Monday, August 7, 2017

Despite the high temperatures here Scottsdale Country Club, we have continued to see a good bit of activity during the past month which has most definitely contributed to the excitement of our “The Fun Never Ends” campaign.  Traffic on the Scottsdale Country Club,  golf course has maintained throughout the past month and the  Scottsdale Country Club, Clubhouse has also seen much more traffic than in years past, as we are open for lunch and Dinner Tuesday through Sunday . This is evidenced by the record sales that we have seen at the Scottsdale Country Club, over the past few months. As you can see, there is a great deal going on here in the summer. So make sure to come enjoy the Scottsdale Country Club, with your friends and family and don’t miss out on all the Fun! While many of you are away for the summer, the Scottsdale Country Club Committees, as well as the Board of Directors, are busy planning for another successful 2018. The Scottsdale Golf Club  Finance Committee and Board have approved the FY2018 operating budget and are now working on completing the capital budget for next year. The other Scottsdale Golf Club Committees have also completed their biennial review of the Club Rules and Regulations and have made some significant changes to them. As many of you know, the Club has found itself challenged this past year with some issues relative to Member conduct. As one would expect, some of the ‘conduct unbecoming of a Member’ was certainly more grievous than others but we do take all of the infractions seriously. It is with this in mind that we will be more closely enforcing these updated rules which each and every member and their guests as expected to adhere to. While management is responsible for enforcing rules, it most definitely helps when members hold each other accountable to these standards. To further this, the Rules & Regulations of the Club are clear in that to facilitate the proper management of the Scottsdale Golf Club , and all complaints, criticisms or suggestions of any kind relating to any aspect of the Scottsdale Golf Club must be in writing, signed and addressed to Scottsdale Golf Club Management.

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