Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Did you know everything we offered at Golf course in Scottsdale?

The best golf course in Scottsdale offer grab and go snacks at the turn window. Some of the current selections include cherry almond protein bites, chicken and tuna salad, hot dogs, hard boiled eggs, chopped chicken breast, along with a rotating assortment of salads and wraps. Next time you find yourself hungry on Scottsdale golf courses stop by the window and see everything we have available! 

best golf course in Scottsdale

The Ranch House at  the best golf course in Scottsdale is offering a grouper fish and chips special on Wednesday nights that includes steak fries, Mexican coleslaw, and lime aioli. Stop in for dinner or take it to-go by ordering on the DC Ranch app. 

Golf course in Scottsdale

Valet parking is now available at Golf course in Scottsdale. Our team is working hard to keep you safe and bring amenities back on line. Our valet team will be changing their gloves every time they get into a new car and will roll down the windows as they bring your car back to you. Don’t forget you can request your car from the DC Ranch app! 

Scottsdale golf club
Be on the look-out for some upcoming “pop-up events” at the Golf course in Scottsdale that will include grab and go breakfast, shake Saturday, and more. These events will take place in the Scottsdale Golf Club pool parking area or the valet circle. 

The best golf course in Scottsdale offers fresh pressed juices and protein shakes. We have three signature smoothies which include strawberry almond, greens, and peanut butter chocolate and banana or you can create your own! All of our smoothies use BiPro Protein powder or if you prefer, we also offer a vegan option. Order on the app or by calling 480.342.7277. 

The fitness center offers a variety of grab and go offerings including Wild Tonic Kombucha, Protein shakes, energy drinks, coconut water, DC Ranch made protein bites and more. Stop by and see the great selection! 

Scottsdale golf courses

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