Monday, August 10, 2015

How good it is to be Scottsdale country club!!

Reading President Bohlen’s letter last evening to the membership regarding the Schedule of Dues, Fees & Charges got me thinking just how fortunate we are at The Scottsdale country club at DC Ranch. In fact, just last month I shared an industry newsletter (Private Club Advisor) that addressed some of the key concerns from the 2015 World Conference on Club Management. Although private clubs are recovering from the economic downturn, only 34 percent of the clubs surveyed consider their clubs to be financially sound! The biggest issue weighing on the minds of club leaders? Forty-eight percent of the survey respondents stated that catching up on deferred and pressing capital improvements was their biggest challenge. The next biggest issue? Effective club governance! Like I mentioned above, it's good to be The Scottsdale country club at DC Ranch where the steps have been taken to reinvest and address the club’s long-term capital needs and the 'best practices' approach to club governance is in place. More importantly, however, as it pertains to the ‘health’ of the Scottsdale country club, it is the membership that defines a club and is ultimately responsible for its success….or its failure.

Your financial support of the Scottsdale country club is to be applauded, but please know that, at least from my perspective, it's that "fun, family and friendliness" culture you've created that defines The Scottsdale country club at DC Ranch – a culture unlike any other club in the valley or beyond. The culture you've created at the Scottsdale golf club also has benefits that extend beyond the "where everybody knows your name" comradery. In reading a brief article in yesterday's Scottsdale Republic, I learned that a recently released real estate report found that DC Ranch experienced the greatest home-value appreciation of any of the eight luxury communities tracked….and that Silverleaf was a close second. That's a far different story than what was being said four to five years ago. Does a healthier Scottsdale golf club lead to a healthier real estate market (particularly in gated communities)? Just saying……….

Speaking of family, I have some sad news to report – August 27th was the last day of employment at the Club for our beloved Pool Supervisor, Victor Vega. Victor was a nine-year employee of the Scottsdale golf club that initially started as a server and, on occasion, worked in banquets, as a bartender and even as a valet before moving to the pool four years ago. We're certainly disappointed that Victor has decided to ‘move on' but we do wish him all the best. Okay, last but not least,

  • Did you know – that the patio extension and event lawn expansion project was initially scheduled to be completed September 1? Or that, as of August 26th, we're being told that this project will be completed on or before September 15th?!
  • Did you know– that the Scottsdale golf club tennis facility project was initially scheduled to be completed on October 15th? Or that, as of August 26th, that the project remains 'on schedule' and 'on budget'! Next up, of course, is our annual over-seeding of the golf course. Please remember that while the golf course is closed (September 21st – October 15th), the clubhouse and all other amenities will remain open. Wherever you may be, enjoy the 'rest' of your summer…. and know that the entire Scottsdale golf club staff is very much looking forward to seeing you all back on the Ranch.

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