Friday, May 27, 2016

Country Club Scottsdale Golf Course Maintenance

The Country club Scottsdale weather this spring has been unseasonably warm and we are taking advantage of it by lowering the heights of our Country club Scottsdale mowers a little earlier than normal. This will increase Country club Scottsdale chances of a smooth transition back to Country club Scottsdale Bermuda grass. The amount of bermudagrass that is already present is a very encouraging start. Another phase of our Country club Scottsdale transition program is to slice the rough which will be done for the second time at the beginning of the month. We will be concentrating on trimming and detail Country club Scottsdale projects for the majority of the month culminating in ‘The Round Up’ at the end of the month. Thank you all very much for the many favorable comments and all the positive feedback regarding our course conditions this spring. Our main goal in golf course maintenance is to always provide the best possible playing surfaces that we can. When the weather cooperates and the turf behaves, the course can be a thing of beauty and a pleasure to play. It makes all the hard work well worth it and very satisfying. We hope you can all get in an extra round or two . . . see you on the course!

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