Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Scottsdale Private Golf Courses will open its new Fitness and Performance center in April. There will be an emphasis on Golf Fitness, as physical and mental fitness have become a necessity for golfers, of any age, aspiring to optimize their golf game.

Can you discuss the importance of physical fitness for the golfer at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses? What about mental fitness?

JT:  Developing a golf athlete’s rotational power in one of the most important functions to improving their game. There is a lot that goes into being able to swing with power from a physical stability and mobility aspect. As random fitness provides random results, the opposite is also true. Specific, physical fitness provides specific, physical results. Creating speed and power in the gym has a specific recipe. Physical fitness is not just about burning calories and losing weight. To create strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, speed and power, periodizing workouts is key.

Danielle: We all know the importance of going to the gym to get physically fit, but what we do to get mentally fit matters more! This is true because the body follows the brain, not vice versa. Mindfulness practices are worth investing your time, energy, and resources into. Take your mind to the gym, whether it be a home meditation cushion, writing self-inquiries in a journal, cognitive behavioral therapy, or enrolling in yoga classes that practice conscious breathing along with structural lengthening postures. There are numerous ways to connect, and that is what we are doing for our Members here at The Country Club at DC Ranch.

How does the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses aim to offer Fitness for Golfers?

Danielle: Scottsdale Private Golf Courses aims to offer fitness for golfers with scientifically backed methods of exercises that are specific to golf athletes. Our fitness & performance professionals, along with our golf pro’s, want to improve drive, accuracy, and overall wellness and golf game. In the gym, we are set to offer small group classes that focus on golf specific exercises designed to help increase strength, flexibility, balance, rotary power, core stability, mobility, posture and endurance! We strive to create a golf fitness culture that is consistent with specific training, to maximize game consistency and decrease the risk of injury.

What will set the golf facilities and amenities at The Country Club at DC Ranch apart from other clubs?

JT: We have a lot of plans for Scottsdale Golf Club .  We plan to renovate the practice facility entirely.  This includes increase tee space, enhancing the short game and putting green areas as well as plans for a player development center.  We will add more greens and redesign our practice areas with our performance center in mind. In our Performance Studio we plan to utilize cameras to video players’ swings, Trackman and other technologies to create the most advanced tech center in the area.  We are working hard to develop programs that work well with the new fitness facility and all that it has to offer our golfers

Danielle: As a strength coach, I believe that a variety of equipment brands at our facility creates versatility for the majority, however, my choice of Keiser fitness equipment is my crown jewel. We are the first Country Club in Scottsdale to bring Keiser’s functional trainers, and other Keiser pieces to the private Club setting. What is unique about Keiser is that they use air technology instead of iron to engage the muscles, connective tissue, and joints. This allows for workout regimes necessary for sports specific training, like golf speed and power, to safely improve physical performance in ways not seen with traditional strength training methods.

What are you  most excited about for the Scottsdale Golf Club new fitness facility?  

JT: While the golf renovations at Scottsdale Golf Club are essential to getting our club to the forefront of clubs in the area, I think by having the fitness and sports training aspect that we can tie in to golf and tennis instruction is essential.  The goal is to create better players by improving their movement; and it takes team work.

What sets our Fitness Golf Program apart from other Scottsdale Golf Clubs in the Valley?

Danielle: Our amazing Scottsdale Golf Club Team!  Our team truly loves to work together! We pride ourselves on group minded action plans to get the job done. It takes the Strength Coach, Sports Dietitian, Golf Professional, and other health experts here at our Club to shift the results. Leaning into one another as a group mind, truly gives the member an advantage to facilitate change where desired.

To Learn more about becoming a member at The Country Club at DC Ranch please contact Melanie Halpert, The Club’s Director of Membership and Marketing at info@ccdcranch.com or 480-342-7246

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