Monday, July 1, 2024

Updates to Bylaws Passed at The Country Club at DC Ranch

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Recently, we witnessed a significant milestone at our club with a remarkably high engagement in our first electronic voting on key bylaw changes. A whopping 78.2% of eligible members cast their votes, marking the most substantial turnout we've ever experienced. This enthusiastic participation underlines the strong community spirit and the shared commitment of our members to shape the future of our club.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to review the proposed changes and participated in the voting process. The switch to an electronic voting system not only streamlined the process but also proved to be cost-effective and less time-consuming, reinforcing its value as our new standard for future votes. The results are in, and each of the three proposed changes to the bylaws passed by a substantial margin.

The changes include an expansion of our social memberships, a new requirement for member approval on significant fiscal expenditures, and an update to the borrowing policy, ensuring greater member involvement in decisions that could impact the financial trajectory of the club. These amendments reflect our ongoing efforts to adapt and respond to the needs of our members, ensuring that our club remains a premier destination in North Scottsdale.

Expansion of Social Memberships: Details and Results

Our recent decision to expand the social memberships has brought new opportunities for growth, marking a significant development in the inclusivity and social vibrancy of our club. With an overwhelming 85.02% members in favor, we increased the number of authorized social memberships from 150 to 175. This expansion not only caters to the growing interest and demand among current and prospective members but also ensures that more individuals and families can enjoy the benefits and amenities of our club. By increasing the membership cap, we aim to foster a more vibrant community atmosphere, enhancing social interactions and events. This change was a direct response to the feedback from our community, reflecting our commitment to adapting and evolving to meet the needs of our members.

New Spending Approval Procedure: What Changed?

In our recent voting, a significant change was made to how large expenditures are approved within the club, a move that reflects our dedication to transparency and member involvement. With a remarkable approval rate of 97.07%, the amendment to Section 5.6 of the Bylaws now requires member approval for any new addition to the club facilities that exceed 7.5% of the budgeted gross expenses for the fiscal year.

This protocol adjustment means that before we undertake substantial financial commitments, you, as a member, will have a say in these decisions, ensuring that our resources are used strategically to benefit the entire club. We see this as a step forward in aligning our financial decisions with the preferences and interests of our members, enhancing trust and accountability between the club management and its valued members. This change not only empowers our members but also paves the way for more thoughtful, community-backed financial planning.

Borrowing Policy Update: Ensuring Member Involvement

The recent updates to our borrowing policies reflect a significant shift towards a more member-inclusive process. With an approval rate of 94.79%, members voted to amend and restate Section 5.8 of the Bylaws. This change ensures that whenever we consider borrowing for discretionary capital improvements, we must seek and receive member approval if the total borrowing exceeds 7.5% of our budgeted gross expenses for that fiscal year.

This modified bylaw serves as an assurance to our members that we are committed to responsible fiscal management and transparency. Such a high level of member involvement in these financial decisions is crucial because it impacts all aspects of our club’s operations and future development. It underscores the fact that this club is your club, a place where your voice and your vote truly influence the path we take.


As we reflect on the impactful changes brought about by the recent amendment to our bylaws, it’s clear that the heart of our country club in Scottsdale lies within its members. We have successfully navigated the adoption of these changes with a remarkable level of engagement and support from our members. This not only shapes the way we operate but also solidifies the bond among us, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and community involvement.

We are excited about the opportunities these changes present and how they will enhance the experience of all members. We look forward to continuing to serve you better, guided by the principles that these amendments help fortify. We invite you to stay actively involved, as your participation is invaluable to our success.

Visit us at The Country Club at DC Ranch, a place where your input drives our excellence. Join us in shaping a vibrant future for our club. Your club awaits your active involvement and cherished presence.