Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Scottsdale Tennis in 2023

The weather has been fantastic and the Scottsdale tennis courts have been busy with both tennis and pickleball activities. As we head into the new year and our busy months of February through April we will continue to add to the Scottsdale tennis program with fun and exciting drills, socials, and events. Make sure to sign up for any of our tennis and/or pickleball live ball drills on the Scottsdale golf course APP. They are a fun way to learn, get exercise and play with other members. This is also the time of year to get signed up for private tennis and pickleball lessons with our staff. With the great weather we have in the spring, there are more times available in the late morning and early afternoon. Our Scottsdale golf course staff members are busy teaching Monday through Saturday with a much-needed day off on Sunday. If you would like a private lesson on Sunday, please reach out to me and see what the availability is for that particular week. Lastly, I want to recognize both Alex Guerrero and Fidan Ibrahimova who are in the process of completing certification in their respective areas. Alex recently took the USRSA certification test to become a certified stringer and racket repairer. The certification also has a customer service component to it. He is waiting patiently for the results which will no doubt come back positive. Alex has been a tremendous asset to our program and is eager to make sure your tennis racket is strung properly and ready for you to play your best. Fidan is working towards her USPTA certification which is about a year-long process. She is currently in phase two of a three-part certification process and hopes to have everything completed this spring. Make sure to celebrate them when you are at the tennis shop next. Once again, have a great holiday season. Please let our staff know if you have any needs through the next two months. You can contact Ryan Shomo if you would like your Scottsdale golf course junior player to get involved and start in tennis. See you on the courts!

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Scottsdale golf course uses Fitness Professionals to keep members in shape to play

I first want to congratulate you on this new season. It was surely a hot summer and now we are approaching some of the best weather in the country. I feel that each day brings a new opportunity to not only enjoy life, but also to get healthier, stronger, and happier! One of the most common injuries I have seen in clinical practice over the years has been back pain and it affects many. The goal of this newsletter is to discuss how to improve the functional strength and mobility of the back.

There are many root causes of back injuries but the common denominator is pain! Often so severe it can weigh heavy on both the mind and body! So, how do we rid the body of unwanted pain and tension? How do we improve our recovery and restoration? How can we forge and strengthen the back so you can exercise and navigate at the Scottsdale golf course the world with ease? Many back injuries occur by simply bending and twisting to pick up their kids or grandkids, tying the shoes, and then all of a sudden, the back slips out and the legs crumble. Such simple movements become the pebble in the shoe which can remain persistently painful. Our task as your Fitness and Wellness staff is to help resolve this! Whether you have pain or not, we want to help coach you with your fitness goals! We want to help you be healthy and fit for life so you can play golf at the Scottsdale golf course. Stop in today or email us to get started!


The best prevention for back injuries and pain is daily movement, proper posture, and proper breathing. But what if there is an injury already present and the pain has been there for years? Well, we have to rehab this area.

The problem with the injury rehabilitation process, especially for the back, is that moving hurts! And so then the training process becomes unbearable. We often guard painful areas so much in order to not move them, but we must realize that inactivity weakens the area as well. So, this pickle between having to move the body to rehab the area and protecting the back so we don’t injure it more creates this uncertainty of what to do and where to start, but I always say we must start presently! You have to take inventory of your health! Come get an assessment at the Scottsdale private golf course with one of our professional trainers so we can help design a plan of action.

The Assessment Process

The assessment process takes you through a series of gentle movements to determine the area of concern.

There are many levels to the tissues of the back and we have to determine where the problem is! Is it a muscle tightness problem? Then you need more flexibility training. Is it nerve? Maybe your alignment is off. Is it a nutritional deficiency? Sometimes it is all of these. From the movement and health assessment, we can then design a training program tailored to meet your needs.

“How long is this going to take?” is always the first question. The best answer I have is that it takes 4-6 weeks to adapt to a single training cycle. This means consistent and disciplined work 2-3x per week for 30-45 minutes, for at least a month is what is often what it takes to at least get stable results. It will also take some time to teach you the movements required in the program and step by step we build a foundation of strength in the core, hips, and back which can get you the pain relief you need to get through the day without taking NSAIDs, muscle relaxers, pain meds, etc. We are not looking for quick fixes, we want your pain resolved for good and we have designed a program for just that!

Warming Up on The Power Plate

This is a phenomenal tool that helps to loosen connective tissues, improve blood circulation, and excite the nervous system. These alone can bring pain relief. Before your workout at Scottsdale private golf course, stand on the power plate at level 2 or 3 for 3-5 minutes while doing some gentle overhead reaches, half squats, toe touches, and alternating step-ups. These movements will begin to loosen and prepare the tissues. This device was originally used by NASA as a tool to help with muscle atrophy and osteoporosis which occurs from being in zero-gravity environments. Use these movements to activate and strengthen the legs and to warm the tissues before you go play golf before you work out, play tennis, etc. No matter what, however, make sure you warm and limber yourself up first before you play at Scottsdale private golf course.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Another exciting year of Fun, Family, and Friendliness at Scottsdale golf club

First and foremost, on behalf of the Agronomy Department I would like to welcome back our membership for another exciting year of Fun, Family, and Friendliness. I have received many positive comments regarding the great playing conditions of Scottsdale golf club. “The rough is fantastic, it definitely makes the course much more difficult” to “The pin locations have been really good and different since opening day.” Along with the higher cut of rough this year the fairways were shaped much different than in past years to create more angles on each hole. These are a few of the changes you will see around the Scottsdale golf club this season.

Another positive for the Scottsdale golf course is we have recently hired three new staff members to complete our new desert landscape team. This is something that I have been trying to put together for a few years, so to say that I am very excited to have a dedicated team to maintain the surrounding desert areas on the golf course is an understatement.

On to my next topic…FROST. November has brought some unseasonable cooler weather this year. We have had a few cool mornings with some frost already. This was not what I was hoping for this early in the season. Frost can be very damaging to the turf grass and we want to make sure we are taking all the precautions to preserve the density and consistency of the golf course playing conditions, and minimize any risk of turf damage. We ask for your patience during these times.

Lastly, here is a friendly reminder to everyone of “The Pride of Ownership Program” here at Scottsdale golf course.

Please repair all ball marks.

Please enter/exit bunkers in the lowest area possible.

Please fill all divots with the sand/seed mix provided by the staff.

Please drive carts on fairways.

Please keep push carts in designated areas on the Scottsdale golf course.

Please rake bunker after each shot.

Thank you all for your help with using these simple golf course etiquette practices!