Monday, December 12, 2022

Scottsdale Golf Club Kicks off the Season

The weather outside, as I write this at Scottsdale Golf Club could not be more beautiful…and we are seeing so much more activity at the club…whether it be the Fitness and Performance Center, the Racquet Center, Food and Beverage Outlets, and certainly not forgetting the beautifully manicured Golf Course and Practice Facility.

With that said, I wanted to take a moment to kindly remind our members and your guests of just a few mentionables…

Dining Reservations at Scottsdale Golf Club

Now, more than ever, with the increase in activity at the club and in the clubs’ restaurants, we would like to ask and/or remind our members that reservations are greatly welcomed…

There is an inherent benefit to making a reservation, as we may not always be able to accommodate walk-ins. Reservations allow us to prepare for you and your guests, as well as give you the peace of mind that your table is guaranteed for that meal period.

Being on time for your reservation at Country Club Scottsdale is not just the cordial thing to do, but it also allows our management, service, and culinary teams to plan appropriately for that meal service.

Please know that these procedures have been designed and implemented with your best interest in mind. Our Country Club Scottsdale culinary and service teams strive to provide you with the best product and service possible, and by adhering to these guidelines you are helping to ensure the best possible experience for everyone. 

 Guest Policy

 Below is again a gentle reminder of our Club Guest Policy for Country Club Scottsdale and would ask that you read through and acknowledge it.

Unaccompanied guests are prohibited from any use of Club Facilities without the prior written approval of Club Management.

Members may request the use of certain Club Facilities (tennis, swimming, and dining facilities) by non-resident unaccompanied family guests in accordance with the following parameters:

Guest is defined as follows: A relative by blood or marriage inclusive of parents and grandparents of the Members; children (under the age of 24 that are married, do not reside with the Members, nor attend college on a full-time basis, or are over the age of 24). Any such guests must be staying at a member’s residence in order to be able to utilize a guest pass during their stay. The approval of any guest will be made at the discretion of Club Management in advance on a case-by-case basis. All guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times when on Club property.

The Member must request a Guest Card from Club Management and register the guest with the Club prior to the guest’s arrival. The Club will consider all such requests on a case-by-case basis. These cards will be issued through Club Management and its administrative staff. Requests must be made in writing to Club Management who will then issue the cards for the use of Club Facilities (excluding golf course facilities) in advance of any such usage.

All charges incurred by the guest must be posted to the sponsoring Member’s account during the guest’s stay.

Such Guest Cards will be issued for a maximum of ten (10) consecutive days. Unaccompanied guests must carry their Guest Card with them at all times when on Club Property.

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