Monday, June 19, 2017

Scottsdale Private Golf Courses Summer Update

If you practice your short game on the north chipping green, please note the great Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  Bermuda surface on the green. It is most important to note that this surface has NOT been overseeded the past two fall periods. This is the type of surface we will experience when we do not overseed Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  the greens this fall. We expect they will be excellent for 10 months from February through November and good in December and January when the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  coolest temperatures arrive and the Bermuda goes dormant. But rest assured, they will still be green in color as they have the last few years with the use of new colorants in the fertilizer spray tank.
Lastly, we will be renovating and changing out the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  Bermuda grass on the south chipping green this summer. It will be sprigged with a new variety of Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  Champion Bermuda grass named G12. This process should take 75 days from start to finish and be usable by September.

All of the endeavors will give us better playing surfaces year round, and we sincerely believe you will enjoy the improvements.

Our eventful May has come and gone and the reputation of our Scottsdale Golf Club golf course as a fair and challenging venue was borne out again by the results of two Open qualifying events. Men and women participants both were very complimentary of conditions and playability. Also, this summer’s Scottsdale Golf Club tee leveling project which started is moving along nicely and our Scottsdale Golf Club turf which was treated with a ryegrass removal product is showing signs of rye plants fading and disappearing. The Scottsdale Golf Club upper putting green conversion project will start early this month with the spraying out of the existing turf (overseeded Tifeagle). We will be re-sprigging it with the new Champion G12 bermudagrass later in the month. The green will be out of play for the most part of the summer. Starting on the 12th we will be aerating and topdressing our fairways, approaches, rough, and the Scottsdale Golf Club driving range and clubhouse lawns. We plan on completing this operation, weather permitting, before the end of the month. Aeration and topdressing are the most beneficial operations that we perform and ensures us continued quality playing surfaces. We will be collecting all the aeration plugs (green waste) and disposing of them appropriately.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Scottsdale Country Club Summer Golf Events

To start the summer season, we wanted to keep you apprised of some of the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  agronomy practices which are in process, or will happen in the fall. A number of Scottsdale Private Golf Courses   have watched as the tee leveling project started on hole #1. This will continue for 9-10 weeks, finishing with the black/blue tee on #18.

Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  goal is to level the tee surfaces as some of the edges have fallen and the amount of tee space has been greatly reduced. Our plan to offset this is to strip the appropriate tees, install a heavy metal support band, refill with material, level it, and re-sod and grow it back in.

Each Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  tee has been evaluated for the amount of repair required. There are some worse than others, and some that require little to no maintenance. Because of this, we are evaluating each Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  tee one at a time, and making the appropriate repairs then and there. On the right, you’ll notice several stages of the work.

We will continue to have the course open for play and will be moving tee markers around as need be. The USGA officials we are aligned with say this tee movement will not have any effect on your handicap.

Please take a few minutes to read these updates with information about upcoming Scottsdale Country Club events, and golf course conditions.

US Open/Men’s Day

On Saturday June 17th, there will be an 8:00am shotgun start for our Scottsdale Country Club Men’s Day event. There will also be an 8:00am Open Play shotgun for member play. There will be another open play shotgun at 1:00pm.

Sign-Ups for these are open on Scottsdale Country Club Foretees.

The Practice Green on the south side of the practice park has closed because it has been treated with chemicals to kill of the existing Bermuda Grass. We will be replacing the Bermuda Grass with a brand new strain of G12 Champion Bermuda. The green should be playable by early September.

Greens Aerification

We will be aerifiying our greens on July 10th and 11th. The Scottsdale Country Club Golf Course and Practice Facilities will be closed on July 10th. The Golf Course and practice greens will remain closed on the 11th, but the Scottsdale Country Club Practice Range will be open. The Golf Course and practice greens will reopen on July 12th.

Scottsdale Country Club Summer Golf Events

  • June 17th- US Open Men’s Day – 8:00am Shotgun
  • June 17th – Open Play Shotgun – 1:00pm Shotgun
  • July 4th- Independence Day Shotgun – 8:00am Shotgun
  • August 9th- Putt Your Eyes Out – 3:00pm Shotgun
  • August 23rd- One Club Championship – 3:00pm Shotgun Start
  • August 26th- President’s Cup Qualifier
  • September 8-9- President’s Cup Vs. Pinnacle Peak Country Club
  • September 13th- Reverse Par 3 Tournament – 3:00pm Shotgun