Monday, July 25, 2016

The Arizona State Men's Match Play Championship:

Monday and Tuesday August 22nd and 23rd are the qualifying rounds for the most prestigious State Am at Scottsdale Private Golf, The County Club at DC Ranch,  and the low 64 rounds qualify for match play throughout the remainder of the week with the finals on Saturday Morning August 27th.

You are welcome to come and watch some of the states finest amateurs, or better yet, if you have some free time and want to get involved, we could use some volunteers the first part of the week Scottsdale Private Golf Club.

Please call the golf shop if you are interested.

Scottsdale Country Club REVERSE PAR 3 CHAMPIONSHIP:

Wednesday September 14th also marks the second anniversary of the Reverse Par 3 Scottsdale Private Golf championship with a 3PM shotgun start.

To familiarize you with the format, we play the back 9 from 18 tee to 17 green and so on.
This was fun last year, so we are giving it a go again.


Wednesday July 6th with a 3 PM shotgun start; this is open to all Scottsdale Private Golf golfers of any ability.

Saturday July 16th Scottsdale Private Golf Men’s Day: Format TBD for the 8:30shotgun start for all who wish to play at that time.

Wednesday August 10th with a 3PM Scottsdale Country Club shotgun start on the front nine.

The One Club Scottsdale Country Club Championship is back for year two, so which one club gets it done over these 9 holes? This is a bunch of fun, so be careful with your choice.

This Scottsdale Country Club foretees notice is certainly lengthy, but with our playing surfaces getting better and better throughout the summer, we think it’s important for all of our Scottsdale Country Club members to enjoy the events offered by our club through the summer months. We understand it can be toasty at times, but with proper preparation and quick play we anticipate our best summer yet!

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we hope you join in the fun this summer.

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