Friday, December 4, 2015

2016 Premier Scottsdale Country Club Member-Guest tournaments

It’s time to sign up for our 2016 premier Scottsdale Country Club Member-Guest tournaments at the Country Club at DC Ranch. This year, we have added an additional tournament, The Chill, to be played Friday & Saturday, January 8-9. Like the Scottsdale Country Club Round-Up, the Chill will provide an exceptional Scottsdale Country Club tournament experience, but will be shorter (two days) with an optional practice round. The Round-Up, April 27-30, will remain the same, with a five 9-hole Match Play format, at a cost of $1,400 per team. The Chill will be played in stroke play formats of Select Drive Better Ball and Better Ball with a $900 per team entry fee. Additional optional competitions will surround each tournament to peak your interest.

The Scottsdale Country Club Round-Up field will continue to be selected from the point list we have used for years. The Scottsdale Country Club Chill field will consist of teams selected based on the following priorities: (1) the waiting list from the previous year’s Round-Up, (2) next from members with points on the point list but who did not play and were not wait-listed for the previous year’s Round-Up, (3) next teams will be selected by lottery from all remaining Scottsdale Country Club Full Golf Members who did not play in last year’s Round-Up, but who wish to play in the Chill, and (4) finally, if the field is not full, by lottery from Country Club Scottsdale Members who played in last year’s Round-Up, regardless of whether they are in this year’s Country Club Scottsdale Round-Up.

Each calendar year, points will be allocated based on either your participation in a Country Club Scottsdale tournament, or your failure to get into one or both events pursuant to the rules below. Entry into both tournaments will become available on the same date, Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015, on ForeTees or by calling the Country Club Scottsdale Golf Shop. The time and date on which you register has NO bearing on your position in the field.
  • The entry deadline for BOTH The Round-Up and The Chill is Tuesday, November 17, 2015.
  • As described above, your points as of the most recent Round-Up will be used to select teams.
  • A Member can only play in ONE of the events in a given calendar year, unless his second choice event is not fully subscribed.
  • Even if a Country Club Scottsdale Member plays in both events in a calendar year (because one was not fully subscribed) he will receive the maximum of 1 point for that year.
  • A Member may register for both events, but must prioritize which event he prefers to play in at the time of registration.
  • A Country Club Scottsdale Member playing in either or both events will receive the maximum 1 point for that year.
  • A Member who signs up for but does not get into either event for a full year will receive the maximum 2 points for that year.
  • A Country Club Scottsdale Member who signs up but does not get into any event for two consecutive years will receive 3 points for the second year he does not get to play.
  • A Member who signs up for either event, is selected, but withdraws, shall receive no points for that event, and if it is the only event for that he signed up for in that year, he will receive no points for that year. A Member who withdraws from one event, may not use his points to prioritize his entry in the other event.
The schedules of events for both tournaments and the current points list are attached for your planning needs. Once the entry deadline has passed the Professional Staff will be able to confirm your position in the respective tournament fields, and will publish them on Thursday, November 19th so that you may make plans with your guests. We are excited about the additions to our Gentlemen’s Member-Guest programs and look forward to hosting you and your special guest this season.

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