Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Monsoon Storm Our Body Needs for members at Scottsdale Country Club

We know about the seriousness of drought conditions at Scottsdale Country Club and the harm that can come from too little water for our land and Scottsdale Private Golf Courses . Likewise, we should know about the seriousness of drought conditions in our members at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses that can come from drinking too little water. We call that dehydration. Golfers in general at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses just don’t drink enough water. But the need to drink plenty of while golfing Scottsdale Private Golf Courses in Arizona’s hot and dry climate cannot be emphasized enough. It’s hot out here at Scottsdale Private Golf Courses (Did I say that already?)

Dehydration is no laughing matter at Scottsdale Country Club.. That’s because too many people use thirst as an indicator for when to drink water and how much. Thirst is not a good gauge for your need for water. In fact, if you are thirsty, you could be well on your way to being dehydrated. Symptoms of moderate to mild dehydration include a dry or sticky mouth, fatigue or lethargy, decreased urine output, dry skin, headache, constipation, and dizziness. Severe dehydration on the other hand is a very serious matter. This is a medical emergency that requires a 911 call and immediate care at a hospital or urgent care clinic. Symptoms include extreme thirst, irritability and confusion, very dry mouth, lack of sweating, little or no urination, sunken eyes, low blood pressure, rapid heart beat, fever, and in the worst cases, delirium or unconsciousness. The key to preventing dehydration while playing at Scottsdale Country Club is to drink plenty of water ahead of time. Be sure to drink water throughout the day while at Scottsdale Country Club, particularly before and during any kind of exercise or exertion at Scottsdale Country Club This is a very active community of golfers, tennis players, hikers, etc. So before you even begin your activity, you should load your body up with good quality water, preferably “electrolyte enhanced”. “Electrolyte” is another name for your body’s ions, those molecules which are electrically charged. They are used by your cells to create and carry voltages across cell membranes like a communication network. Many sports drinks have electrolytes in them, but as I wrote about last month, they are also laden with sugars and other not so healthy ingredients.

So if the pictures you see of our beloved state with dry and cracked land, barren of life because of drought disturb you, that’s nothing compared to what could happen to our bodies from drought. Drink up!

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