Monday, February 17, 2020

Scottsdale golf club JUNIOR GOLFERS

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Scottsdale golf club JUNIOR GOLFERS under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult while on the course. Juniors are not permitted to play without an adult if not pre-approved by the professional staff at Scottsdale golf club regarding pace of play and passing a rules test on etiquette during play, proper use of push carts and walking rules and regulations.

JUNIOR GOLFERS approved to use an electric golf cart must be 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.

We understand it might seem fun to allow children take the steering wheel, but for their safety, please refrain from doing so on Scottsdale private golf courses.

We are building a new reminder notice which we will send to the responsible adult in the family so there are no discrepancies as to the Club’s Rules and Regulations.

The DESERT DIAMOND CLASSIC, which will take place on March 23-26, 2020, is currently open for registration and will be until February 1, 2020.  At which time we will allow sport social members to fill the field.  The ROUND-UP and The STAMPEDE Member-Guest registration will be open on Saturday, February 1, 2020 on Foresees.  The dates for The ROUND-UP and The STAMPEDE are April 15-18, 2020 and April 30 –May 2,2020 respectively. They will be available for the first 60 teams for each tournament, which will fill up very quickly!

Your guest name at the sign up is not important. Please put your first preference on the appropriate sheet and your second choice on the waiting list.

PUSH CART REMINDERS FOR ALL Scottsdale private golf courses

To help keep the conditions of our Scottsdale private golf courses  at the highest level, please observe the following guidelines when using a push a push cart:

-         Push carts must stay at least 20 yards from all greens and approaches.
-         Push carts are not permitted on or to park on any practice area complex or golf course tee.
-         Push carts are not permitted on green collars or the areas between the greenside bunkers and greens.
-         Push carts are not permitted to go over the turf on the south short game practice park to get to the first tee.

Walking is a great way to enjoy the game of golf at Scottsdale golf club  but when used without care, push carts can cause damage to the course.  By following these guidelines, the golf course will continue to be in great shape.

 We want all players at Scottsdale golf club to enjoy their golf at the club each and every round inclusive of their practice sessions.

Pace of play at FOUR hours or less pertains to every player, every round on private golf clubs in scottsdale.

Whether it be in casual play, matches, club championships, member-guests or whatever the competition you are competing in that day, your pace will be closely monitored on Visage.

We will continue to ask you to help us in our quest to make certain everyone follows the above mentioned rules and requests for better golf now and in the future.

Thanks for your help on all fronts and know the staff will be diligent in reminding you and your junior golfers as to the way we make golf more enjoyable for all at Scottsdale golf club.

If at any time you are uncertain of our procedures please find your golf professionals at private golf clubs in scottsdale for assistance.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Scottsdale private golf courses enhances Golf course experience

private golf clubs in scottsdale

Scottsdale private golf courses enhance the playing experiences of all.

Our Pride of Membership program at  Scottsdale golf club is all about the playing on surfaces, which based on your positive feedback, you seem to enjoy.

Starting with the greens, they are as healthy as they have been in the last four years as we don’t overseed them and are entirely Tif eagle Bermuda grass.

In years at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale when we overseeded the greens with a combination of Bent and Poa Trivialis, they were typically inconsistent at best as at the beginning of the season and they were slow, with speeds in the 8’ stimp meter reading, for many months.

They are now considerably faster at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale and far healthier than in the past and we need your help in keeping all surfaces the best they can be.

We MUST fix ball marks on all greens at  Scottsdale private golf courses as many are starting to show and will need to be repaired.  The reason for repairing ball marks right away is that a ball mark repaired right away will heal in 24 hours and not show a mark after a couple of days.  If a ball mark is not repaired and the green is mowed, as they are nearly every day, the pushed up edge of the mark will get scalped and the ball mark will show for 3 weeks. 

To fix a ball mark, simply twist the sides of the scar inward toward the center, and tap down with the flat bottom of the putter head.

We MUST rake all bunkers smoothly at Scottsdale private golf courses out of respect for the players behind your group.  We will always suggest the pull/push method to fill the footprints and smooth out the surrounding areas as you move out of the bunker and leave the rake outside of the bunker as recommended by the USGA.

Lastly, everyone is disappointed when hitting a tee shot right down the middle of the fairway, only to have to play it out of a divot which had not been repaired for play with sand and seed mix.

These comments are all about respect for the, Private golf clubs in Scottsdale and  your fellow members and the club.  Please let us know if you are unsure how to maintain the course at  Private golf clubs in Scottsdale and we will be glad to help.