Friday, January 20, 2017

Happy New Year from your Scottsdale Private Golf Courses

Our current La NiƱa condition has been keeping temperatures very comfortable so far for Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  this season. They did dip slightly in early December but warmed shortly thereafter.
October was the hottest on record in Arizona. The bermuda plants outgrew our poa triv and bentgrass overseed and that is why we continue to seed our greens. Please remember that all turf species will continue to slow their growth at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  this month, which will result in slightly quicker green speeds, as well as a bit more roll on the fairways.

We hope all Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  are looking forward to our second annual ‘Chill’ member guest event this month. Course conditions, weather depending, should be very nice. On Monday following the Chill, we will be stripping, leveling, and sodding an area of approximately 16,000 square feet on the back of the main driving range tee. This is the same process which we have employed the last two Scottsdale Golf Club seasons. Our other projects this month will include thinning desert areas adjacent to the course, removing the ubiquitous desert broom, spraying desert (DG) areas for winter annual weeds, raising (leveling) irrigation heads and drains, and overall golf course grooming.

Please enjoy your golfing, and we hope to see you on the Scottsdale Golf Club course!
We also offer these Scottsdale Golf Club reminders for more enjoyable and playable course conditions:
1) Please repair ballmarks.
2) Please use sand & seed to fill divots.
3) Please enter & exit at low areas of bunkers.
4) Please keep pushcarts off of tees, collars, and approaches.

Important January dates: 1 (New Year’s Day), 12 (Full Moon), 12-14 (The Chill)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Scottsdale Country Club Holiday Season Update

We are off and running at the  Scottsdale Country Club after a busy November, which concluded with a well-attended Thanksgiving weekend, both from a food and beverage and golf standpoint. It was great to see many members and their families enjoying the various activities throughout the week, which ended with the annual Cowboy Cookout. As we recover from Thanksgiving and continue through the Holiday Season, I can’t help to think about how thankful I am for all that I have in returning to the  Scottsdale Country Club.

The physical environment is as good as it gets. I’m surrounded by a very talented team that I truly enjoy working with each day, as well as a membership that is like no other. Just yesterday someone asked me what I like best about being back at the Scottsdale Country Club after a few years away, and the answer was easy - “I love the staff and I love the membership.” With that in mind, I do realize how fortunate I am and am looking forward to what is shaping up to be an exciting future.

Regarding our tremendous team here at DC Ranch - I would be remiss not to make note of the career achievement of Dick Hyland. As many of you know, on November 22, Dick was inducted into the Arizona Golf Hall of Fame, a feat that is very much warranted due to his dedication to growing the game of golf at the highest levels. The countless Club Professionals that he has mentored, and his commitment to providing the best golf experience possible for the members of the clubs he has led, are all appreciative of his work over the years. If you haven’t already done so, please stop by and congratulate Dick on this tremendous career achievement.

As we continue on through a busy holiday season, it is important to remember that we must be respectful of the other members, as well as adhere to Club Rules and Regulations. You can find the Scottsdale golf club dress code in our newsletter in the Rules Reminder section (Page 3). In addition, it is very important that through this busy time, we remember to make reservations when dining at the Scottsdale golf club. We are actively managing our reservations, and in order to be able to provide the best level of service possible, we will continue taking reservations on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for most of the tables in the Wine and Piano rooms next to the bar. Therefore, on busy nights, you may not be guaranteed a table without a reservation.

We ask that you plan ahead in order for our Scottsdale golf club to provide the best service. Please also know that we will need you to commit to being seated at the reserved time, as your table will only be held for fifteen minutes after the reserved time. This is all done so that we can control the flow of orders in and out of the kitchen, as no dining outlet can be successful if all orders are coming in at the same time.

Lastly, as we move through the holiday season and see increased traffic in our fitness room, please note that we do not allow group exercise classes in the fitness room. Due to the small confined space in the fitness room, Club approved personal trainers are available on an individual basis. Looking ahead, the month of December is always an important month for the Club as we initiate the process of soliciting candidates for the Board of Directors and, of course, volunteers to serve on our various committees.