Monday, December 2, 2019

Scottsdale private golf courses Opened a Par 3 Course for the last Holidays

Scottsdale Golf Club proud to see so many members and guests with tee times over the holidays and for the opening of the Horseshoe Par 3 course. Tee times are available to members on ForeTees from 10am to 2:00pm. Though the private golf clubs in Scottsdale Golf Shop and Player Service operations closed at 2pm, there are tee times available after 2pm. Scottsdale private golf had a first-come & first-served procedure for all tee times desired after 2pm by way of a physical tee sheet held on the first hole of the Scottsdale Golf Club Horseshoe, which is located in the teaching area of the driving range (southwest corner) Scottsdale private golf courses recommend for players to take three to five clubs onto the Horseshoe instead of the entire golf bag.
Important Notices
Scottsdale Golf Club Players that expect to be on the Horseshoe after 2pm are prepared to bring their clubs home with them after their round, as the Golf Staff will be heading home to enjoy the Holiday festivities at this time.

To gain access to the Horseshoe course on ForeTees, please follow these steps:
  1. Log into ForeTees
  2. Click the following sequence: Tee Time--> Make,View, or Change Tee Times
  3. Click on November 28th from the prompted calendar
  4. From the drop down menu that defaults to “DC Ranch 18,” select “The Horseshoe 9.”
  5. Choose your desired tee time.
To make Opening Day at Scottsdale private golf courses and all Horseshoe play days as successful as possible, we wanted to share the following information with the Scottsdale Golf Club membership.
  • Walking only
  • Tee times at Scottsdale private golf courses will be in 7 minute increments
  • Groups are limited to foursomes or less
  • Twosomes will be paired together
  • The guest fee for family guests and accompanied guests on the Horseshoe is $20
  • Please take pride in the Horseshoe by filling tee box divots with the sand and seed mix provided, as well as fixing multiple ball marks on each green
  • Horseshoe scorecards will have a map of the golf course on the back for better navigation.
Again, thank you to the membership and staff for their continued support for Club improvements like the Horseshoe. They truly set DC Ranch apart from the rest.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Scottsdale golf club DEMO DAY

Private golf clubs in Scottsdale hosted a multi-vendor demo day last Saturday, October 19th from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  Club manufacturers had their most recent products for you to try and compare against others utilizing Trackman and other launch monitors at Scottsdale golf club.
“THE HORSESHOE” opening has been delayed to give the greens at  Scottsdale golf club more time to grow and mature to the point they are ready for play.  We hope to have it ready by early November.  The greens received some late monsoon damage and golf course maintenance is doing their best to get them fully recovered before we open it.  Private golf clubs in Scottsdale will keep you informed when it will open. The recent schedule for it called for the practice park at Scottsdale golf club to close last Wednesday and Sunday afternoons at 2:00 PM, thus making the Horseshoe available for play at 3:00 PM.  Electric golf carts will not be permitted as it is a walking only park at 816 yards.

Private golf clubs in Scottsdale recently had the Scottsdale private golf courses rated by the AGA team with minimal change to the slope and course rating. We will be sharing them with you before we reopen as we are now finalizing the changes.
Many golfers at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale have asked for a shorter set of tees so we created an additional set at about 3800 yards called gold tees.  They will have a gold yardage plaque on every hole.  The Scottsdale golf club Gold Tee has been rated by the AGA Team and scorecards are currently being made.  Please ask the staff for course hole by hole yardages.
As we wind down the year, it was as active as any year at  Private golf clubs in Scottsdale and we are pleased with the support and participation of all of our tournaments and championships.  We have to be careful so as not to saturate the starting times with events. Scottsdale golf club will  continue to look at the best events and times, and free up starting times for those who choose not to participate in them.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Scottsdale Private golf courses Golf carts and Pushcarts

Scottsdale golf club has entered into a new 3 year golf cart lease with Club Car and they arrived this past week. They have the latest technology to include USB charging ports in addition to Bluetooth compatible speakers which are now standard features in all carts at Scottsdale Private golf courses.


Scottsdale Private golf courses has purchased additional push carts this year that will be available at the start of the season. Once again we ask those who use them to keep the push carts away from the Private golf clubs in Scottsdale greens, collars and approaches, not crossing or parking on tees, including the practice tees and short game areas. During this summer at Scottsdale golf club we widened and cleared many of the walking paths around the course for your convenience.

We ask as a courtesy to all Scottsdale Private golf course golfers, and to be in compliance with the USGA rules and guidelines, that all golfers at Scottsdale golf club display proper etiquette and conduct themselves “In the spirit of the game.” We are recommending when you are playing music through the cart speakers, that level two on the volume control is the maximum setting as it is sufficient and will not interrupt the others playing in your group. The USGA specifically points out in 4.3A in the rule book that it allows audio and video to be used but to show integrity and consideration to others. There might be competitions where the tournament committee has the right and privilege to prohibit the use of such audio and video equipment.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Golf Instruction at Scottsdale Private golf courses

With all the requests for new and better golf instruction programs we’ve been receiving, it’s been our mission to revamp our entire lesson at Scottsdale Private golf courses programs over the summer.  We’ve adopted golf instruction software called Operation 36 which incorporates playing as a major component of the lesson program.  This program will also allow us to track our Scottsdale golf club student’s progress, to help us objectively see improvement, and provide drills and practice plans over a phone app interface. 

