Thursday, August 31, 2017


Country Club Scottsdale Staff Announcements

We are pleased to announce that we have two Country Club Scottsdale staff members who have become certified as Level I Introductory Sommeliers. Recently both Carter Keenan and Drew Shelburne have accomplished one of their personal goals of taking their wine knowledge to the next level. With this accomplishment, both Carter and Drew join the ranks of Alfredo, and Country Club Scottsdale officially now has a total of three (3) Sommeliers on hand to assist our Country Club Scottsdale members with their wine selections.

Country Club Scottsdale Pastry Chef Guillermo Magana was selected as our Scottsdale Golf Club Employee of the Month for April due to the amazingly passionate effort that he put into the Easter Brunch for our members. He spent countless hours at Scottsdale Golf Club and at home, creating incredible showpieces out of chocolate and preparing a delicious and beautiful array of desserts with an intense desire to WOW our Scottsdale Golf Club members. Equally amazing was Guillermo’s patient and intense tutelage and mentorship of his assistant, who because of this was able to grow immensely, enabling her to help him make Easter so special. Easter aside, Guillermo came to us last November from The Phoenician Resort and has taken the Pastry and Bakery items served at the Scottsdale Golf Club to a whole new level. He has been innovative in creating new exciting things and at the same time got us back on track with the traditional items that our Scottsdale Golf Club members had come to love over the years. Not only is he creative, professional, hardworking, kind and funny, he is an amazing Scottsdale Golf Club team player who will do anything to aid in the success of the team in all areas, not just pastry. Before working at the Phoenician, Guillermo held positions at Gigi’s Cupcakes, Binkley’s Restaurant, and The Four Seasons Resort. He has a degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and in Pastry and Baking from The Art Institute of Phoenix.

Monday, August 28, 2017

scottsdale country club

As the Scottsdale Country Club summer season winds down, we wanted to keep you apprised of some of the Scottsdale Country Club agronomy practices which are in process, or will happen in the fall. A number of Scottsdale Country Club players in this last week have watched as the Scottsdale Country Club tee leveling project started on hole #1. This will continue for 9-10 weeks, finishing with the black/blue tee on #18. The goal is to level the Scottsdale Country Club tee surfaces as some of the edges have fallen and the amount of Scottsdale Country Club tee space has been greatly reduced. Our plan to offset this is to strip the appropriate tees, install a heavy metal support band, refill with material, level it, and re-sod and grow it back in. Each Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  tee has been evaluated for the amount of repair required. There are some worse than others, and some that require little to no maintenance. Because of this, we are evaluating each tee one at a time, and making the appropriate repairs then and there. On the right, you’ll notice several stages of the work. We will continue to have the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  open for play and will be moving tee markers around as need be. The USGA officials we are aligned with say this tee movement will not have any effect on your handicap.


If you practice your short game on the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  north chipping green, please note the great Bermuda surface on the green. It is most important to note that this surface has NOT been overseeded the past two fall periods. This is the type of surface we will experience when we do not overseed the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  greens this fall. We expect they will be excellent for 10 months from February through November and good in December and January when the coolest temperatures arrive and the Bermuda goes dormant. But rest assured, they will still be green in color as they have the last few years with the use of new colorants in the fertilizer spray tank. Lastly, we will be renovating and changing out the Bermuda grass on the south chipping green this summer. It will be sprigged with a new variety of Champion Bermuda grass named G12. This process should take 75 days from start to finish and be usable by September. All of the endeavors will give us better playing surfaces year round, and we sincerely believe you will enjoy the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  improvements.

Monday, August 14, 2017

As Scottsdale Private Golf Courses work our way through June and into the summer months, our goal to create enough events and programs which bring you to the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  with your family and friends The participation this past season in the majority of Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  tournaments continues to grow and push past prior year’s numbers, and I see no reason why this can’t continue for our summer events. The two most notable Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  events are our Men’s summer Scottsdale Golf Club  Member Guest, “The Inferno”, and the Ladies summer Member Guest, “The Scorcher”. “The Inferno” is a two day tournament held on August 18th/19th. Despite the heat - or perhaps because of it – this tournament continues to see enormous success, and has generated a significant amount of buzz around the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  as a one-of-a-kind summer invitational. “The Scorcher” is our ladies’ event held this year on August 31st. Operating in the same heat levels as “The Inferno”, the scorcher continues to gather participants willing to tough it out for a chance at summer glory! Signups and information regarding these events can be found online, or by contacting the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  shop with any questions. It is our intent to keep summer golf fun and eventful, and to support this idea we will be hosting mini-game Wednesdays, with formats that include “Center Cut”, “Putt Your Eyes Out”, “1 Club Championship” and many more! Please stay familiar with the events tab on Foretees, and keep on the lookout for notices regarding these Scottsdale Golf Club tournaments.  We also began our Scottsdale Golf Club Reciprocal Play program. This continues to provide new Scottsdale Golf Club courses for our members to enjoy, as well as showcase the wonderful Country Club at DC Ranch to members of other private courses. Members may schedule times three (3) days in advance, and are subject to the availability of that chosen course’s tee sheet. If you have any questions regarding available days, courses, or pricing, please contact the professional staff.

