Monday, December 9, 2019

Private golf clubs in Scottsdale Enjoy the Start of the Winter Season

We have been asked by many to share our thoughts on how the opening weekend of golf went at the Private golf clubs in Scottsdale.

In summary, Private golf clubs in Scottsdale saw over 495 members enjoying the club for a round of golf with fellow members, and yes, practicing on newly over seeded 328 Bermuda turf on the tee.

We realize it might have seemed like the practice park was being renovated for a long time, but we believe it was worth the wait at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale.  We plan on opening the putting green and short game areas in time for the Rodeo, our member -member tournament this Winter, provided the weather continues to cooperate.

The Private golf clubs in Scottsdale over seeding went well with no major damage from the one and only monsoon we had this summer.

The greens were running at 11 and ½ on the stimpmeter on Friday. This was as fast as we opened with in many years and the result of not over seeding the greens for the third year.

Over the last few years at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale we made a concerted effort to improve the Bermuda grass on all turf areas which enabled us to over seed at a higher rate of 750 pounds per acre which is more rye grass than in many years.

As a reminder, the 2020 over seeding dates at  Scottsdale golf club are one week later than this year to take advantage of the best weather to over seed.


We have worked diligently with the Agronomy Scottsdale golf club department to do what we could to keep carts off paths as soon as possible after over seeding but we need your cooperation.

PLEASE drive in the primary non- over seeded rough the entire length of the hole except when crossing the fairway to get to the other side.

We don’t want to go back to paths so, until we get the word we can drive anywhere, we need to follow the Scottsdale golf club Agronomy request.


“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should” was the stance we took to not open the short course named the HORSESHOE over the weekend.

In short, we want to have the greens mature a little bit longer until it might be open when we host the Rodeo in a few weeks.

PRIDE OF MEMBERSHIP at Scottsdale golf club

We went out on some of the greens mid weekend and it looked as if a reminder of the clubs’ adopted course plan of Pride of membership which is, out of respect to all other golfers, fix ball marks on every green. The easiest way to fix one is to push the outside of the blemish to the center and tap it with the bottom of your putter.

Rake the bunker smoothly after your shot, first pull the sand toward your blemish and then push the sand over the area to smooth the depression, and rake your way out of the bunker.

The last of the main points is to fill the fairway divot with sand and seed from the divot bottles on the carts or from buckets on tees.

DO NOT fill divots in the rough as the bottled sand also contains seed which we don’t want in non over seeded rough.


This is a reminder to our push cart users at  Scottsdale golf club to abide by some simple rules to follow when you play.

Push carts are not to cross over or park or cross over any tees on the practice range or course.

Stay outside all green surrounds and never on collars or greens.

We need to keep them approximately 30 feet from green complexes and approaches.

These are in place so as not to create tire tracks in play areas, mostly in proximity of the greens.


As in years past we permit the Agronomy team to complete project work such as fertilizing, verticutting and topdressing greens, putting out chemical applications etc., on Monday mornings before we open the 1/10 th tee times at 11;30 until 1:20.

Please understand we have to give this team ample time to preserve the proper Scottsdale private golf courses conditions we all enjoy.

Lastly, We will do whatever possible to maintain a pace of play at 4 hour or less for the enjoyment of all player.

Let’s all do our part to make each other’s member and golf experiences a memorable one at Scottsdale golf club.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Scottsdale private golf courses Opened a Par 3 Course for the last Holidays

Scottsdale Golf Club proud to see so many members and guests with tee times over the holidays and for the opening of the Horseshoe Par 3 course. Tee times are available to members on ForeTees from 10am to 2:00pm. Though the private golf clubs in Scottsdale Golf Shop and Player Service operations closed at 2pm, there are tee times available after 2pm. Scottsdale private golf had a first-come & first-served procedure for all tee times desired after 2pm by way of a physical tee sheet held on the first hole of the Scottsdale Golf Club Horseshoe, which is located in the teaching area of the driving range (southwest corner) Scottsdale private golf courses recommend for players to take three to five clubs onto the Horseshoe instead of the entire golf bag.
Important Notices
Scottsdale Golf Club Players that expect to be on the Horseshoe after 2pm are prepared to bring their clubs home with them after their round, as the Golf Staff will be heading home to enjoy the Holiday festivities at this time.

To gain access to the Horseshoe course on ForeTees, please follow these steps:
  1. Log into ForeTees
  2. Click the following sequence: Tee Time--> Make,View, or Change Tee Times
  3. Click on November 28th from the prompted calendar
  4. From the drop down menu that defaults to “DC Ranch 18,” select “The Horseshoe 9.”
  5. Choose your desired tee time.
To make Opening Day at Scottsdale private golf courses and all Horseshoe play days as successful as possible, we wanted to share the following information with the Scottsdale Golf Club membership.
  • Walking only
  • Tee times at Scottsdale private golf courses will be in 7 minute increments
  • Groups are limited to foursomes or less
  • Twosomes will be paired together
  • The guest fee for family guests and accompanied guests on the Horseshoe is $20
  • Please take pride in the Horseshoe by filling tee box divots with the sand and seed mix provided, as well as fixing multiple ball marks on each green
  • Horseshoe scorecards will have a map of the golf course on the back for better navigation.
Again, thank you to the membership and staff for their continued support for Club improvements like the Horseshoe. They truly set DC Ranch apart from the rest.