Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Scottsdale Tennis in 2023

The weather has been fantastic and the Scottsdale tennis courts have been busy with both tennis and pickleball activities. As we head into the new year and our busy months of February through April we will continue to add to the Scottsdale tennis program with fun and exciting drills, socials, and events. Make sure to sign up for any of our tennis and/or pickleball live ball drills on the Scottsdale golf course APP. They are a fun way to learn, get exercise and play with other members. This is also the time of year to get signed up for private tennis and pickleball lessons with our staff. With the great weather we have in the spring, there are more times available in the late morning and early afternoon. Our Scottsdale golf course staff members are busy teaching Monday through Saturday with a much-needed day off on Sunday. If you would like a private lesson on Sunday, please reach out to me and see what the availability is for that particular week. Lastly, I want to recognize both Alex Guerrero and Fidan Ibrahimova who are in the process of completing certification in their respective areas. Alex recently took the USRSA certification test to become a certified stringer and racket repairer. The certification also has a customer service component to it. He is waiting patiently for the results which will no doubt come back positive. Alex has been a tremendous asset to our program and is eager to make sure your tennis racket is strung properly and ready for you to play your best. Fidan is working towards her USPTA certification which is about a year-long process. She is currently in phase two of a three-part certification process and hopes to have everything completed this spring. Make sure to celebrate them when you are at the tennis shop next. Once again, have a great holiday season. Please let our staff know if you have any needs through the next two months. You can contact Ryan Shomo if you would like your Scottsdale golf course junior player to get involved and start in tennis. See you on the courts!

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