Monday, April 17, 2017

Scottsdale Country Club Stretching Hours

As daylight hours stretch in the next few months, the Scottsdale Country Club practice park remains open until 5:30 p.m.

Scottsdale Country Club MEMBER GUESTS
There will be limited play availability for those not participating in any of the upcoming Scottsdale Country Club member/guest tournaments, such as the Scottsdale Country Club Desert Diamond Classic for women, as well as the Round Up and the Stampede for the men. Please sign up on Foretees 7 days in advance.

Scottsdale Country Club PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP
Can we ever say enough about how we should take pride in our Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  conditions and playing surfaces? We should all do our part and then some in making sure we properly rake bunkers to a smooth finish, repair ball marks, and fill divots with sand and seed from the bottles on the carts and around the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  

We are pleased to provide brand new sod on the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  practice tees. This is to provide all golfers the best surfaces possible throughout the year.

We have not over-seeded the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  North chipping green the past two years, and if you haven’t yet, you should take a look at its conditions. It is amazing how playable it is right now, and we suspect it will be this way through the remainder of the year. Some clubs in the area with Bermuda grass do not, and we find that their greens are very good 10 months out of the year, and good the two colder months of December and January. Because of this, there has been some discussion by the Golf Committee (Golf and Greens/Grounds combined this year) as to the possibility of not overseeding greens on the golf course in the future. I look forward to seeing you all on the tee, as we continue through our 2016-2017 season!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Scottsdale Golf Club Golfers

Dear Scottsdale Golf Club Golfers,
We have had some indifferent weather of late which I have not experienced in my 30 years in the valley. We had almost 3 inches of rain with cold, and wind gusting over 30 miles an hour which caused over 600 rounds to be cancelled during the month of January!

Now the weather is going to offer Chamber of Commerce Days, just in time for the WMO Phoenix Open at the Scottsdale Golf Club TPC this week with temperatures in the mid 70’s. This should make for some great Scottsdale Golf Club golf on the PGA tour this week. Now to what I really enjoy talking about, which is how to get players to understand some golf terminology and swing shapes as it relates to club path and plane. The pictures shown are from some very fine players to the fabulous ball striking Tiger Woods, to some stars of today such as Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, and Louis Oosthuizen. Please look at the red line first which shows each player’s backswing path and plane, and the yellow is on their downswing. In a perfect world, if in fact the swing is a perfect circle in shape, the closer the two colors are on top of each other, the better. If the yellow is on top of the red, the club is going through impact is from the outside going across the impact area which typically might indicate a fade. If the yellow is underneath the red, the club is traveling from the inside which might indicate a draw for a right handed Scottsdale Golf Club golfer. We see all kinds of loopy in-to-out or out-to-in paths, combined with flat or steep shapes all the time, but in the best of all worlds the lines are on top of each other.Let’s see what your line shapes are some time when you practice at Scottsdale Golf Club
Scottsdale Country Club Pride of Ownership
Everyone needs to do their part with bunker repair, not to mention fixing ball marks and filling divots.

Scottsdale Country Club Upcoming Summer Tee Leveling Project
We will be leveling many of the tees on the Scottsdale Country Club golf course this summer beginning mid-May through probably July.

First and foremost, you should know the golf course will remain OPEN during this project. We will go one tee at a time on each hole where needed, strip the sod, level the tee, wrap it with a metal band to support the tee and then re-sod it. The reason is many of the Scottsdale Country Club tees were not banded when the tee was built, and now the sides are falling away, the centers are crowned and not level and they need to be repaired to provide all players the best surface possible for long straight tee shots. Lastly, when you see Jerry Mahanke around the Scottsdale Country Club, please congratulate him for being recognized by the Arizona Golf Association for all his contributions to the game of golf and enhancing the growth of the game with his spirit. See you in the next few weeks during the Scottsdale Country Club Championships.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Scottsdale Private Golf Courses Affected By Weather

