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Scottsdale Golf Club summer golfing tips + Scottsdale Country Club updates

Scottsdale Golf Club Summer Tips & Updates

I know many of you have escaped the Scottsdale Golf Club heat of the summer for cooler climates, but we still have many golfers who know how to enjoy a fast round of golf when the temperatures are over 100 degrees. To play safely in this weather, please do not forget to apply sunscreen generously before and during the round, wear headwear that also covers your ears, and drink plenty of water and Gatorade while you play at Scottsdale Golf Club. It also helps to keep a wet towel handy to keep your face and arms cool.

Most of our hearty golfers play in the morning before the temperatures reach their peak in the late afternoon. Typically, these times are before 10:00am. Again, by taking the necessary precautions before and during play we may continue to enjoy this game throughout the summer months. Listed below are some Scottsdale Golf Club activities and dates to remember, which I believe are important to talk about again in this message.

Golf Tips: Getting Out Of The Bunker

I am frequently asked about bunker play - specifically if I have any simple tricks, hints, or rules of thumb for getting out of the deep greenside bunkers. First I would recommend getting a quality 56 degree sand wedge and/or a 60 degree lob wedge with at least 10-12 degrees of bounce. The “sole” of the club (or flange) acts as a spoon through the sand and should have enough bounce so as to not dig too deep in the sand. By carrying a wedge with a higher loft and a reasonable amount of bounce, we can promote lift in the golf ball. This will give you the best chance to succeed more often than not out of all bunkers.

Once you have the proper tools, it’s time to talk set up. When you address the shot, your stance should be slightly open to your target line, with the ball placed in the center of your stance. Your body weight should be primarily focused on your forward side. This helps create what we call a “v” shaped angle of descent through the sand ever so slightly behind the impact area. Remember, the club never really comes in contact with the ball on an explosion shot, and we need some sand between the clubface and ball to soften the landing. A point to keep in mind is that the ball goes where the sand goes, and the sand goes in the direction of your swing, not where the clubface is pointed. Your club face should be slightly open to maximize the loft if the lift and sand texture is soft enough. If these conditions are considered to be more firm or hardpan, then a square clubface is better utilized.

To open the clubface properly, take your standard grip and turn the club within your hand placement to open the face. Do not take your standard grip with a square clubface and just turn the clubface to the right. Should you do this, the face will not be open through the impact area, the club will dig, and you might not get the ball out if you hit too far behind it. Most importantly, remember to first get the ball out of the bunker. Then get it on the green somewhere. Finally, when you get more proficient and confident, you can try and get it close or even hole it. After a little practice, you will never fear getting out of a greenside bunker again.

Scottsdale Country Club Clubhouse Member Golf

During the summer months of June, July and August, clubhouse members have the privilege of playing up to six (6) rounds of golf on a space available basis. These times may be reserved three (3) days in advance and have no restriction on the days in which they are played. You are welcome to host up to 3 guests with you for each round.

Scottsdale Country Club Fairway & Rough Aerification

On June 20th, we began aerifying all fairways and roughs and will continue until completed. As with our usual summer schedule, the golf course will be closed on Mondays.

Greens Aerification

Tuesday, July 5th and Wednesday, July 6th, the golf course will be closed for the only major green aerification of the summer.

Scottsdale Country Club Putt Your Eyes Out

How many 10 foot putts can you make in a round of golf? Think it is easy? Let’s give it a go and have some fun while testing your putting skills. This Scottsdale Country Club competition will see our members start with a 3:00 p.m. shotgun on Wednesday, July 20th. Participants will drive to each green, and place their ball 10 feet around the cup. The player with the fewest amounts of total putts by the round’s end will be our champion.

The Rodeo

It may seem like a long way off, but now is be a good time to start thinking ahead about who your partner is for the men’s and ladies’ Rodeo Member-Member. The Ladies Rodeo is on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 8th and 9th, and the Men’s Rodeo is on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, November 10th-12th.

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