Finally, as we always discuss, the Scottsdale Golf Club  “Pride of Ownership” program initiated by the Scottsdale Golf Club committee is ongoing year round and we are all asked to do our part. Taking the time to rake all bunkers smoothly, repair all ball marks properly, and fill all divots completely with sand and seed will go a long way in keeping our course in prime condition and shows a great deal of respect for all players.

Friday, August 11, 2017

As we move closer to the fall, you will be seeing quite a few reminders in various club publications as well as a full version of the rules published on the website. So please stay tuned! As we continue our planning for a potential Phase II Scottsdale Golf Club Expansion, I wanted to share with you some of the news and articles about Scottsdale Private Golf Courses trends and challenges which are shared with the Board and the Master Planning Committee.
It was suggested that we also find a way to share with the membership at large . . . and a number of these articles are now posted on the Scottsdale Golf Club  website. Some interesting facts of note include the following:

Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  that have added to their non-golf sports programs have seen significant increases to initiation fees compared to those who rely on golf to drive both fees and attractiveness

Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  are taking the role of becoming a local resort to its members (i.e. a “one stop shop”) rather than the traditional golf club model

• Targets need for fitness center stare footage is 3500-6000 square feet

• Expected annual fitness center visits nearing 40,000 (current number is 20,000)

Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  should offer specialized services as a part of their wellness efforts due to the age of the Scottsdale Golf Club demographic (i.e. services that work to heal injuries, services to get members back on the course/courts quicker, build junior athletes, lunch and learn education, etc.)

• Technology should be implemented at the Scottsdale Golf Club into the fitness experience to track progress over time as well as to set various competitions among members.

As we go through the summer months, the management team is busy planning for the Scottsdale Golf Club winter and spring seasons with many of your favorite events as well as a number of new ones. This Scottsdale Golf Club social calendar will be made available to the membership at the beginning of September so that you can properly plan to be at the Club. If you should have any questions regarding this information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at your convenience. We look forward to a continued busy summer as the temperatures continue to rise and we enter into monsoon season.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Despite the high temperatures here Scottsdale Country Club, we have continued to see a good bit of activity during the past month which has most definitely contributed to the excitement of our “The Fun Never Ends” campaign.  Traffic on the Scottsdale Country Club,  golf course has maintained throughout the past month and the  Scottsdale Country Club, Clubhouse has also seen much more traffic than in years past, as we are open for lunch and Dinner Tuesday through Sunday . This is evidenced by the record sales that we have seen at the Scottsdale Country Club, over the past few months. As you can see, there is a great deal going on here in the summer. So make sure to come enjoy the Scottsdale Country Club, with your friends and family and don’t miss out on all the Fun! While many of you are away for the summer, the Scottsdale Country Club Committees, as well as the Board of Directors, are busy planning for another successful 2018. The Scottsdale Golf Club  Finance Committee and Board have approved the FY2018 operating budget and are now working on completing the capital budget for next year. The other Scottsdale Golf Club Committees have also completed their biennial review of the Club Rules and Regulations and have made some significant changes to them. As many of you know, the Club has found itself challenged this past year with some issues relative to Member conduct. As one would expect, some of the ‘conduct unbecoming of a Member’ was certainly more grievous than others but we do take all of the infractions seriously. It is with this in mind that we will be more closely enforcing these updated rules which each and every member and their guests as expected to adhere to. While management is responsible for enforcing rules, it most definitely helps when members hold each other accountable to these standards. To further this, the Rules & Regulations of the Club are clear in that to facilitate the proper management of the Scottsdale Golf Club , and all complaints, criticisms or suggestions of any kind relating to any aspect of the Scottsdale Golf Club must be in writing, signed and addressed to Scottsdale Golf Club Management.