Friday, December 4, 2015

State Medallion Tournament

Cactus League Ladies Interclub team play gets underway on November 5th vs. Troon Country Club. If you are interested in competing this season and are not already receiving the team communications please contact our Scottsdale Golf Club Team Captain Val Hope at so she can add you to the list. Scottsdale Golf Club Team uniforms are available thru the Golf Shop for those who do not already have them. We are looking forward to repeating as Cactus League Champions for 2016 and need your help!

We will again be holding qualifying for the State Medallion Tournament with the help of our AWGA representative Val Hope. The State Medallion Tournament should be one that stirs up some excitement among our Scottsdale Golf Club Lady golfers as it is regarded to be on a similar level as our Scottsdale Golf Club Club Championship. It may not be as grueling a competition as the Scottsdale Golf Club Club Championship, but the rewards of winning this tournament place the winners in the state spotlight…representing our Scottsdale Golf Club. Our state medallion winners, in addition to winning a prestigious medallion, are also invited to represent DC Ranch in a competition of state medallion winners at the end of the year.

The State Medallion competition is open to all Scottsdale Private Golf Club Lady Members who maintain a Scottsdale Private Golf Club DC Ranch handicap index and will consist of two (2) best gross and two (2) best net 18-hole rounds out of a designated four (4) rounds. Players need not participate in all four rounds to be eligible. Determining the winner on the basis of the best two rounds out of four is intended to give players the maximum opportunity to produce two good scores, not to eliminate those players who cannot play all four rounds.

The four qualifying dates for the State Medallion tournament are November 19, 21, 24 & 28. Scottsdale Private Golf Club Players wishing to qualify must indicate their intent to do so prior to the start of play by informing the Golf Staff or signing up online via Scottsdale Private Golf Club ForeTees.

The gross and net winners of the Scottsdale Private Golf Club DC Ranch State Medallion tournament will move on to compete as partners in the AWGA State Medallion Club Team Tournament to be held on January 16th or 17th, 2016 where they will represent Scottsdale Private Golf Club DC Ranch against other state medallion winners from Clubs all over the state.
We anticipate that this season of Ladies golf at the Country Club at DC Ranch will be the best yet and look forward to seeing you all at the Club. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please don’t hesitate to contact any of your Professional Staff.

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