Monday, November 16, 2015

Scottsdale Private Golf Overseeding Practices

As we Scottsdale private golf overseedes very year, so do I share this short overseeding lesson as a reminder to our seasoned Scottsdale private golf members, and as an introduction to our new members. Scottsdale private golf Overseeding takes place every September and is the process where ryegrass is sown and grown between existing bermudagrass plants.

Bermudagrass is the Scottsdale private golf warm season grass that is our summer playing surface which thrives in the seasonal heat, but goes dormant when temperatures drop sufficiently. Ryegrass, on the other hand, is a Scottsdale private golf cool season grass that grows in our colder winter temperatures. Ryegrass becomes our Scottsdale country club playing surface on tees, fairways, and roughs as it matures in January.

Scottsdale country club TifEagle bermudagrass greens are also overseeded with a blend of cool season grasses. A mix of poa trivialis and bentgrass matures into our greens surfaces around the same time. The entire Scottsdale country club overseeding process takes approximately two weeks and is the most intensive of our yearly cultural practices. The week before we close we thin and reduce the height of the bermudagrass. It takes another week to seed the entire 85+ acres. In 7-10 days the seed germinates and a week later we start to mow.

This year we will reopen the south range complex on Saturday, October 10th, as it was overseeded a week earlier than the golf course - which will reopen on Friday, October 16th. This year there will be a few changes to our standard Scottsdale country club overseed practices, most notably, the height of cut of our fairways and rough. Both will open at and be maintained at lower heights of cut than normal. Scottsdale country club is doing this to increase our odds of a smoother, more seamless transition back to bermudagrass in the spring. Lastly, the entire Scottsdale country club Golf Course Maintenance Team looks forward to the start of the new season and seeing everyone back on the course again. Important October dates: 10 (South range open), 16 (Course open), 23 (Season Kick-Off), 27 (World Series & Full moon).

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