Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Scottsdale golf course hosts 2022 Member-Member Rodeo

We are excited to see everyone at the Scottsdale golf course for the 2022 Men’s Rodeo, Member-Member event!  In advance of the tournament, we are providing the tournament information, including the flights, pairings, and structure for your reference.  

Please remember to bring $250 cash for your team buy-in monies to be collected at registration at the Scottsdale golf course.

We will also be conducting a side competition on the Country Club Scottsdale Horseshoe. This will feature a 5-hole alternate shot competition that teams may buy into at the tee during the competition that afternoon.  The buy-in will be $20 per team and we will payout the top 3 teams, 50%/30%/,20%.  Players must choose two clubs each to play with.

We will be sending two links to the parimutuel betting on Homestretch, similar to what you used for the Inferno.  Expect these links no later than tomorrow morning.  There are two betting options:

1)     Bet any team to win their flight

2)     Bet any team to win, place or show in the overall tournament

All bets need to be placed by the start of play at Country Club Scottsdale.  Reminder, as part of the team buy-in, your will purchase your team in both bets.  $5 for the flight winner and $15 to cover the win, place, and show for your team overall.  All teams will be covered in the parimutuel to ensure robust payouts!

This year’s tournament at Country Club Scottsdale features 11 flights, consisting of 6 teams in each flight.  We will be awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place credit book to each flight, and the top three teams in the Shootout.  The Rodeo Champions will receive championship trophies and their names will be etched into the perpetual board, soon to be located in the Men’s Locker Room.     

Please let us know if you need anything in advance of next week, otherwise, we are looking forward to seeing everyone.