Sunday, May 31, 2020

Scottsdale Golf Club Member Update

As we continue to navigate through these challenging times, each day brings new encounters. 

Because the Corona virus situation is so fluid, Scottsdale Golf Club meets regularly to analyze the current situation and study potential scenarios as we move forward.  It is hard to imagine that we are already over a month into our modified operation as a private golf clubs in Scottsdale.  It seems that on a daily basis our great team continues to reinvent themselves with the many needed offerings and services for the membership which has been tremendous to see. Who knew how to make hand sanitizer with grain alcohol, how paella is cooked, or the details of converting from rye to Bermuda grass and so much more? Who knew we could provide curbside service at such a level – with lots of smiles – and that we could even save you a trip to the gas pump – or that golf carts could be sanitized several times a day??

The support of the membership with these services has been tremendous which speaks to the resiliency of our Club community.  We can assure you that we will continue offering these services through the closure of our clubhouses and we fully expect that many of these additions will become a part of our long term future as a Club.  As many of you have read, with the three-phase “Open up America Again” plan issued from the White House Task Force we fully expect, if and when, the time is right to open up more of our operation, we will do this in stages as we can become more functional.  We can assure you that we will communicate to you our developing plans as relevant, when the time is right to do so, in order for you to fully understand what to expect.

It will be very important that as we further open Scottsdale Golf Club in the coming weeks that everyone understands the importance of conforming to the guidelines as set forth by the governing authorities and the Club as we cannot put our membership and staff at unnecessary safety risks.   

It is important to remember that the strong financial performance at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses and assembling such a fabulous Team of employees of the Club over the last several years was hard-earned and has put us in a position to weather this crisis.  We want to maintain the responsible and effective stewardship of the Club and will always act with prudence as it relates to Club finances and care for our Team.

Speaking of our team, much gratitude and many thanks should be extended to the over 140 of our generous members who have contributed to the Employee Assistance Fund thus far, which has generated almost $100k which is significantly helping to offset our continued payment and retention of the staff.  We can assure you that your generosity is noted and that every employee joins in profusely thanking you for your ongoing support.  Our goal is to be able to continue to support our tremendous team through this tough time and thankfully, because of you, prudent planning, and lots of hard, hard work we remain on track to do just that.

As you know we have put a number of rules and regulations throughout the private golf clubs in Scottsdale and we need to continue adhering to these on a daily basis to ensure we are able to continue to provide an outlet for our members to navigate through these times.  We know it gets wearisome to maintain “social distances” and how much we miss hugging and shaking hands but must continue to persevere. It is important that each of you continue to support us on that front until the time comes that we can further welcome you back to your home away from home.

We hope you and your family are staying safe and doing well.  Your support and understanding of Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  is greatly appreciated during these difficult times.  We remain committed to making decisions that put the health and safety of members and employees first, as well as protecting the Club’s tremendous assets. We know the best days for The Country Club at DC Ranch are before us.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale Adapt to New Rules with Covid-19

private golf clubs in scottsdale

Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale are of the belief that Governor Ducey will be giving us a message within the next week regarding his plans for the future of in our case, Scottsdale Private Golf Courses

The social distancing parameters are still in place at  Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale and we are not changing any of the rules that we have set forth thus far.  We are still expected to remain a minimum of 6 feet apart at all times.  This includes carts being parked and range stalls being set.  We realize that the double tee start might make this difficult but please know this is just a test of our operation and how we can improve for the enjoyment of the membership at Scottsdale golf club.

This has many goals to achieve.
1 - The weather is headed toward the balmy 100 degrees and it gives us the best chance for more 18 hole rounds to be completed before it gets too hot.
2 - Most of our  Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale players especially in the summer months (which we deem as May through September), prefer to play in the morning and a double tee start allows us to offer this more so than a straight tee.
3 - The majority of our 18 hole play at  Scottsdale Private Golf Courses   will be finished by 6PM, which AT THIS POINT IN TIME is when we require the carts to return to the clubhouse.
4 - When the time comes, NOT YET, when some of our group play will resume, players will get back to the clubhouse sooner by way of a double tee start than a straight tee start, in some cases by up to an hour.
5 - Those choosing to play only 9 holes or less will have more times as we can start play off #1 AND #10, thus more players.
We ask that you understand that if we don’t experiment it on an active day, we will never know the correct decision to make as we move forward the rest of the summer, especially with the goal of getting more members out to play.
Lastly, we have no idea as yet when guest play will be permitted, as YOU; our member is our first priority.
We will keep you informed as best and fast as we can as to the path we will take and in advance, thanks for your cooperation and understanding in these ever changing and demanding times.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Country Club at DC Ranch’s creativity and innovation has been the key to its success during Covid-19

Innovation keeps the Members and Employees engaged at The Country Club at DC during COVID-19

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (May 2020) Just as the city of Scottsdale anticipated its busiest month of the
year, the Country was hit with the sad news of Covid-19 and the closings of business. Without hesitation the employees at The Country Club at DC Ranch came together to create a full calendar of social distancing events to keep the members engaged and active.

Arizona’s Governor, Doug Ducey, declared the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy and Stay Connected” platform. Scottsdale private golf courses were approved as an essential business, so the course was allowed to stay open. The Club followed every social distancing rule and protocol to keep the members safe and healthy. As Dick Hyland, The Club’s Director of Golf stated “We don’t get mulligans in life so no rules can be broken, no matter who it might be.” With members at home with nothing to do, the tee sheet was and continues to be full every day. The Club has been grateful to have the opportunity to keep the members engaged during the challenging time. In fact, we predict golf will become even more popular than before, as people who had not played prior started doing so during social distancing as a way to be healthy and stay active.

