Monday, March 30, 2020

Scottsdale golf club Announces 2020 Member-Guests

Scottsdale golf club currently has 68 teams registered for this year’s “Stampede” Gentleman’s Member-Guest. The field is limited to 60 teams, and wanted to give you an update about the field and which teams are currently on the waiting list. Members earn 1 “point” for every member guest event they have previously played in over the years. Scottsdale golf club Members who have earned more “points” are given priority when it comes to member-guest registration. Attached you will find the list of all registered teams and whether they are in or out as of today, along with when they registered.
“The Round Up” Gentleman’s Member-Guest at Scottsdale private golf courses, currently has 45 teams registered, with 15 positions still available to get to our field max of 60 teams. This event runs from Wednesday, April 15th through Saturday, April 18th and uses the 5-match format. We would encourage any of you who are able to play in “The Round Up” to register for that event so that we are able to accommodate as many teams as possible across both “The Stampede” and “The Round Up”. The deadline to sign up for both events is Sunday, March 1st at 5:00 PM
Scottsdale golf club Tournament Information

Championship Format: The tournament will consist of two person teams divided into flights of 6 teams per flight. Flights will be based on combined team handicap indexes. Each team will play 5 nine-hole matches within its flight to determine the flight champion. Flight champions at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale qualify to compete for the Overall Championship in a Sudden Death Shoot-Out following Thursday’s 9-hole match.
Scoring: Private golf clubs in Scottsdale Teams will receive one point for each hole won, 1/2 points for each hole tied, and zero points for each hole lost. The maximum points a team may win per match is nine. There are forty-five possible points in each flight.
Handicap: The course handicaps of all four players in each match are reduced by the course handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who then plays from scratch. The maximum allowable course handicap differential between partners is 12 strokes. In the event of a differential greater than 12, the higher handicap player will be adjusted down to achieve the 12 stroke differential.
Every player is responsible for playing with their current handicap index as of March 14th, 2020. The committee makes its best effort to obtain correct handicaps. If there is an error, it is the responsibility of the player to report it to the committee immediately.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Private golf clubs in Scottsdale help you maintain your 2020 Goals

Starting the New Year, we hopefully have some goals and objectives for our golf games at  Scottsdale private golf courses. Whatever your current handicap is, why not try and work to get it lower by 5 strokes, which should be achievable for many. That might be as simple as spending more than 40% of your practice on your short game at Scottsdale private golf courses. In the last newsletter we discussed putting, which is the most critical component of the game as you utilize your putter more than any other club. Let’s talk about what everyone wants, which is the magic wand for hitting it longer and straighter with their driver off the tee.

My first recommendation is to get fitted for a driver at  Scottsdale private golf courses that matches your physical abilities and get the proper club which helps you get the ball in the air at the correct trajectory and spin rate, and as well get the shaft flex and length that fits you. It is critical to get these two parts as dialed in as possible. On many occasions, if you do not generate a great deal of club speed, a higher club driver such as one with 10.5 or 12 degrees might work best. Any club with 8 or 9 degrees and the ball will not get in the air high enough. Please be certain that in your effort to hit it farther you don’t get caught in the trap to think that a longer club will get it done for you. In many cases the additional length of the shaft might occasionally get you a few extra yards, but it might cost you some straighter tee shots as it is more difficult to control and get your swing shape. What you should understand is that you are trying to build a repeatable swing that can easily be reproduced on the practice areas and taken to the course. You should try and swing with no tension in your hands and arms restricting proper movements as much as possible. Your goal should be to understand you are trying to swing the club through positions not to positions.

As instructors we want you to be mechanically sound not mechanically bound. You are not a robot and the more fluidity you can maintain throughout, the better off you will be while playing Scottsdale golf club.  The club is moving in a circular motion around your body based on the most correct, athletic posture you set up with each and every swing. The length of the your club will determine the path and plane of that circle. The shorter the club the more upright your plane and a longer club would give you a rounded swing plane. Generally speaking, you should determine the ball flight you are after be it a slight draw right to left for a right-handed golfer or left to right producing a left to right ball flight or fade. There are two different swing paths when hitting the fade or draw at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale.  If your swing path is more inside out it will enable a draw flight or outside in for a fade is what you need to understand. Please keep in mind the clubface position through impact is the most influential factor in where the ball initially starts and you need to be keen to the clubface position at all times during your swing.

