Monday, November 16, 2015

Scottsdale Country Club 2015 Men’s Interclub Matches

This is a final reminder to respond if you would like to participate in this year’s Scottsdale country club Men’s Interclub matches.  Please reply to this email or to Drew Darrow at ddarrow @ with your interest in playing as well as your shirt size no later than Friday, October 16th.  Our first match takes place on Wednesday, November 18th at Scottsdale country club Desert Highlands so team uniforms must be ordered as soon as possible.

This season’s matches have been scheduled as follows:

  1. November 18 & 23 vs. Scottsdale country club Desert Highlands Golf Club
  2. December 7 & 9 vs. Scottsdale country club Troon Country Club
  3. January 7 & 11 vs. Scottsdale country club Scottsdale country club Desert Forest Golf Club
  4. February 4 & 8 vs. The Mirabel Club
  5. March 14 & 25 vs. Scottsdale country club The Boulders Golf Club

It is important to mention that Scottsdale private golf players of all abilities with handicap indexes ranging from scratch or better to 21.0 are encouraged to participate in the Interclub.  Scottsdale private golf Golf courses will be set up between 6,200 – 6,400 yards.  The more balanced our team is with a range of handicaps the more competitive we will be.  Keep in mind the whole idea is to have fun while meeting new people and playing other Scottsdale private golfcourses in a friendly competition.

The Scottsdale private golf team selection process has been tweaked again this year in an effort to field as competitive a team as possible, as well as eliminate the amount of last minute cancellations we have experienced the past few years.  These last minute withdrawals not only leave us scrambling just to field a team but they also result in a less balanced, less competitive team due to handicap inequities against our competitors.  Therefore, we have abandoned the pre-season commitment form used in the past and will be asking for players to confirm their interest in playing in BOTH the home and away matches on a monthly basis.

It has been agreed upon by all participating Scottsdale private golf clubs that their teams will be chosen in a similar manner.  Scottsdale private golf Players who are available to play in both the home and away match each month will be divided into A, B & C groupings according to their current handicap index at the time of selection.  Three players from each handicap group will then be drawn to represent DC Ranch for that month’s matches.  Every effort will be made to include as many members as possible throughout the season and afford everyone on the team equal playing opportunities.

As is the case each year, a few changes have been made to the East and West divisions giving us the opportunity to play some different clubs than last year.  We will compete in the West division against Scottsdale private golf club Desert Highlands, Troon Country Club, Desert Forest, Mirabel and The Boulders.  Come seasons end we hope to be on top of the division and face the winner of the East division in the Championship match to be scheduled in April.   

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