Starting with the juniors… On Tuesday, October 15th at 4:30 PM in the Ranch House, we will have a junior golf orientation for Scottsdale golf club juniors and parents of juniors between the ages of 6-15.  Our goal is to break down the curriculum and new structure of our junior program.  We would like to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our young golfers at Scottsdale golf club.   This season we want to have fun and create as many new golfers as possible and grow the game that we love at Scottsdale Private golf courses.

The ladies’ clinics at  Scottsdale Private golf courses will continue and will also adopt our Operation 36 programming.  In the past, our clinics have been structured the same year to year.  This year, in an effort to significantly improve our Scottsdale golf club players, we want to track our progress and lower your scores.  This will take work from both ends, but we promise that if you commit to us, we will commit to you! 

Beginner ladies’ at  private golf clubs in Scottsdale will continue on Mondays at 1:00 PM.  This is open to all ladies, whether you play golf or not.  This clinic is geared to be fun and not only teach you the fundamentals of the swing and short game, but also lower your scores through course management.  Operation 36 will play a big role in these clinics and on-course play.  Whether playing on the Horseshoe or Scottsdale golf club big course, it will assist in tracking your progress.

Advanced ladies’ clinics will be on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM and will still be a clinic style set-up with programming that will incorporate practice drills and games to help everyone learn to improve their game with us or on their own.

Scottsdale Private golf courses is adding new men’s clinics and beginner clinics open to all, on alternating Saturdays at 10:00 AM.   This will involve clinic style set-up as well as practice and drills.  We want to set you up for success and track your progress along the way. 

Golf fitness is coming back once again as we have been working hard with our Health and Fitness Director, Danielle Fryer, to improve our training programs.  This schedule will come out shortly.  We think of ourselves as your team and together we will improve your swing by improving how your body moves. 

Scottsdale golf club Super Speed Golf and acquired speed training sticks for men, women and juniors to improve your swing speeds and gain more yards off the tee. 

Private lessons are available to all and we’ve acquired a couple of new instructors with experience to help us all improve. 

Please see the golf staff to book a lesson and inquire about lesson rates.


Please be reminded to check with your professional staff before you make your hard good purchases as we will meet or beat any price in town.

In closing, we are looking forward to another great year at Scottsdale Private golf courses, creating many new friendships and memories with your family and friends during this coming winter season.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Season to start at Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale

It is amazing how fast me flies here at Scottsdale Golf Club. I truly cannot believe that we are entering our fall overseed of the golf course at the end of the month. Fortunately, this also means that we are on the tail end of phase II construction on with the new Ladies Lounge and Board Room being completed in what was previously the fitness space. Now we have the grow in of the practice park and The Horseshoe, along with a refresh of the old Board Room which will be converted into the Private Dining Room. Thankfully that will mark the end of our improvements from Phase II construction and we can focus on further enhancing the offerings that are in place around the Club. For those Members that have been around throughout the summer, thank you for your feedback and support of the Scottsdale Golf Club. For those of you who have yet to enjoy these new enhancements, we look forward to seeing you back at Scottsdale Golf Club in the coming weeks. We have seen a nice flow of traffic in our new areas, especially the use of the Scottsdale Golf Club Fitness center throughout the day, including the increase in participation on group classes.
During the month of September, we will continue our full schedule of offerings in the Main Clubhouse and the Ranch House. At the beginning of the month we will be hosting our Summer Golf Member-Guest signature event. With many Members being back in town after their summer vacations, I would recommend making advanced reservations in our dining outlets so that we can properly prepare for each day of service. As a reminder, we will close Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale for overseeding. Please keep in mind that the other amenities will remain open during the Scottsdale private golf courses closure. On Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale Governance news, the Board and Management are working on the update of our Club’s Strategic Plan. We will conduct a thorough review of member usage data, the recently completed member satisfaction survey, as well as Club Industry Trends through the process as we look to update our strategic initiatives es (that were last fully updated in late 2016). Fortunately, we have achieved many of these objectives and we want to develop a further road map as we head into the next 5 to 10 years as a Club. The Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale, Board will be holding an offsite session during the month of September to review our current status and set the plan in order to best position Scottsdale Golf Club, The Country Club at DC Ranch for the future. Speaking of the member satisfaction survey, we received feedback from over 540 members, which was a tremendous response.
At first glance the feedback showed a very satisfied membership with over 94% showing their overall satisfaction of the Club and a net promoter score of over 55, which is seen as excellent in our industry. With that being said, there are some definite opportunities at Scottsdale Golf Club that presented themselves for improvement and we will be working on identifying solutions. Fortunately, these opportunities are not widespread, given the overall satisfaction shown by the membership, but rest assured we will take these head on to increase the level of member satisfaction! Please stay tuned in the coming weeks for a further outline of the survey results that will be made available for the Club website. It is full steam ahead here at Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale and we are ready to show what we have been working on this summer. Our expectation is to continue to take the member experience at Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale to an enhanced level in all areas and with the ongoing training throughout this Summer and early Fall, I believe you will see the difference when you return. Wherever you may be at the moment, enjoy what is left of summer ...and know that the entire staff is extremely excited to see you all back on the Ranch for the Winter season!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale Announces 2020 Inter-club Season

The Scottsdale Golf Club Men’s Interclub season is coming up quickly.  If you would like to be part of the DC Ranch Team, please let us know.  

