Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Scottsdale Golf Club Couples Club Championship

When you see Percy and Mike Anderson around the, Scottsdale Golf Club please congratulate them for winning the Scottsdale Golf Club Couples Club Championship overall with some terrific teamwork with both rounds under par. Well done team Anderson! I have been asked to address a few topics which have come up over the last few weeks that need clarity:
Scottsdale Golf Club is pleased with our decision to add the use of push carts a few years ago, and we are even more pleased to see that so many of you enjoy this option. The Scottsdale Golf Club lends itself well to walking, and we hope to see our push cart rounds continue to climb as the years go by. An interesting fact for you -- 40% of all of our walking rounds at Scottsdale Golf Club are taken with a push cart! Having said this, there are guidelines with push carts that we need to stay true to, in the same sense that golf carts must follow specific operational rules. We ask that you and your friends continue to adhere to these rules as they are supported by your Scottsdale Golf Club Golf Committee and are attached to the handle of the cart to reference during your rounds.
We encourage you to bring guests to Scottsdale Country Club to enjoy a round of golf when possible, but please understand the following: You are welcome to reserve one starting time, not two per day if your goal is to play 36 holes in a day. It is our goal to see that everyone play one round before a group plays two rounds. You are welcome to play 36 holes and can do so after you have completed your first round, by checking with the Scottsdale Country Club golf shop staff. You as Scottsdale Country Club members are also welcome to bring a maximum of 3 guests, per round. These guests have no restrictions to their play other than Saturday mornings before 11:00 a.m. where play is reserved for member only.
Many golfers should be reminded that we will meet any price on clubs, bags or balls that you find at any store in the valley.  Scottsdale Country Club also has the ability to order any products you may need, and can get any products anyone else can get. Due to limited inventory space in the golf shop, we often don’t have room to carry large quantities, but the option to special order items is extremely valuable. If you see a product from somewhere else, please ask us to help you with that purchase. We are glad to do so.

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