Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Scottsdale private golf courses Agronomy Update

scottsdale golf club

I want to keep you updated first and foremost on the monsoon activity that Scottsdale private golf courses  has experienced over the last month at the club.

In summary, we have had a little over 3” of rain during the time which is a blessing and a curse.
Scottsdale private golf courses had a great deal of repair work to do as the washes were running as fast as I have seen in a long time, but this complimentary water is always welcome.  This has contributed to the Bermuda grass growing to the extent we had to increase our mowing schedule to keep it closely mown at a height that is appropriately playable on Scottsdale private golf courses.

The greens at  Scottsdale golf club are the best they have been at this time of years and will only get stronger and healthier in the next few months.  We will not be overseeding the Scottsdale golf club greens again this fall and expect they will be very good as we move through the fall and winter months.
Staying with Agronomy for a minute,

As some have seen we expanded the 1st and 17th Scottsdale golf club greens to their original specs as designed by Tom Lehman in 2002.  What appears to be a 419 Bermuda grass collar is actually the same green putting green turf, Tif Eagle, as the other greens on the Scottsdale private golf courses
They are to be played as your ball is on the putting surface and can be marked, cleaned and replaced.
Next summer we anticipate enlarging the balance of the Scottsdale golf club greens to their original design specs as this will give us more hole locations on each green.


Monsoons also have high winds which break many branches off all types of trees and in some cases uproot them or break them in half on Scottsdale private golf courses.
We lost three fully grown trees at Scottsdale golf club, one on the North practice tee, another to the left of the Blue tee on #2 and a third to the right of the Black tee on #10.
They could not be saved, but fortunately they are not what we consider “strategy trees” which affect your play of the hole. They have been removed along with other debris and hopefully we can keep up with the monsoon activity.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Scottsdale golf club ,The Country Club at DC Ranch Celebrates 20 years

Melanie Halpert, Director of Membership and Marketing at Scottsdale golf club, The Country Club at DC Ranch, will have been with Scottsdale golf club 18 years this fall.  In this role, Halpert is responsible for  engaging new members and marketing the Club locally and nationally.

In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of DC Ranch, The Scottsdale golf club will also hit its 20th milestone this October. During that time, Halpert has watched the prominent north Scottsdale private golf courses and the community grow to what it is today. In fact, it was recently recognized as the Best Golf Community 2018 by AZ Foothills magazine.

The New Orleans native moved to Arizona shortly after college and hasn’t looked back. Although she’s thousands of miles away from her hometown, Scottsdale golf club ambiance is reminiscent of the Southern hospitality she’s accustomed to.

Scottsdale private golf courses feel like home.  Making people feel welcome is just part of what I enjoying doing most. The people are what makes  The Club stand out; the members and my coworkers are my second family,” said Halpert.

Initially, she represented both Scottsdale golf club, The Country Club and Silverleaf Golf Club before two separate teams were developed. She clearly remembers working from  the trailers down the road near Desert Camp.

“We all worked out of trailers. It’s hilarious to look back on. There wasn’t a lot around but there was darkness and a lot of javelina,” laughed Halpert.

When asked why she’s chosen to stay at Scottsdale golf club, The Country Club after all these years, she emphasizes that the people are irreplaceable.

“I’ve seen a lot of the member’s children grow up here, go off into the world and come back with families of their own,” said Halpert.

She also truly enjoys what she does. Technology has played a huge role in how her career  has evolved over the years at Scottsdale private golf courses due to social media, video, and digital marketing. According to Halpert, all of the technological advancements have helped deliver on the DC Ranch promise.

The Country Club is currently undergoing a  8.5 million renovation to be completed in the spring 2019 that will include,  a new fitness center, a group exercise room, a resort-style pool, a casual indoor dining room, a poolside bar, a tween room,  an expanded kid’s playroom, an expanded ladies’ lounge and a larger clubhouse kitchen.

“I’m excited about this renovation because it will have something for everyone. It’s going to be family-friendly which helps build traditions and memories. It’s also great for the community as a whole,” said Halpert. “A successful Scottsdale private golf courses helps keep real estate values solid.”

Although approximately 70 percent of Club members are residents of DC Ranch, members no longer have to own property in the community to be a member and come from near and far.

“DMB has never strayed from their vision. The Club continues to deliver its original promise of bringing people together through exceptional hospitality. It’s still the same as it was when I started 18 years ago. Scottsdale private golf courses have a modern, forward-thinking approach and will continue to expand its facilities and offer more to its members over the next 20 years.  ,” she said.

For more information on The Country Club’s 20th anniversary events, visit ccdcranch.com.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Scottsdale private golf courses Summer Update

scottsdale golf club

We will never give in to the warm weather when it comes to golf events at; Scottsdale private golf courses to the extent that we have a few more 9-hole competitions, to encourage camaraderie if nothing else.  Scottsdale private golf courses, held our first Tacos and Tees 9-hole couples event on Tuesday afternoon July 31st. w Scottsdale private golf courses will do it again on August 28th and September 11th. The format is a select drive 2 best balls of 4. Taco Night at the Scottsdale golf club with friends will finish off the fun event.  Wednesday, August 1st we are starting our 9-hole competitions at 3:00 p.m. with varying formats. The first one being the one club challenge, followed by an alternate shot format on August 15th, Bass Ackwards (the 9 is played backwards) on August 22nd, the three club best ball on August 29th the handicap mulligan shotgun on September 5th, and finally the bisque shotgun on September 19th. These competitions are open to Scottsdale private golf courses members wishing to play, so please sign up on Foretees.

RYDER CUP qualifying and competition:

Other Scottsdale private golf courses have challenged a team from our club to compete in a best ball competition with our club on Thursday September 13th at Silverleaf and at Scottsdale golf club on
September 14th in a singles competition. Our qualifier for the 9 positions on our team will be on any of the three days, August 24, 25 or 26th. Please let the golf shop know which net round your qualifying for before you start. The remaining 3 positions for our 12 player Scottsdale golf club team will be captain’s picks, which likely will be the Men’s Regular, Senior , Match play champions for

A few weekends ago we fielded a team to include golf professional JT Hamamoto with junior golfers Jonathan Curran, Mason Quagliata and Tristan Stearns to win the full field junior golf tournament sponsored by Oakley sunglasses.  If you see any of these talented young players around the Scottsdale private golf courses club, please congratulate them for their victory against other

It will soon be time to overseed Scottsdale private golf courses.We realize we  fortunate last year having a warmer fall/winter than normal during our first year we did not overseed the greens, but we will not overseed them again this year.  We believe they are stronger, healthier and more resilient than in years past and should be very good putting surfaces once again.

The dates for overseed prep and mow down at Scottsdale golf club begin on Monday September 17th through Sunday September 23rd and we close the golf course and practice tee on Monday September 24th and the course reopens on Friday, October 19th with our traditional MEMBERS ONLY a.m. and p.m. shotgun start competitions followed by a 20-year anniversary dinner party that evening at Scottsdale golf club. Please sign up for your preferred Shotgun, as fields will be limited in the morning.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer and stay hydrated!