Monday, August 19, 2019

Private golf clubs in Scottsdale Summer Project Updates

Scottsdale Golf Club is firmly in the middle of summer with the hot temps waiting on the humidity to rise for monsoon season. Thank you to all for your patience around the Scottsdale Golf Club the past few weeks as we begin to put the final touches on the phase II master plan enhancements at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale The strain of repaving the Scottsdale Golf Club parking lot was quite a hassle for many of us around the Club this past month, however, it was a necessity given the issues with the parking lot cracks being very present. The original lot lasted over 20 years and other than seal coating the lot a few times, it had gone virtually untouched since the was built.

While there is never a good time to do these types of projects, it made the most sense to have it done following the Scottsdale Golf Club fitness center and pool refresh. In the coming weeks you can look forward to the complete on of the renovation of the ladies’ lounge, which is expected to be done by the first week of August. We had a bit of delay in the timing as we decided to replace the HVAC units and duct-work in the space which wasn’t originally expected, however, we determined this was a good time to replace the split units as the ceiling and walls in the area were opened up. Once that part of the project is complete, we will move to the final refresh of the Boardroom in the main Clubhouse, which hasn’t seen a face lift in a number of years. Other than having the room out of use for a few weeks, there should be very little impact to daily service at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale.

We will have the new ladies card room available for play during that time and for meeting needs we will have the new Boardroom upstairs available. In other Club news, we want to make sure that as many members as possible complete the recently distributed Private golf clubs in Scottsdale Member Satisfaction Survey, which is key to the Club in its future Strategic Planning efforts. You should have received that email via email from our partner in this project, Global Golf Advisors. If for some reason you did not receive and electronic link to the survey, please contact Cheri Farias and she will be able to help you with the proper link. This survey process is key to us understanding areas of opportunity and give the Club a strong direction for future needs. Once the survey is completed and the results tabulated, the Private golf clubs in Scottsdale Board with then work with management to update its strategic initiatives. You can expect to see those shared with the Scottsdale Golf Club membership in the Fall. Thank you in advance to all members who participate in this very important process as this helps the Board and Management align in creating the best experience possible. In addition to updating the strategic plan, the Management team is currently working on the operating budgets for FY2020 and we expect to have this reviewed and approved during the July and August time-frame.

As we come to the conclusion of the phase II enhancements, the Scottsdale Golf Club is also once again updating its Capital Asset Plan with Club Bench-marking which provides the Club an important 20-year timeline for the replacement of our many assets at the Club. This is key to our future planning for future capital needs so that we have the funds necessary to keep the standards of the Club in place. As Scottsdale private golf courses continue to grow and evolve we need to keep an eye on this as while we are a member owned Club, we are also a roughly $13.5 million business annually that sees many of the ever increasing costs to operate that many of you see in your own businesses. As we prepare for the Private golf clubs in Scottsdale Fall Season, we are in full planning mode on the annual calendar which will have many of your favorite events back in the fold along with many new fun options. Please keep in mind that we will have our opening weekend following overseed on October 18th with Golf and a party, followed by a weekend of events. Among other things, you will see the new Golf Practice park opening along with the unveiling of our new short course “The Horseshoe.”

Stay tuned for more details on all of the festivities but make sure to have opening weekend on your calendars! Thanks to everyone for their continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the Ranch soon. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Making Golf all about Fun and Fast at Scottsdale Golf Club

There is no denying it that Golf will always remain at the forefront at Scottsdale Golf Club. In October, Scottsdale Golf Club will debut a nine-hole, short course. In continuing with Scottsdale Golf Club’s brand, the short course is named, The Horseshoe.  Private golf clubs in Scottsdale will feature nine holes ranging from 54 to 105 yards, this course will be perfect for a relaxing, fun, quick round of golf. Great for beginner golfers, wine and dines, family golf, lessons, Juniors, and quick rounds; this course at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale will be an excellent fit for the Membership at The Country Club at DC Ranch. Making golf more approachable is key.  

Members at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale are busier than ever and want an opportunity to play even if they do not have 4 hours to commit.  This is a perfect fit.  Those golfers new to Private golf clubs in Scottsdale, may be intimidated to play a traditional course.  The short course will allow for a fun opportunity to learn and enjoy the game. The Horseshoe will feature the same tif eagle Bermuda grass putting surface greens like we have on Private golf clubs in Scottsdale. Fronting these 9 greens, we will be adding sand bunkers for a similar look that members would experience on a traditional Scottsdale private golf courses. See you on the Horseshoe!