Friday, August 11, 2017

As we move closer to the fall, you will be seeing quite a few reminders in various club publications as well as a full version of the rules published on the website. So please stay tuned! As we continue our planning for a potential Phase II Scottsdale Golf Club Expansion, I wanted to share with you some of the news and articles about Scottsdale Private Golf Courses trends and challenges which are shared with the Board and the Master Planning Committee.
It was suggested that we also find a way to share with the membership at large . . . and a number of these articles are now posted on the Scottsdale Golf Club  website. Some interesting facts of note include the following:

Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  that have added to their non-golf sports programs have seen significant increases to initiation fees compared to those who rely on golf to drive both fees and attractiveness

Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  are taking the role of becoming a local resort to its members (i.e. a “one stop shop”) rather than the traditional golf club model

• Targets need for fitness center stare footage is 3500-6000 square feet

• Expected annual fitness center visits nearing 40,000 (current number is 20,000)

Scottsdale Private Golf Courses  should offer specialized services as a part of their wellness efforts due to the age of the Scottsdale Golf Club demographic (i.e. services that work to heal injuries, services to get members back on the course/courts quicker, build junior athletes, lunch and learn education, etc.)

• Technology should be implemented at the Scottsdale Golf Club into the fitness experience to track progress over time as well as to set various competitions among members.

As we go through the summer months, the management team is busy planning for the Scottsdale Golf Club winter and spring seasons with many of your favorite events as well as a number of new ones. This Scottsdale Golf Club social calendar will be made available to the membership at the beginning of September so that you can properly plan to be at the Club. If you should have any questions regarding this information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at your convenience. We look forward to a continued busy summer as the temperatures continue to rise and we enter into monsoon season.

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