Monday, May 31, 2021

Scottsdale golf club Summer Updates


It is hard to believe that we are already into the Summer and  what was a tremendous winter season, despite all of the hurdles that we had at the best golf course in Scottsdale

We appreciate your patience and adherence to the changing policies over the past year and it is our hope that we can continue to keep easing into normal services and operations moving forward.  We hope you are enjoying the fantastic Spring weather and current events at The Club as we begin to see some of our seasonal members begin to leave and I can promise you May will be a month of bustling activity.  With all of the continued activity, there is a great deal of excitement around here and we aim to keep that momentum into the summer season.  Despite the increasing temperatures at Scottsdale golf club we expect to see many of you throughout the summer using the Club facilities. As many of you know, we will be starting the Men’s Locker Room project on June 1st and we will need to have all lockers cleared out by the last week of May 1, 2021.  This exciting project will bring up to date the last remaining piece of original construction in the main Clubhouse and it is expected to be completed as we open the golf course from overseeding in October.  For those that will be heading out of the desert for the summer, we will be sure to keep you updated as to the progress of construction in the coming months via email.

As we come to the beginning of our summer season at the best golf course in Scottsdale you will see continued full hours of operation at the Club as we aim to keep those who will remain in the Scottsdale area dialed in here at the Club. You will be hearing more about these exciting events during the coming weeks, but please know today that we are maintaining our hours of operation throughout May with the exception of closing on Mondays in order for the Maintenance team to work on the course after a busy winter of play. The continuance of our full operations is poised to provide a tremendous amount of fun, family and friendliness so please make sure to see the coming communications from Cheri Farias.  

With all of the increased demand for Club membership and taking a further look at the competition in North Scottsdale, The Board of Directors voted to make a few changes to the current initiation fees to bring them more in line with the offerings present here at The Country Club at DC Ranch, the best golf course in Scottsdale

  1. The Sports Social Initiation fee will change from $30,000 to $40,000. 
  2. Members selling their Golf Membership and moving into a Sports Social Membership will continue to pay $30,000. 
  3. Members selling their Golf Membership and moving into a Clubhouse Category will pay an initiation fee of $10,000, which is ½ of the current initiation fee. 
Members will be charged the current rate of Membership when they activate.  If you are currently on the waitlist and wish for your name to be removed, we would appreciate you letting Melanie Halpert know by emailing her at  We currently have a long list of applicants interested in becoming members and want to make it fair for everyone. 

For my monthly reminder regarding Scottsdale golf courses club rules, I wanted to touch on a subject that has come up a few times in the past two months with regards to the member roster which includes your emails and other contact information.  Please note that Members and their personal/contact information are private and for the use of the Club and their fellow members for limited purposes. 

Members shall not use the roster or any list of members of the Club for solicitation or commercial purposes or share the roster with any non-member in any form or fashion.  I know that we have a number of email groups throughout the Club, but I want to make sure that everyone knows these lists cannot be used for business or solicitation purposes.  If you should have any questions regarding this or any of the other  Scottsdale golf club rules, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Director of Golf, Dick Hyland gives Scottsdale golf courses Feedback

Before I talk  about the best golf course in Scottsdale, I once again want to offer to visit with anyone who has any constructive ideas, questions, comments or concerns. You are encouraged to come visit with me, call or email me. I have mentioned many times, there is no place for unfounded rumors at the Scottsdale golf club and it can be very destructive. 

I am anxious to hear from you. I can look in the mirror and know there are no hidden agendas from this professional staff, only the goal of meeting the wants and needs of as many golfers as possible with the hope they enjoy their round at Scottsdale golf courses


Among the many things I have learned over time at the  best golf course in Scottsdale about the golf swing is there are no two of them that are absolutely identical.

There are many models that have been constructed based on sound principles, but there is no perfect swing.

There are a variety of different ways to swing but tried and true ones create a swing shape that is circular in nature and returns the club head to and through the impact area squarely so the ball can be hit toward your intended target.

There is no one swing that fits all as the physical makeup of most golfers is different and as well their athletic ability.

The only absolute you can make about golf swings is they are all at best similar, but not identical.

When I was learning there were some seemingly absolutes which to this day still hold true for everyone which are:

The placement of the hands on the grip of the club must be as critical as anything you do as it is all relative to the clubface being square through impact.

