Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Private golf clubs in Scottsdale get Practice Park renovation

The entire 11 acres at Private golf clubs in  Scottsdale was scraped to the dirt in June of 2019 and re sprigged with Tif eagle Bermuda on the greens, and all other turf is 328 Bermuda which is a better practicing surface then the 419 variety we removed. The boundaries of the park were enlarged to approximately 14 acres which enabled us to get many of the perimeter Horseshoe holes built.

An 8500 SF putting green was built adjacent to the two greenside bunker/ short game areas on the southwest side of the park.

The practice tees on both the north end and 2/3 of the south tee were enlarged and re –sprigged late in the process and do not have as strong a Bermuda base as we will get with this entire Bermuda growing season in front of us. The dew point will climb as well as the humidity kicks in over the next few months, necessities for Bermuda growth.

A little steady rain during Monsoon season would help starting in late June.

WHAT ARE WE SEEING NOW at Scottsdale private golf courses?
The cool season rye grass is saying I can’t take the heat and I am going away and let the Bermuda take my place until October.

This is what we see all over, some turf areas are a brown color, and some places will fill in with Bermuda sooner than others, as we chemically sprayed out the rye to get rid of it a few weeks ago.

Many of you have not seen this process take place as you have not been here this time of year, but as this is a necessary evil each summer as overseeding is in the fall.

Please know the conditions will get better as the weeks go by.

LOCKER ROOM SERVICE RESUMES JUNE 2ND at Scottsdale private golf courses

The ladies’ and men’s locker room services will resume starting Tuesday June 2nd.

We ask that you bring shoes in to the respective locker room  managers one pair at a time, so Todd and Denise can get everyone one  clean pair of shoes before a few get multiple pairs.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

The showers are available but the steam room is not until further notice.


The clubhouse, golf course, Horseshoe, practice areas, bag room and locker rooms will be closed on Monday’s through overseeding and for priority agronomy projects. Aerification week is June 8th through the 12th and the golf course will be closed for a much needed rest after the demanding season.

For those who enjoy numbers, the months of March, April and May accounted for 13,800 rounds against a forecast of 10,500 rounds, oh my!

There was more practicing done off the new practice tees than ever before with some days having as many as 260 people hit balls.

Please keep in mind the proper way to practice is to create a line of divots in front of the last ball you hit.

Please avoid spreading out your divots in your stations as it does not permit others to enjoy good turf to practice from.

Let us know if you need a demonstration.

Lastly, should you need to communicate with us, please contact us in the golf shop at (480) 342-7210.

You are all to be thanked for your cooperation thus far, and into the future.

As for those of you who enjoy the spoken word, please stay tuned.

Stay safe and stay healthy!!

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