Monday, September 21, 2020

Three Shot Hole at Scottsdale private golf courses

If you have a tendency to make the occasional big number on a Par 5, it is a good idea to come into the hole with a different strategy.  Think of the hole in 3 shots, working from the green backwards.  Before hitting your tee shot at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale think of where you want to hit your third shot from.  What is your most comfortable yardage? 75 yards, 100 yards, 120 yards???  Your goal should be to hit your third shot from a very comfortable yardage.   

After deciding where you want the third shot to be hit from, you now think of how to get there.  For example, if you are playing a 500-yard par 5 and you want to be 100 yards for your third shot, all you need is 400 yards out of your first 2 shots.  That can be broken down in a number of ways (250-150, 225-175, 200-200).  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will always need to hit driver off the tee at Scottsdale golf club.  Try this strategy and you should be able to hit the green in regulation more often and give yourself more birdie looks and eliminate the big numbers.

Tip #3 Picking the Right Club (Layup and Approach Shot)

Knowing how far you hit your clubs at Scottsdale private golf courses (carry and total distance) is key for both laying up on a Par 5 and also for hitting your approach shot.  It is important when laying up that you LAYUP.  If you can’t reach the green on your second shot, it is better to lay up to a comfortable yardage than it is to leave yourself with a 40-70 yard pitch shot.  It is also important to avoid laying up into trouble.  Make sure that you pick a club that can’t reach certain fairway bunker or hazards to ensure an easier approach shot.  

When hitting your approach shot into the green at Scottsdale private golf courses it is important to hit a club that will carry the correct yardage to land on the green.  With a majority of the greens at DC Ranch being surrounded by bunkers, it is important to play a club that will take the bunkers short of the green out of play.  Learning your carry and total yardages with each club will allow you to hit more greens in regulation on Par 5’s and give you more birdie opportunities and easier pars at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Fall overseeding at Scottsdale Golf Club


scottsdale private golf courses

It is amazing how fast time flies here at the Scottsdale Golf Club. I truly cannot believe that we are entering our fall overseeding of the golf course at the end of the month.  Thankfully we are back to where all areas of the Club are reopened, albeit with limited capacity in the Clubhouse and the Fitness Center.  The Club has been fortunate to weather this difficult year and I am thankful to my team that they have all worked together to keep the membership and each other engaged.  Without them, none of this is at all possible.  As we move forward, we need all Scottsdale private golf courses in compliance with the guidelines that the Club is following as they are required by the CDC and Arizona Department of Health Services.  We will continue to communicate these to you but our biggest need is to have you wearing a mask when in the clubhouses with the exception of when you are SEATED.  All other times we require you wear them for the safety of our members and staff.  Not wearing masks in these areas will not be allowed until further notice so thank you in advance for your continued cooperation.

As we lead up to our Winter at Scottsdale Golf Club, we will be making some minor improvements to the s side of the main Clubhouse where we will be enhancing the outdoor dining spaces which include the south patio and fire pit area along with the addition of permanent heaters and misters.  Those projects are expected to start this week and are expected to be completed by opening the weekend following the overseeding closure.   There will be minimal disruption in that area but it may be a bit of an eyesore for a few days.  As a reminder Scottsdale private golf courses
will remain open during overseeding despite the closure to the course and driving range.
In Club Governance news, following the successful vote to update the Club Bylaws, the Board and Management are working to put those significant changes, namely the introduction of the Capital Dues program, into practice for the coming fiscal year which begins October 1.  For those interested in finding the new Bylaws, they can be found on the member side of the Club Website under the Club Info section.  As we get through the rest of the summer, the Club Committees are in the process of making some minor updates to the Rules and Regulations as well.   

There has been a buzz around private golf clubs in Scottsdale in recent weeks as more members and guests have been enjoying the Club and we look forward to keeping that going through the coming months.  With that being said we all know that many of the experiences that you have come to enjoy at the Club over the years will need to be re-imagined to keep everyone safe.  We look forward to having you experience the Club in this new manner as we view this as a tremendous opportunity to find new ways to enhance the Country Club at DC Ranch Experience!  Wherever you may be, enjoy the ‘rest’ of your summer….and know that the entire staff is very much looking forward to seeing you all back on the Ranch soon!