Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Scottsdale Private Golf Courses

I am pleased with your feedback regarding the golf instruction pieces in recent newsletters, so I will do my best to continue with topics for everyone. We have seen many junior golfers enjoy some tournament success this summer and I believe it is just the starting point for them. As I talk to them about their goals and objectives, they have high expectations with as to how far they would like to go in the game. I encourage them to write down what their practice and play several Scottsdale private golf courses.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have spent far more time on Scottsdale private golf courses with my short game which is putting, chipping, bunker, pitching than beating balls on the range in search of the perfect swing. I believe it is also extremely important to go on the courses and put your practice to the test as often as possible, and have games with your friends so as to get the competitive spirit activated.

Realizing in this day and age many juniors rely on practice sessions with technology such as Flight Scope, Trackman and the like, I say I have yet to see a player shoot their best score on the practice tee with the help of these tools, so get out and play on our Scottsdale private golf courses.

I also caution you against playing from the “Tips” at Private golf clubs in Scottsdale or back tees all the time for the following reason (although occasionally it offers quite the challenge): Playing from tees that you are not ready for (as you might not hit it far enough to reach greens in regulation) gives you no positive feedback as how to score and play good golf. I recommend that it is helpful to play from a short set of tees where you can reach every green in regulation and have birdie opportunities.

Now the fun begins!

To understand how to handle making birdies and not bogeys as you might experience from back tees.

Your mental aptitude and emotions get tested as you start to play better.

Can you get to one under par and then two, three, four and so on?

And at what point do you get out of your comfort zone, as we say?

This is great for every player from time to time as the name of the game is, “How low can you score?” At every level, there is no substitute for experience in playing at different Private golf clubs in Scottsdale and tournaments. I would suggest you compete as often as you can to get more comfortable playing in tournaments. No matter who you are, and even playing at the highest level on any tour, your nerves are always tested the entire round, especially on the opening holes.

A good way to reduce the stress and anxiety is to understand the situation at hand and embrace it as best you can. It is also helpful to have a plan and routine that you stick with from beginning to end from the first tee shot to the last putt. When you execute this plan the task at hand gets easier over time. If you are prepared to play based on the fact you have practiced and played prior to playing in the tournament, you have a better chance for success. Let it be said, to mention the often used cliché, that a game with no plan is a plan for no game and most likely, poor results.

In summary, it is a delight to watch the growth and development of our juniors, and we would encourage more to come out and give the game a try and test yourself to be the best player you can be. I have worked with many juniors who were diligent with their practice and play habits to eventually get a college scholarship, which you would be surprised to know are abundant for the deserving ones. It is a game for a lifetime, so there are plenty of reasons to keep working on your game and make new friends.

Special Mention: During a one month period, Joe Spencer played some special golf like never before with 2 rounds in the seventies. He shot his age (which will not be mentioned) and topped it off with a Hole-in-One on #16!!! Well done, Joe.

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