golf Courses this season including all new Blues, Brews & BBQ Social, the Taste of the Ranch, Ladies and Men’s Golf Club Championships, and then ending the month with the premier Ladies Golf Event, The Desert Diamond Classic.

Thank you to the many members that voiced your interest in serving your Scottsdale Private Golf Courses on the Finance, House, Tennis, Membership, Golf & Grounds and Facilities Master Planning Committees.  We were once again able to put together a diverse group of members, some serving the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses for the first time as well as many that have served over the years.  This year we also added a mandatory orientation for the new committee members so that we were could set forth the expectations for each committee member and outline the 2018 goals and objectives for each committee.  As many of you know, this is an important way for us to identify potential future Scottsdale Private Golf Courses Board members.  As we get through the year, we will also begin planning for the introduction of a new Health and Wellness Committee which is expected to be introduced next year as we get closer to the completion of the phase II construction project.

As a part of my monthly reminder, I wanted to once again encourage everyone to make advanced reservations in our Scottsdale AZ Country Club dining outlets especially during our dinner service each week.  As you have read previously, doing so greatly enhances the level of service that we are able to provide which we believe only enhances your Scottsdale AZ Country Club experience.  For those who have helped us in this effort, I would once again like to thank you immensely.  There are many ways that you can make reservations, from Open Table on your smartphones and computers to calling the Scottsdale AZ Country Club Concierge or Dining Hosts to make reservations.  Please also refer to another section in this newsletter in the following pages that refers to the dress code that is present for the Club as all members and their guests are expected to follow these guidelines when using the Club.

As you can see, there continue to be many great things happening here at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses. The Scottsdale AZ Country Club remains vibrant, with an engaged membership enjoying their Club and a team of staff members looking to continue moving the needle to ensure that The Country Club continues to be seen as the preeminent Club in the Valley.  I continue to hear great things from the membership on a daily basis but I am always looking to hear from our members and their experiences so that we can continue enhancing the level of member experience at your Scottsdale AZ Country Club.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Scottsdale AZ Country Club Championship Format

The Scottsdale AZ  Country Club tournament will consist of two-man teams divided into flights of six teams based on combined team Scottsdale private golf courses handicap indexes. Using a Better Ball of the Pair format, each team will play five nine-hole matches within their flight to determine the flight champion. Scottsdale private golf courses Flight champions qualify to compete for the Overall Scottsdale AZ  Country Club Championship based on a Shootout on holes #16, #17, & #18.

Nine-hole matches will be played using the match play format.  In four-ball match play, the better ball of the pair will be played against the better ball of the other two players.  A hole is won by the Scottsdale AZ  Country Club team who holes the ball in the fewest NET strokes.

Play will be from the Blue or Blue/White tees based on your assigned flight. Scottsdale AZ  Country Club Players over 70 years of age may choose to play the White tees for the appropriate reduction per Scottsdale private golf courses USGA guidelines. On hole-in-one holes, you may decline this opportunity and play from your designated tee you are playing during the round.

Scottsdale private golf courses Scoring

Scottsdale AZ  Country Club Teams will receive 1 point for each hole won, ½ point for each hole halved, and 0 points for each hole lost. Each match has a total of 9 possible points. This scoring format requires that teams play all nine holes in each match regardless of the number of holes won or lost.  Scottsdale private golf courses Flight Champions will be determined by total points won and not by win/loss record. Flight ties will be broken by a scorecard playoff in head-to-head matches.

Scottsdale private golf courses Handicaps

The handicap of all four players in each match is reduced by the course handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who then plays from scratch.  Nine-hole handicaps will be used with shots falling as they should on an 18-hole scorecard.
The maximum handicap index and course handicap differential between partners is 10.  If the differential is greater than 10, the higher handicap will be adjusted down to maintain the 10 stroke differential.  Every player is responsible for playing with his correct handicap index as of April 15th, 2018. The committee makes its best effort to obtain correct handicaps. If there is an error, it is the responsibility of the player to report it to the committee immediately. The Scottsdale private golf courses Tournament Committee has the responsibility to adjust handicaps based on the USGA Exceptional Score Probability Table.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Scottsdale country club Announces Its Member Guests

The signups for BOTH Scottsdale country club events opened at 7:00 AM on Thursday, last February 1st. Please note that the new Scottsdale country club registration procedures dictate that the fields will be filled by number of years you have participated in a member-guest, and the tiebreaker from there is based on the timestamp listed on your registration. This means that prompt signups could benefit you greatly in terms of winning the second tie-breaker.

For further information regarding the Scottsdale country club tournaments, please refer to the notice sent December 26th labeled "2018 Gentlemen's Member-Guests: The Round Up & The Stampede". We've also copied it below for your reference:

"As we announced last season, we will be continuing the process of hosting two identical Scottsdale country club Gentlemen’s Member-Guest tournaments to accommodate 120 teams total, 60 teams in each field. Please see below for the dates of the two upcoming Gentlemen’s Member-Guests:

Scottsdale country club The Round-Up: April 25th-28th
Scottsdale country club The Stampede: May 9th-12th

Also, please note the following rules and regulations for registering for the two Gentlemen’s Member-Guest events:

  • All Country Club Scottsdale registrations were done through ForeTees, which opened for both events beginning at 7AM last Thursday, February 1st.
  • The registration deadline was Friday, February 16th at 5PM. The final fields was announced Sunday, February 17th.
  • Entry fee for Country Club Scottsdale The Round-Up and The Stampede remained the same as last year, $1700 per team.
  • The handicap differential must be no greater than 10 between partners based on your April 15th verifiable index.
    •  All Country Club Scottsdale member participants will have their accounts billed a non-refundable 50% of the entry fee once the fields are set Sunday, February 17th. 
    •  The non-refundable remaining 50% of the entry fee will be charged to the member’s account 30 days prior to the event. No refunds will be given at that time, for any reason.
    •  In the event one of the tournaments is oversubscribed, participation will be determined based on the number of years of participation in both The Round-Up and the Stampede combined. For any questions regarding the number of years you have played in Country Club Scottsdale The Round-Up and Stampede, please contact the Golf Shop. In the event there is a tie based on number of years of participation, the ties will be broken based on time and date of registration of the 2018 event.
  • Country Club Scottsdale Members may be allowed to participate in only one of The Round-Up or The Stampede each year.
  • Guests are allowed to participate in only one of The Round-Up or The Stampede each year.