Last month’s weather was very interesting and atypical, especially considering that predictions were for a warmer, drier winter this year. All rain is welcome rain and Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  definitely got our fair share, as did the entire state. Hector Vasquez, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Phoenix, said “the desert rains and high-country snowpack have diminished long-term drought conditions from severe to abnormally dry. However, in order for the drought to be greatly improved, Arizona must receive consistent rainfall over a longer period of time, as well as snow in the mountains, the runoff of which feeds the reservoirs that store Valley water.” Arizona Republic

Now that February is here we should start enjoying some of Scottsdale Private Golf Courses . The turf at most Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  has already begun to respond with increased growth and color. The greens at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  will continue to improve as the underlying bermudagrass starts to emerge from dormancy. Over the course of the month Scottsdale Golf Club will be lowering the heights of cut of all our mowers, spiking and topdressing greens, and slicing rough (very thin slits). These are the initial phases of the Scottsdale Golf Club bermudagrass transition program. Later this month Scottsdale Golf Club will be stripping, leveling, and sodding an area of approximately 13,000 square feet on the front of the main driving range tee. This is the same process which  Scottsdale Golf Club just completed on the back of the Scottsdale Golf Club range tee last month and will provide us with both short term (improved practice surface) and long term (level tee) benefits. Lastly, we offer these reminders for more enjoyable and playable course conditions at Scottsdale Golf Club

1) Please repair ballmarks – ballmarks – ballmarks.
2) Please continue to use sand & seed to fill divots.
3) Please enter & exit at low areas of bunkers.
4) And please keep pushcarts off of tees, collars, and approaches.

Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 Scottsdale Country Club New Board

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the  Scottsdale Country Club annual meeting last month. For those of you who couldn’t be there, I’d like to share the results of our recent election and to welcome this year’s Scottsdale Country Club Board of Directors. We have three new directors joining the board this year: JoeGirardi, John Roussel and Alan Sears who have all been elected to three-year terms.

Rich Burger will chair this year’s Finance Committee and serve as the Scottsdale Country Club Vice President. Rich and his wife Cindy have been members at the Club since 2011 and both love playing golf, and also enjoy many of the other amenities at the Club. In the past few years, Rich served on the Scottsdale Country Club Greens and Grounds Committee before joining the Board and served as its Chair this past year. Rich retired from Coleman Cable, Inc. at the end of 2013 where he was the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining Coleman, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Burns Aerospace Corporation. Cindy and Rich have two daughters, and are the proud grandparents of five grandchildren, all under the age of five - four boys and one girl.

John Misner will chair our Scottsdale Country Club Membership Committee and serve as our Scottsdale Country Club Secretary. John and his wife Angela have been Golf members of the Club for 14 years. John recently retired as the President & General Manager of 12News (NBC) and He now works for Arizona State University having recently joined the faculty at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. In this role, he also serves as a senior counselor to Arizona PBS and is also a special adviser to the Arizona State University Foundation. With this recent change in careers, John is hoping to increase his use of, Scottsdale Private Golf Courses, tennis facility, as well as the other social amenities of the Club.

Janet Pennewell, our Immediate Past President, will remain on the Board during the coming year serving as the Chair of our newly created Facilities Master Planning Committee. Janet and her husband, Larry Josephson, have been members of Scottsdale Private Golf Courses since 2006. They are active golfers and consider the Club their home away from home. Janet is entering her third year on the Board and has served the Club on multiple committees during her time here. Janet works as a realtor for Russ Lyon Sotheby’s, specializing in the local market, but also brings many years of executive level experience working with major financial institutions. Janet’s new Facilities team is challenged to develop solutions to Scottsdale Private Golf Courses   and to communicate to the membership those plans which are in the best long-term interests of the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses   As her team meets over this spring, we will be communicating their findings to all members, since by year-end we expect a membership vote needed on the expansion of those facilities.