Too strong a grip promotes hooks and too weak encourages slices.

Add the path your club travels relative to your target line as another critical component to quality ball striking.

Your body alignment at the  Scottsdale golf courses should start with a line across your shoulders, hips, knees and feet should be parallel with your swing line.

These are good starting points which should last a lifetime.

What we would like to avoid is sacrificing correctness for comfort.

You don’t want to have to maneuver and force yourself to manipulate the clubface through the impact area with the club travelling as fast as it can possibly move.

Keep your swing thoughts to a minimum, eliminate the use of words and sayings as “swing hard to get more power” using “force and effort”

“I need to drive my legs” and” twist my hips” ‘I should keep my head down” and “lead arm straight”

These are misleading terms which would be disagreed with by most instructors.

Don’t lose sight of the matter at hand which simply stated it is we are trying to SWING the club around our body as I said in a circular motion based on our stature and athletic ability.

People then ask if they should slow their swing down and I say an incorrect fast swing shape slowed down is an incorrect slow swing.

We need all the pre swing fundamentals in place so we can SWING the club as fast through the impact area as possible and make solid contact as we stay in balance, simple enough????

For those leaving for cooler climates for the next few months, have fun hit it solid and straight and above all, stay safe!!! We will miss you here at the best golf course in Scottsdale.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Scottsdale golf club summarizes amazing season


It is that time of the month when I once again get to share some of my thoughts about the best golf course in Scottsdale and the game.

Some like the spoken word through videos, and others prefer the good old days of the written way. Personally, I like both but have no idea which gets to the most of you, so here we go with a few updates.

We will be hosting the local qualifier for the men’s US Open Championship at best golf course in Scottsdale this summer. We can always us more volunteers and if you would like to help out.

The golf shop will be closed on Mondays as well. The Scottsdale golf club shop hours of operation will also move to its regular summer schedule.

Our outside service team will take care of your needs in the later afternoon.

The Scottsdale golf club men's grill /locker room will get a face lift this summer and to do so, we ask that all men have their lockers cleaned out.

There are renderings of what it will look like after the improvements, on the board as you walk into the Scottsdale golf club men’s locker room for your review.

The locker room and grill will not be available until after overseeding in the fall. We recommend you utilize the locker room by the pool area during this time.

The Horseshoe will keep the same schedule as now with it being open on Tuesday and Sunday afternoons at 3pm for families and friends to walk the 9 holes. 

As you well know the course has been less active these past few weeks and which gives us an opportunity to hold some events once again at best golf course in Scottsdale


We will have our first 9 hole Nine and Dine couples this summer starting on Sundays. 

The format is one best ball of 4 on the par threes and two best balls of four on the par fours and fives.

The competition fee is $20.00 per player.

Pricing and additional details will be available on Foretees so please sign up quickly as teams are limited.

If you are hoping to play an 18-hole round, all times will be available until 1 pm that Sunday.


Please hear this all Junior Golfers, we will resume our Junior Golf Camps from June 1-30, filled with instruction , on course competitions and education regarding current rules of play ,course etiquette and Pride of Membership course repair.

Please contact Head Golf Professional JT Hamamoto for additional information as there could be a limit as to the ratio of instructors to students.

He can be reached


Our summer aerification at Scottsdale golf courses will keep the course and practice areas closed from July 6th through the 15th ,to reopen on Friday the 16th. This will give the greens almost 10 days to fill in and heal before reopening, which should make them very good putting surfaces.

This schedule also gets all the course work done when most families are taking final vacations for the summer.


Our men’s summer MEMBER GUEST named the INFERNO is scheduled to be held on Friday August 27th and Saturday August 28th,2021

The field will be limited to the first 60 teams to sign up to compete in this fun four format tournament.

We will have details available on Foretees as of June 1st,2021.


Please save the dates for Aerification Fall 2021.

The course and practice areas will close on Monday September 27th through Thursday October 21st and will have opening day Friday October 22nd, 2021.


A subcommittee of the Golf Committee is being formed to do an evaluation of possibilities to see if there are better alternatives to make starting times than the way we currently make them.

We certainly experienced some challenges in these past months making times 7 days in advance at 7am and we have been asked to do some exploring of options.

We will keep you informed if the programming for change is being considered and when.