There are 12 Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale  that participate in our interclub.  We split into North and South divisions.  Each division will compete 6 times, once at each club in their division.  This year we are in the Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale  South Division which consists of DC Ranch, Desert Highlands, FireRock CC, Troon CC, Boulders GC and Paradise Valley CC. 

The cost per event is $100 per player.  This includes guest fees, lunch and dinner at each of the Scottsdale private golf courses 

Format: Each Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale team will split into 5 pairs.  Each pair will play a Net Better Ball with Stableford scoring.  Par is worth 2 points, Birdies = 3, Eagles = 4, Double Eagle = 5, Bogeys = 1 and Double Bogey or higher = 0.  All 5 two partner scores will be combined for our team score.  The team score will be added to our total team Score after each match for our season long total.  The 2 highest scoring teams at the end of the Scottsdale Golf Club season will play off with the North Division for the Championship. 
The Scottsdale Golf Club  , The Country Club at DC Ranch Team won the Interclub Championship in 2018!!!  Let’s win it again!   

If you would like to be part of the Scottsdale Golf Club team, please contact JT Hamamoto.  Attached is the schedule for the season.  Matches are during the week and usually start around 12:00 pm with lunch at 10:30 am and Dinner/Scoring ending at 6:30 pm.   

Monday, August 19, 2019

Private golf clubs in Scottsdale Summer Project Updates

Scottsdale Golf Club is firmly in the middle of summer with the hot temps waiting on the humidity to rise for monsoon season. Thank you to all for your patience around the Scottsdale Golf Club the past few weeks as we begin to put the final touches on the phase II master plan enhancements at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale The strain of repaving the Scottsdale Golf Club parking lot was quite a hassle for many of us around the Club this past month, however, it was a necessity given the issues with the parking lot cracks being very present. The original lot lasted over 20 years and other than seal coating the lot a few times, it had gone virtually untouched since the was built.

While there is never a good time to do these types of projects, it made the most sense to have it done following the Scottsdale Golf Club fitness center and pool refresh. In the coming weeks you can look forward to the complete on of the renovation of the ladies’ lounge, which is expected to be done by the first week of August. We had a bit of delay in the timing as we decided to replace the HVAC units and duct-work in the space which wasn’t originally expected, however, we determined this was a good time to replace the split units as the ceiling and walls in the area were opened up. Once that part of the project is complete, we will move to the final refresh of the Boardroom in the main Clubhouse, which hasn’t seen a face lift in a number of years. Other than having the room out of use for a few weeks, there should be very little impact to daily service at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale.

We will have the new ladies card room available for play during that time and for meeting needs we will have the new Boardroom upstairs available. In other Club news, we want to make sure that as many members as possible complete the recently distributed Private golf clubs in Scottsdale Member Satisfaction Survey, which is key to the Club in its future Strategic Planning efforts. You should have received that email via email from our partner in this project, Global Golf Advisors. If for some reason you did not receive and electronic link to the survey, please contact Cheri Farias and she will be able to help you with the proper link. This survey process is key to us understanding areas of opportunity and give the Club a strong direction for future needs. Once the survey is completed and the results tabulated, the Private golf clubs in Scottsdale Board with then work with management to update its strategic initiatives. You can expect to see those shared with the Scottsdale Golf Club membership in the Fall. Thank you in advance to all members who participate in this very important process as this helps the Board and Management align in creating the best experience possible. In addition to updating the strategic plan, the Management team is currently working on the operating budgets for FY2020 and we expect to have this reviewed and approved during the July and August time-frame.

As we come to the conclusion of the phase II enhancements, the Scottsdale Golf Club is also once again updating its Capital Asset Plan with Club Bench-marking which provides the Club an important 20-year timeline for the replacement of our many assets at the Club. This is key to our future planning for future capital needs so that we have the funds necessary to keep the standards of the Club in place. As Scottsdale private golf courses continue to grow and evolve we need to keep an eye on this as while we are a member owned Club, we are also a roughly $13.5 million business annually that sees many of the ever increasing costs to operate that many of you see in your own businesses. As we prepare for the Private golf clubs in Scottsdale Fall Season, we are in full planning mode on the annual calendar which will have many of your favorite events back in the fold along with many new fun options. Please keep in mind that we will have our opening weekend following overseed on October 18th with Golf and a party, followed by a weekend of events. Among other things, you will see the new Golf Practice park opening along with the unveiling of our new short course “The Horseshoe.”

Stay tuned for more details on all of the festivities but make sure to have opening weekend on your calendars! Thanks to everyone for their continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the Ranch soon.