Our new Director, Joe Girardi, will be chairing the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  Golf & Grounds Committee which will mark the first year that the Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  Greens & Grounds and Golf Committees will be combined. The goal of this committee will be tomaintain play counts throughout the year, as well as identifying opportunites to enhance the on-course experience, at the same time expanding sustainability efforts with our agronomic approach to the course. Joe has been a member of the Club since 2013. He has served on the House Committee, as well as the ad hoc committee coordinating the recent club house and tennis facility renovations. Joe has been an attorney over the past 40 years, focusing his practice in environmental law and commercial real estate. Joe and his wife Shannon have been members of Oak Park Country Club in suburban Chicago for 25 years where he served on various committees. John Roussel has been a member of the Club since 2014. During his time at the Club, he has served on both the Finance and Tennis Committees. For 2017, John will be serving as Chair of the Tennis Committee. As an active tennis player, John is perfectly suited to chair this committee as we aim to continue growing our tennis program at the Club. John is also an active golfer and holds a single digit handicap. John and his wife, Bonnie, very much enjoy the club and the wonderful facilities and programs that are available to members. In his professional life, John serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Shamrock Foods Company. Over the years, he has served on boards of many private companies, as well as several non-profit organizations.Our third new Director, Alan Sears, will Chair the House Committee. He has been a member of the Club since 2012 and uses the Club frequently for many purposes -- for family, social, sports, and business and as an extension of their neighborhoodhome for family and friends. For the past 20+ years, Alan led a start-up legal group from a single team member based in Scottsdale to now 250+ FTE’s and 3,000+ allied lawyers in 45 nations, providing a range of legal services from strategic planning, training, funding and advocacy, including litigation and legislative support. Alan has previously served as a member of the House Committee which he will chair in 2017. Alan andhis wife, Paula, both support the golf and tennis programs and are excited about the opportunity to protect the value and the experience that is found nowhere else in the U.S. aiming to keep The Country Club at DC Ranch thriving and increasing in value and quality.

Finally, I am honored to serve as your Club President this year. Mywife, Marty, and I have been members of the Country Club since we moved to Scottsdale in 2009. We enjoy playing golf several times per week, and occasionally can be found at the pool when our four grandkids visit from Seattle. We also very much enjoy the dining and club events. I am entering my third year on the Board, having served as Chair of the Finance Committee these past two years. Serving as Vice President to Janet this past year, gave me a good appreciation for the challenges of our club. Itis because of the exceptional work of those who have served in the past, that DC Ranch is very well positioned to become the premier club in the valley, achieving the highest levels of membership satisfaction. Our new Board will focus its efforts during the next year in completing those initiatives that were identified during the development of our 2017-2022 Strategic Plan. While we identified golf as a declining sport nationally, we have agreat program under Dick Hyland’s fine leadership.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Greetings Scottsdale Golf Club members!

We certainly hope everyone had a great holiday having fun with family and friends, which is what it is all about, isn’t it? We are now moving into the championship phase of the year which starts with both match and stroke play competitions. The signup deadlines for a few of them have expired and the brackets have been made by random draw as recommended by the USGA. For the remaining few that are still available, please be sure to sign up on Foretees as soon as possible. The match play brackets are posted in the locker rooms, as well as in the golf shop, so be sure to check them out and contact your opponent to schedule your match.
A reminder for this year at  Scottsdale Golf Club: there is no booking of starting times beyond the seven days in advance period. In addition to this, you are asked to contact the professional staff when you have decided which tees you will play from for the entire competition. There will be no changing tees from match to match.
The Chill,  our Winter Gentlemen’s Member/Guest will be held in January.

We are pleased to see so many ladies committed to working on their golf games with the support of our PGA professional instruction staff. We are averaging twenty-four (24) per week through the first five weeks of instruction, focusing on course, full swing, as well as all phases of the short game and uneven lies. If you would like to participate, please be sure to sign up on Foretees or call the golf shop to ensure the proper amount of instructors are available.