While the golf course continued to stay busy, the kitchen and food and beverage department organized to-go parties, online cooking classes, coffee pick-up in valet, grocery service, homemade hand sanitizer, and holiday take home parties. The highlight for the members was the Quaratin-O, curbside, pick-up, parade party. Employees set up several stations where members would stay in their car and go through a drive-through party and pick up drinks, desserts, and food, all while live music played in the background. It was a true spectacle in making memories for the members Youth programming was essential with all the little ones at home. The youth department jumped on the opportunity to be creative and help the parents. Cooking contests, zoom craft parties, virtual workouts for kids, and pick-up art projects were perfect ways to keep the kids busy.

The Fitness and Wellness department started zoom classes, online seminars, and do it yourself home spa tutorials, while the social activities continued with online Happy Hours, book clubs, flower arranging classes, and online art lessons. The Country Club at DC Ranch was determined to keep its members informed through ongoing communication which included text messaging, videos, social media, and the Club’s very popular APP.

With the social distancing guidelines slowly loosening, The Club is now working on safely opening the other departments of The Club. The Scottsdale golf club prides itself on keeping and paying all of its employees during this time. The Country Clubs of the world have truly become the safe haven at this time and will continue to be. Because Clubs are typically small communities, we have the ability to keep people safe in small groups while keeping everyone informed.  Genuine, welcoming and warm in spirit, The Country Club at DC Ranch celebrates families and friends coming together to enjoy the best of times in a truly distinctive setting – including private golf clubs in Scottsdale on DC Ranch’s classic course layout, redesigned by Tom Lehman and John Fought. It is one of the most classically designed courses in the Valley – resulting in a golf experience that is aesthetically more interesting and strategically more challenging.

Poised prominently on a knoll near the McDowell Mountains, The Country Club at DC Ranch’s stunning 45,000 square-foot Ranch Hacienda Clubhouse combines the most charming aspects of historic Arizona architecture with those of great Western resorts of the 1920’s and 30’s. 480-342-7246

Friday, May 15, 2020

Scottsdale Golf Club Tennis procedures during Stay at Home

private golf clubs in scottsdale

As we continue to provide a safe,  fun and welcoming environment at the Scottsdale Golf Club  tennis facility, I want to take a minute to remind everyone of the tennis and pickle-ball guidelines that were set forth and will continue through at least May 31. The guidelines will now include the resumption of lessons and clinics this weekend with Cardio Tennis on Saturday and then private lessons and clinics on Sunday.

The Scottsdale Golf Club tennis department takes the health and safety of all our members and staff seriously and we are taking every precaution to provide a clean environment at the tennis facility so that you can take advantage of the services we are still providing.

Through the end of the month we will continue the following adjustments to the tennis/pickle-ball program and facility:
  • Tennis lessons, clinics and drills will continue but are limited to a maximum of 10 members and two (2) pros to comply with the guidelines limiting groups to 10 or less or break groups up into small groups of four or less depending on numbers.
  • All organized tennis and pickle-ball play, socials, events have been cancelled through May 31. 
  • The May Tennis Camp has been canceled and new exciting drills have taken its place on the schedule.
  • No guest play is allowed with the exception of immediate family members (sons and daughters).
  • Scottsdale Golf Club Members and staff are asked to follow the national guidelines of social distancing of six feet or more and no handshakes, high fives, etc. If you feel sick at all, please stay home. Wash hands before and after tennis.
  • The tennis shop will be officially open every day through May from 7 a.m. to noon.
  • We have suspended all food and beverage at the tennis shop with the exception of water bottles in the refrigerator between courts 2 and 5. Members are encouraged to bring their own water from home if possible. For now the water/ice machine has been shut down.
  • Towels are no longer available so members must bring their own towels.
  • Tuesday Night Pickle-ball has been taken off the event sheet. Members may play pickle-ball but groups must be limited to 10 or less. Please book either court 3 or 4 on the court sheet and specify that you are playing pickle-ball.
  • Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale Members can book courts on their own on Fore-tees but there is a max of two courts per group of players (8 players total).
  • The community pickle-ball paddles and balls are no longer available but we do have paddles and balls for sale in the tennis shop. 
  • We will be sanitizing equipment regularly throughout the day including ball carts, mowers, hoppers and everything in the tennis shop.
  • Junior clinics and lessons will continue going forward but will also have limited participation.
  • Participation in any of our drills or clinics is voluntary and anyone who is not comfortable to come is supported 100% by the staff and other members.
  • The tennis shop doors will be closed during business hours but we will allow two members max to enter the tennis shop at one time.
  • We have many new clothing items and would encourage members to stop in one or two at a time.
  • Only the tennis staff at Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale  will be allowed to touch the tennis balls in the teaching carts before, during and after lessons. 
  • Tennis ball cans are for sale to members in the tennis shop but members will not be allowed to borrow tennis balls from the teaching baskets. The tennis shop can order Red, Orange and Green Dot balls for your home if requested.
  • We ask that members do not congregate together before and after playing.
  • Please sign up in advance on Fore-tees for court time and clinics as space is limited.
  • No shows or last minute cancellations for clinics will be billed for the full amount.
  • If you cannot make a booked court time reservation, please cancel the reservation or let the tennis shop know so that others can reserve the time.

Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions. This is an unprecedented time and we are doing our best to provide the safest environment for our Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale members so that you can still enjoy your club if you so choose.
Scottsdale private golf courses and small group lessons will resume on Sunday, May 3rd. Lessons should be booked directly with each staff member.

Cardio Tennis will resume at its new time on Saturday, May 2nd from 9:00-10:30 a.m.
Space is limited in all of our clinics so please sign up in advance. Because of limited space, there will be a 100% charge for no shows or last minute cancellations (within four hours).
Junior Clinics will resume at its new time. You can contact Ryan Shomo if you have questions at