Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fitness for Golfers at Scottsdale Country Club

Golfers at  Scottsdale Country Club should Flip It!

I know one way for sure hose to turn a Scottsdale Country Club golfers world upside down. No, I’m not talking about a swing change. I’m talking about literally turning a Scottsdale Country Club golfers world upside down with an inversion table. Actually, I shouldn’t limit the suggestion to use an inversion table to only Scottsdale Country Club golfers. The benefits apply to anyone that has a spine and lives under gravity. Inversion tables are certainly popular on the PGA & LPGA tour, but all backs will benefit from this very simple but highly therapeutic activity.  Inversion therapy ahas been around for centuries with some historians tracing its roots all the way back to Hippocrates, so it is nothing new. When we think of inversion therapy, we tend to think of relief for back pain. Our spines take a daily hit because of gravity, and eventually as those days turn into years, that constant compression causes a loss of fluids between the discs which unfortunately results in lost height, as well as, spinal pain. And this loss in height isn’t only a long term measurement. You actually lose height between morning and night every day — as much as half an inch or more. It is in the eight hours that you lie on your back and sleep (when compression is reduced) that fluids partially replenish to the discs. Over time though, we lose about two inches in height in a lifetime because of this incomplete process.

Inversion therapy at  Scottsdale Golf Club is the great equalizer. When inverting the body as little as 60 degrees, gravity is offset and the spine decompresses, allowing fluid to return completely between the discs. Staying in this inverted position for as little as 3 to 20 minutes a day is all it takes at Scottsdale Golf Club. Other benefits include reduced nerve pressure, realignment of the spine, and relaxing tense muscles. Another important bonus of inversion therapy at Scottsdale Golf Club is flushing the lymphatic system. This can be accomplished by gently rocking back and forth on the inversion table.

Inversion is very relaxing at Scottsdale Golf Club and personally for me, is better than yoga. It’s simple, easy, and the table is conveniently in the home.

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