Monday, April 26, 2021

Over the many years of watching golfers at all levels at the best golf course in Scottsdale and asking them questions about their games, I am drawn to the conclusion the game centers around four areas we could work on to become the best golfer we can be.

These components are PHYSICAL, which is can I make a swing that will return the clubface through the impact area so we can make solid contact with the ball and have it go in the direction of our intended target as often as possible.

Next up is the MENTAL side of the game which is about making the correct decisions as we navigate our way around the golf course.

Have we picked the club that gives us the best chance for success? Sometimes I wonder what the mental process is for some players at Scottsdale golf courses

as they more often than not expect their best shot every time, and do not play to their strengths and within their capabilities.

Playing within yourself does not mean you are never aggressive when the odds are in your favor; it is a sign of proper course management. It means you have a clear understanding of your game and the shots you know you can execute and you engage the mental strength within you to play within your boundaries. Trust and commit to the shot at hand and execute within your capabilities. Lastly, try and eliminate negative self-talk when you play and replace it with positive self-talk.

It is just as easy to tell yourself what you want to do as it is what you don’t want to do. Negative talk is disguising fear when we play, replace it with courage at Scottsdale golf courses.

Next up is the EMOTIONAL side which is an art to master which says, “Can I handle the good shots and the bad ones just the same and not get too high or low with each outcome?”

Are you the player at Scottsdale golf courses

who has a great front nine and a bad back nine or vice versa and have no idea why  the inconsistency as we believe we are making the same swings each nine?

Maybe we are too outcome oriented and not process and plan driven.

As we all know it is an 18-hole game, so keep plugging along until the last putt drops and then add up your score, but not until then.

Are you a player who says to themselves, “if I just make two pars on these last two holes I will break???? for the first time ever???”

We all get caught in that trap and now that we know it, we should get back to what got us to that point and just keep making the best shots we can until the end on the best golf course in Scottsdale.

The last component to improving is EXPERIENCE. The more times we put ourselves in an environment on the course we are not familiar or comfortable with, the better we will be able to handle the outcome in the future.

One way I suggest you get out of your “comfort zone” is to play from the shortest tees available so you can hit more greens in regulation, thus having more birdie chances.

You shouldn’t wait until you are faced with difficult, unfamiliar situations during your game. You should test yourself as part of your practice sessions, and remember you can never score low enough.

When others ask what the best score you have ever shot, your answer should be ‘I haven’t shot it yet” and keep practicing.

There is no doubt we won’t see success at the best golf course in Scottsdale if we do not put in the time working on the correct things with our mechanics in both the long and short game. Just thinking about practicing will not get it done and warming up before we head to the first tee is not enough.

We need to dedicate private, uninterrupted time to our game to get better, and do our best to allocate time to work on our short game.

Why is it that players hit twice as many drivers when they practice and half as many putts, and when we play, we hit twice as many putts and half as many drivers? We need to re-prioritize our time management.


Monday, April 12, 2021

Scottsdale golf courses busiest season

best golf course in Scottsdale

I will eventually get to what I like to talk about best which is this great game of golf at the best golf course in Scottsdale. I must first continue to address what the club’s stance is going forward with the Covid-19 programs at the club which are quite simple. 

We are delighted many of you have had your two vaccinations already, as I have, but the Doctors I rely on say we should not be changing what we have been doing over these last twelve months until further notice, which is our best way to avoid anyone getting sick, and the club closing. 

If you and your family have been out of the country for a spring break, you will be required to Quarantine for a period of time before you are permitted to use any of the club facilities or amenities. 

We hope there could be changes on the horizon, but social distancing, sanitizing and wearing masks when not playing, practicing, eating or drinking is a club mandate. 

We will certainly inform you when the CDC or Governor’s office gives us the word, but I did read the vaccines are available to children 16 years old. 

You have heard via the frequent videos that the golf committee has recommended to the Board that we do not change the way we make starting times in the middle of the season. 

Contrary to what some believe, we in fact have worked with Foretees over the last few months on a number of other options to make starting times easier at Scottsdale golf courses and faster than the way we make times now. 

When I ask many members at Scottsdale Golf Club if it is more important to them the get the exact time they want or play near to their friends, the answers are overwhelmingly in favor of playing near the group. 

Other options suggest limiting the number of times an individual or family can play at Scottsdale Golf Club each week or per month, but we don’t like that option as much either. 

Should we find what we believe benefits and is fair to the membership at large, we will likely do a trial sometime this summer to determine if a change is the path we should take. 

What we do hope for in the near future is getting back to having you playing with and entertaining your friends at the best golf course in Scottsdale. We will let you know how soon we can get make that opportunity available to you. 

Some have asked if the summer reciprocal program with other private clubs will be available this summer. As of right now it appears to be suspended until further notice and we will update you as more information is available.