We believe that Thursdays are more about socializing, with golf and a friendly competition coming as a bonus to this, and it's that atmosphere that has driven our Thursday ladies numbers to double from last season. As always, should you like to participate in this we ask that you sign-up ahead of time on Foretees to reserve your spot.

We are pleased to announce Penny Rady and Debbie Hajekerou, who played admirably against their fellow DC Ranch competitors, and qualified to represent us all at the AWGA State Medallion Championship at Pebble Creek, January 14th and 15th. Good luck, as we know you will try
your best on every shot! The Club had two men’s teams compete in the AGA Team
Championship at Moon Valley Country Club in Phoenix. The teams of Mike Thorell with Gordon Jakel played well, as did Steve Mindak and Alfred Hackbarth. Way to go gentlemen!

I'm sure some of you have practiced your short game at the north end of the practice area and found yourself wondering; “what experiment is being done on the green?”. In summary, from south to north, each third of the green has test plots with three varieties of Bermudagrass being considered for the future. The southernmost is G12 Champion Bermuda, the middle third is Mini Verde and the
northern third is our currently used Tif Eagle. The Scottsdale Country Club green has not been overseeded in two (2) years, yet the green color on the western half of the green is colored fertilizer and the brownish eastern half is dormant Bermuda.
We are testing to see whether or not we really need to overseed our greens at all, how playable they would be in the cooler temperatures, and what the recovery time would be from ball marks and old cups healing. One thing we do know is we can keep them green and they will transition nicely in
the spring and should be smooth and fast. Please practice your short game and let us know your thoughts.

We are continuing to spot seed some of our golf course greens to keep them healthy, dense and green through the next few months. Combined with light topdressing and verticutting, the surfaces should be very playable and roll nicely.

We know there are many Scottsdale Country Club golfers who have shot their age in their career and want to recognize you on a plaque in the Clubhouse, yet we have only had a few respond. If you have done this terrific feat, please contact us so we can recognize and record your fine play. One thing we have learned is that Jack Fairfield has scored better than his age more than 35 times. Oh my! We know
there are many more of you, so please let us know.

Let’s go play!

Friday, February 3, 2017

New Year at Scottsdale Country Club

Happy New Year from Scottsdale Country Club!

As we move past the holiday season I am truly excited for what the New Year has to bring to us. The last few months have gone by very quickly, and we have seen high levels of usage, as well as many positive comments from members around the Scottsdale Country Club .

January is also poised to be a month of excitement as we kick off our busiest time of the year at Scottsdale Country Club.  We begin with the Hourglass Wine Dinner on the 11th, The Chill Golf Tournament from the 12th thru the 14th, Ladera Wine Dinner on the 25th and finally, the Annual Meeting and Lobster Bake on the 27th. We also begin the tournament season in January here at the Club, where members will compete to be the Club’s best in a number of different formats.

Speaking of the Annual Meeting, each equity golf member will be receiving ballots to vote for the three (3) open positions for the Board at the beginning of the month. These ballots are due back to the Club, or sent via mail, on or before January 20th. The results of the vote for the three (3) open positions will be announced at the Annual Meeting, along with the annual reports from the Finance, House, Golf, Greens and Grounds and Tennis Committees.

As we continue through the next busy few months, I want to once again remind everyone of the need to make a reservation in our dining room, especially during our dinner service. As you read last month, doing so greatly enhances the level of service we are able to provide. We believe reservations are paramount to Scottsdale Private Golf Courses. For those who have helped us in this way, I would like to thank you immensely. There are a number of ways that you can make reservations, from Open Table on your smartphones and computers to calling the Concierge or Dining Hosts at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses. We will continue to closely manage the reservation process at the Club, which will only help you and your fellow Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  members in having a great dining experience.

Lastly, please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for your generous contributions to the annual Scottsdale Private Golf Courses!