Thursday, March 29, 2018

Scottsdale AZ Country Club Championship Format

The Scottsdale AZ  Country Club tournament will consist of two-man teams divided into flights of six teams based on combined team Scottsdale private golf courses handicap indexes. Using a Better Ball of the Pair format, each team will play five nine-hole matches within their flight to determine the flight champion. Scottsdale private golf courses Flight champions qualify to compete for the Overall Scottsdale AZ  Country Club Championship based on a Shootout on holes #16, #17, & #18.

Nine-hole matches will be played using the match play format.  In four-ball match play, the better ball of the pair will be played against the better ball of the other two players.  A hole is won by the Scottsdale AZ  Country Club team who holes the ball in the fewest NET strokes.

Play will be from the Blue or Blue/White tees based on your assigned flight. Scottsdale AZ  Country Club Players over 70 years of age may choose to play the White tees for the appropriate reduction per Scottsdale private golf courses USGA guidelines. On hole-in-one holes, you may decline this opportunity and play from your designated tee you are playing during the round.

Scottsdale private golf courses Scoring

Scottsdale AZ  Country Club Teams will receive 1 point for each hole won, ½ point for each hole halved, and 0 points for each hole lost. Each match has a total of 9 possible points. This scoring format requires that teams play all nine holes in each match regardless of the number of holes won or lost.  Scottsdale private golf courses Flight Champions will be determined by total points won and not by win/loss record. Flight ties will be broken by a scorecard playoff in head-to-head matches.

Scottsdale private golf courses Handicaps

The handicap of all four players in each match is reduced by the course handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who then plays from scratch.  Nine-hole handicaps will be used with shots falling as they should on an 18-hole scorecard.
The maximum handicap index and course handicap differential between partners is 10.  If the differential is greater than 10, the higher handicap will be adjusted down to maintain the 10 stroke differential.  Every player is responsible for playing with his correct handicap index as of April 15th, 2018. The committee makes its best effort to obtain correct handicaps. If there is an error, it is the responsibility of the player to report it to the committee immediately. The Scottsdale private golf courses Tournament Committee has the responsibility to adjust handicaps based on the USGA Exceptional Score Probability Table.