Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Scottsdale Golf Club Golfers

Dear Scottsdale Golf Club Golfers,
We have had some indifferent weather of late which I have not experienced in my 30 years in the valley. We had almost 3 inches of rain with cold, and wind gusting over 30 miles an hour which caused over 600 rounds to be cancelled during the month of January!

Now the weather is going to offer Chamber of Commerce Days, just in time for the WMO Phoenix Open at the Scottsdale Golf Club TPC this week with temperatures in the mid 70’s. This should make for some great Scottsdale Golf Club golf on the PGA tour this week. Now to what I really enjoy talking about, which is how to get players to understand some golf terminology and swing shapes as it relates to club path and plane. The pictures shown are from some very fine players to the fabulous ball striking Tiger Woods, to some stars of today such as Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, and Louis Oosthuizen. Please look at the red line first which shows each player’s backswing path and plane, and the yellow is on their downswing. In a perfect world, if in fact the swing is a perfect circle in shape, the closer the two colors are on top of each other, the better. If the yellow is on top of the red, the club is going through impact is from the outside going across the impact area which typically might indicate a fade. If the yellow is underneath the red, the club is traveling from the inside which might indicate a draw for a right handed Scottsdale Golf Club golfer. We see all kinds of loopy in-to-out or out-to-in paths, combined with flat or steep shapes all the time, but in the best of all worlds the lines are on top of each other.Let’s see what your line shapes are some time when you practice at Scottsdale Golf Club
Scottsdale Country Club Pride of Ownership
Everyone needs to do their part with bunker repair, not to mention fixing ball marks and filling divots.

Scottsdale Country Club Upcoming Summer Tee Leveling Project
We will be leveling many of the tees on the Scottsdale Country Club golf course this summer beginning mid-May through probably July.

First and foremost, you should know the golf course will remain OPEN during this project. We will go one tee at a time on each hole where needed, strip the sod, level the tee, wrap it with a metal band to support the tee and then re-sod it. The reason is many of the Scottsdale Country Club tees were not banded when the tee was built, and now the sides are falling away, the centers are crowned and not level and they need to be repaired to provide all players the best surface possible for long straight tee shots. Lastly, when you see Jerry Mahanke around the Scottsdale Country Club, please congratulate him for being recognized by the Arizona Golf Association for all his contributions to the game of golf and enhancing the growth of the game with his spirit. See you in the next few weeks during the Scottsdale Country Club Championships.

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