Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Scottsdale Arizona Country Club Golf Update

scottsdale golf club 
Following are a few reminders, updates and guidance for all Scottsdale Arizona Country Club golfers from the Pro Shop: 

Handicaps: As we all know, playing by USGA rules and following proper golf etiquette is a must for all Scottsdale Private Golf Courses for not only daily play, but in club tournaments as well, which we abide by. The biggest stride to date has been the establishment of rules and regulations regarding the proper posting of all Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  scores which are postable, be they 9 or 18 holes. The handicap committee has been extremely diligent to enforce these rules which are in the best interest of you maintaining a current, accurate handicap, knowing that should these rules not be adhered to, then disciplines will be invoked. We are pleased with your compliance to these handicap Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  procedures and hope you clearly understand they are in place to make the game fair for all members, every round. Over the past year I have had a number of Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  ask for our rules so they might also be able to clean up their handicap infractions by their membership. Pace of Play: Scottsdale Arizona Country Club strives to set the standard of compliance with our pace of play AT NO MORE THAN FOUR HOURS from the time the first tee shot goes in the air until  the flagstick is put back in the hole when you finish the round. We will be randomly doing pace checks from start to finish to accurately determine the total time of your round and address it on a case by case basis with your group. No Scottsdale Arizona Country Club golfer I know of has EVER admired or acknowledged to being a slow player, yet our pace of play is not in compliance with our 4 hour pace policy. Everyone would like to play faster and; and a pace of play will help. This is to be accomplished by all Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  players whether you are walking/ carrying, using a push cart or riding in an electric cart. We certainly encourage players  exercising while playing, but pushers and walkers alike must keep up the same pace as electric carts. This is a choice you make to stay within the 4 hour or less.  The   Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  has full authority to assist you in every way to get your group back in position, or let faster playing groups through when it is appropriate. We will be monitoring the results for repeat offenders and proceed accordingly. Scottsdale Arizona Country Club introduced a way to let you know whether your group is on pace, by showing you a green paddle, a yellow one if you are 10 minutes behind or a red one indicating 20 minutes slower than the allowable pace in which case you will be asked to get in posion within one hole or skip forward and get back in position. Recently, this type of pace system has been adopted by numerous clubs. Fast play will be the statement used when describing our pace of play at the club. You will also be expected to have your family and guests maintain this pace for the enjoyment of ALL Scottsdale Arizona Country Club players. A case in point I mentioned to the group was that for every ten minutes a group is behind this 4 hour pace requirement ,those groups at the end of the day would not be able to finish their rounds, which would not be fair to your fellow members. LET’S SET THE EXAMPLE FOR FASTER PLAY! Pride of Membership and Push Carts: We are uncompromising about are our PRIDE OF MEMBERSHIP at Scottsdale Arizona Country Club program which was established years ago.