Monday, April 27, 2020

COVID Golf Rules at Scottsdale Golf Club

Another beautiful weekend at Scottsdale Golf Club of terrific weather for golf and did we ever have members and their families taking advantage of the sunny, blue skies and temperatures in the 80’s.

We are pleased to tell you that that was due to the respect you had for your fellow members by following the STAY AT HOME directive by the Governor

We can’t let our guard down.

Since we have no guest play at Scottsdale Golf Club, everyone we are speaking about is a member so there are no excuses for everyone doing the right thing at all times!  Private golf clubs in Scottsdale believes we know the only way the club will continue to stay open with carts permitted, is to follow the rules.

If we have someone not tell us they have been out of town or out of the country, and not go through the mandatory 14 day quarantine period, yet are infected with the virus and it spreads throughout the membership we could be shut down in a flash.

We need to protect all members at Scottsdale Golf Club and we need your help in this regard.

This  SOCIAL DISTANCING rule is no exception ,regardless of how one perceives it, it is a minimum of 6 feet of separation between all people at ALL times.  We don’t get mulligans for any rules we break, no matter who it might be!

Just a reminder of a few of the rules:

*We can only have a max of two carts per group with one driver and one player walking at all times.

*There are no walking carts on Scottsdale Private Golf Courses holes 12-13-14 and you still are not permitted to have two non -family players jump on a cart at any time, either in the passenger seat or on the back of the cart holding on to the frame.

 Please keep in mind that this last rule was set in place by the BOD many years ago as a player was riding on the back of the cart holding on to the frame, slipped and fell backward off the cart and got seriously hurt , and it could have been fatal, and It could happen to anyone!!

We don’t have enough carts, and sanitization methods were not demonstrated by players thus far, to have individual carts for holes 12-13 and 14.

*Two family members may ride on a cart at any time.

*No Tailgating with food and beverage not purchased at the club as this could result in our loss of our liquor license.

If you have any questions please contact the golf shop, 480-342-7210.


All in all, we are doing a very good job in our quest to keep the course with carts available to play and we hope this never stops at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses

PLEASE, let’s all be in compliance of 100% of all rules at all the time and remember, this is serious, and not to be taken lightly.

All things we are experiencing regarding the privilege to play golf in this beautiful environment at  private golf clubs in Scottsdale should not be taken for granted.  We are optimistic we will get out of this Pandemic in due time, but in the meantime:

Remember, we will NOT GET ANY MULLIGANS if we don’t comply!!!!

Let’s continue to enjoy our golf and the other Club amenities that we have available to you at this time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale respond to COVID-19

private golf clubs in scottsdale

We wanted to take a moment to check in with everyone to make sure you are all doing well through this tough time.  Scottsdale private golf courses continue to be here for all of you as much as possible, from our modified Golf offering, our to-go Food and Beverage service along with our Ranch Essentials program and outdoor fitness classes.  As you have read in many of the updates from the Club we are all in this together but we need to make sure that we take the necessary precautions to remain safe.  Our “new normal” will likely cause quite a few changes at Private Golf Clubs in Scottsdale but we are viewing this as an opportunity to become better in everything we do while still being focused on delivering upon the mission of our Club.  We have challenged our team that while we are on a bit of a pause with much of the operation, now is the time to look to planning for the future and we can assure you that all are working down this path currently.  When we get back to normal, whenever and whatever that means, we want to share a lot of the new ideas with you!

Speaking of our Scottsdale Golf Club team, we would be remiss if we didn’t thank them for all of their efforts during this time!  They have been instrumental in keeping this Club operational as well as safe and without their hard work and dedication to the Club, none of this would be possible.  For those staff that aren’t able to work we have been in constant contact with them and will continue to be throughout the time that they are not able to work.  We can tell you that they are so very thankful of the Club and its members commitment to paying them through the closure.  The Scottsdale Golf Club members have the far pledged over $75,000 to help support the staff through the Employee Assistance Fund which will most definitely help us to be able to continue paying our team.  While many Clubs are implementing similar programs, many other hospitality organizations are not able to do so and thus have eliminated a majority of their staffing base.  The members of the Club have continually told us we need to do everything in our power to retain our great team and our commitment is to do just that!

As we move forward through the month of April and likely beyond, our goal is to continue with the same services that you see today but we will need your consistent buy in to make that happen.  We will continue having staff circulating around the private golf clubs in Scottsdale premises in the coming days and weeks to enforce the safety precautions we put into place to make sure that everyone is practicing the proper social distancing.  We make sure that everyone understands the importance of what we have put into play for YOUR safety and we need to be vigilant in following the rules as set forth each and every day.  We have had a number of wonderful comments from our members about the fact that we have remained open in some capacity and we don’t want to have to change that if at all possible!