If it relates to the clubface position at impact which will help get it to impact squarer as much as anything you do, and that is your hand placement on the handle. If your hand placement is not proper to begin with relative to a square clubface, then you will be forced to manipulate the grip end during the swing at whatever MPH you can move the club, in an effort to square the clubface at impact, and to that I say, good luck! We know that a grip alignment change might feel awkward at the start, but I can assure you it is the right thing to change in the long run. Regarding the last pre swing checkpoint to double check when you are practicing is where you are aligned, which has a great deal of bearing on your swing path, and how to check it. The late Hall of Fame teacher, Harvey Penick, says the feet alignment has relevance on your overall alignment to your intended target line, but more so your line across your thighs, hips and shoulders.. This will also give you the best chance to return the club to impact squarely more often than not and make solid contact, which is really crical. In summary, check your pre swing boxes, hand placement, as it is your only contact with the club. Aligning properly relative to your swing line enables you to establish your best path to impact. Lastly, taking the most athletic posture to POSITION you to swing the club as fast as you possibly can, thus hit is as far as possible. Keep the swing thoughts to a minimum and play like a musician, and not a mechanic at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Scottsdale golf club elects New Board Members

It is hard to believe that we are in the middle of the Winter season at  Private golf clubs in Scottsdale with the warm temperatures that we have seen recently and the coming warmer temperatures. As you can imagine this only helps increase the level of member participation in all areas of the Club. With the Waste Management Open here we are poised at yet another great month of member participation  Private golf clubs in Scottsdale. It was wonderful to see many of you at the Club’s Annual meeting last month. For those of you who couldn’t be there, I’d like to share the results of our recent election and to welcome this year’s Board of Director for Private golf clubs in Scottsdale . We have three new directors joining the board this year: George Droll, David Goldberg and Rob Maruster who have all been elected to three-year terms. In addition, Alan Sears and John Roussel were elected to an additional two years on the Board. For the coming year, your Club President will be Alan Sears who will be entering his second and final year in this position. As Alan reviewed at the annual meeting, some of our main goals for 2020 are as follows: 

• We must update our Scottsdale golf club Bylaws which have been amended several times but during the past months we have discovered we have several shortcomings with operations and serving you. 

• Update our Master Plan for Improvement of Club Facilities – this will involve surveys and small group discussions – but we need to determine what is essential for our future and timing for the same. Examples would include the need to replace and update our now 22-year old irrigation system at Scottsdale golf club; during that closure improving the course and especially bunkers; men’s locker room; office space for our Team; as well as the proper amount of storage space among others. 

• As we look at what we MUST do and what we would like to do as we look ahead, we want to develop a plan for the next 5-10 years for enhancing our Capital Reserve generation and to develop alternatives to large, periodic assessments as for Phase I and II. As I stated at the Annual Meeting, I truly believe that we are in a solid position with an experienced leadership team, a strong financial position and an engaged and supportive membership which will continue to generate a buzz in the market as we aim to achieve even higher levels in 2020 and beyond. From a rules standpoint, I want to once again remind everyone of the need to adhere to the dress code. With all of the member and guest usage of the Scottsdale private golf courses clubhouse these past few months, we have had a number of issues with people not adhering to the rules in place, namely with hats being worn into the Clubhouse in the evenings, shirts not being collared and torn/ripped jeans, none of which are allowed in the main Clubhouse. Please note that it is the responsibility of each member to communicate the dress code to their family and guests as we will be having the management team carefully monitor this moving forward. Thank you very much for your cooperation in this as it is important that all rules at the Club apply to all members. With all this being said, we look forward to a busy next few months and know that you will enjoy all that our team has planned during this time. The calendar is packed with a number of golf, tennis and social events for your enjoyment so please make it a point to be here as much as possible!